Thursday 10 October 2013

The First Smartphone with Curved Screen Samsung Galaxy Round

With the Galaxy Round, Samsung launches as expected the first Smartphone with a curved display in the market. The horizontal curvature allows some new control options that the user tilts the phone lying to the side. Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Round and thus presents the first Smartphone with a curved display. The release was expected from South Korean industry circles in this week. Even the name was already named in advance.

 In the new technological race screens of innovative Smartphones, Samsung has scored a point. It has officially introduced via the South Korean operator SK Telecom, the first Smartphone with a curved screen (not flexible) to the market. The giant grid and politeness LG announces a similar terminal in November. But its competitor promises a curved flexible screen AND more. The Galaxy Round thus marks a new stage in the history of Smartphones since introduced a new design out with the existing one. It remains to know the specific applications or functions that can exploit these new forms.

The salient feature of the Galaxy Round is the 5.7 -inch , horizontally curved Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. A number of degrees of curvature are not available. Since the entire Smartphone is curved, it is better in the hand than other Smartphones. The concavity of the Galaxy Round is also not like most other devices on a flat surface but can be tilted by the user to the left and right. Samsung uses this fact to extend the operating options of the Smartphone to the maximum ease.

The so-called rolling effect makes it possible to retrieve in standby mode by gently tilting the Smartphone information such as time, missed calls, and the battery status can be noted without having to wake up the device. Playing music from the user: the music can be changed by tapping side. You can navigate in this way through the gallery: by lateral tilting and the user will get access to the contents there in the gallery. In the video released by Samsung's official blog is to realize that it takes just a second to the time and other information appears on the display.

 Round the Galaxy has not only taken over the screen size and resolution of the Galaxy Note 3, the two devices are similar also by design. Round The Galaxy also has a similar back that is stitched on the edge with a decorative seam. The Smartphone is 7.9mm thick and weighs 154 grams for further hardware, Samsung has not made any claims, it is possible that the Galaxy Round has similar specs as the Galaxy Note 3rd an input pin does not seem to have the Galaxy Round.

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