Wednesday 16 October 2013

New Release of Windows Phone 8 Update Arrives

Driving mode
Microsoft announced today on his blog that the next major update to Windows Phone 8 will be available soon to the general public and in next few hours to registered developers. And I must say that this update is enticing. Among other things, it will include, support high - resolution and larger screens (MS talks about future Windows Phone with 1080p screens of 5” and 6 ", displaying a row of up to six live tiles instead of 4 now), compatibility with the Qualcomm 8974 quad- heart, a new feature called " driving mode "which will allow you processors, open quotes to" get from point a to point B with the least possible distractions.

Operating via Bluetooth, the Driving limit the number of notifications, such as messages, calls and alerts until you reach destination. “Note that “you can even configure the Driving to send automatic replies to people who call you or write when you’re behind the wheel, telling them that you contact them as soon as possible.”

 Also, a connection sharing between Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 device will be simplified. In a more general way, this update will include "hundreds of fixes and improvements”, custom ringtones, the ability to block the screen rotation, improved memory management, the ability to simply close its applications (since multitasking display), Wi-Fi from the start, or even better Bluetooth.

 This Update will begin to be deployed in the coming weeks until the end of the year. Developers with a Dev Center account, an App account studio or developer unlocked phone will have the update tomorrow.

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