Wednesday 9 October 2013

Advantages of Cloud Based Software for Businesses

Any business, no matter their size, can take advantage of using cloud-based technology to improve workflow management, systems and file access. The key to using cloud technology in the running of your core business is being aware of what your main business needs are, what kind of data you keep and track, and who manages that data. Then, look at how cloud technology might be able to streamline and safeguard that data.
But why the cloud? Does it really offer significant advantages to business, or is it all a lot of marketing hype? Unlike other technology fads, cloud is here to stay. Consider these advantages of using cloud-based software for improving how you run your business:
  • Access documents in the cloud instantly. Staff can login from any device and have instant access to all the files they need. Using online workflow management software, you can group files according to their jobs and keep everything neatly organised. More than likely, it will offer your staff greater flexibility with using and accessing information as well as saving time on administrative tasks.
  • Do away with staff location issues. If your business has multiple offices, or consultants who are always on the move, having your data stored remotely online will provide greater accessibility to the information you need. Do your staff regularly share information at meetings across your organisation? Cloud services can share files at meetings, in presentations without the need to bring USB’s. All your data is available online in one place and can be sent straight to your meeting and presentation.
  • Easier file sharing. Sending large files within the office is no longer a problem. No more waiting for huge emails to load! Just share a link to the document and your recipient can access it. With a cloud-based service, all files are universally available from any location across your network.
  • Take away the risk of data loss. Ask yourself, can I better manage my losses and secure my business by backing up my data? Could my business survive if our office was destroyed by a fire or flood? If the answer is no, then backing up your data by storing it online and using a cloud-based software could significantly improve your business - and your piece of mind. 
  • Improved Workflow management. Workflow management software, such as WorkflowMax, will help your business to more effectively manage your projects, see your financials and and keep track of your data. Using cloud-based workflow management software will mean you can keep track of all your projects and information simultaneously.
  • Easy Access. Does everyone who needs the data have access to it? Do you have staff who need access to data but who don’t know where to find it? Search across your information stored remotely on a cloud service to find what you need. It is possible to set access for certain people to open certain documents, so all your most sensitive information stays safe.
You see, cloud technology has a lot to offer the business owner. Consider upgrading to a cloud-based service for your business today!
WorkflowMax offers workflow management software that will take the pain out of running your business. A total cloud solution covering all operations from prospecting to quoting, time sheeting to invoicing and everything in between, WorklowMax is ideal for creatives, agencies, consultants, professional services, IT, and trades - if your business is job focused then WorkflowMax is the tool you need.

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