Tuesday 15 October 2013

Simple tips to secure Android device

Tips to secure your Android device:

secure Android device
Android is questionably the most popular platform. When compared to all other platforms such as iOS, Windows 8, more than 70% of users are used to Android. This increased popularity in the short period of time makes Android a risky platform. More threats are available in this platform. Because of this popularity there are so many advantages and disadvantages automatically arise. Some happens in case of an Android device too. Some of the daily users are use their Android device for download new games, apps, wall paper, and some of the themes like Rainmeter themes for pc. While in this case they accidentally install some application which affects their phone while turns open to various threats. There are so many simple and easy steps to secure your Android device. In this article I have listed some of the easy steps on how to secure your Android device.
Always look your device:
Android has so many facilities to secure your android device. There are so many lock options to secure your Android device like pattern, pin, face detection to unlock and many more. Pin pattern users the encrypted the data of text and on the other side 68% of the android users use the pattern lock to protect your device, In this you can make any pattern to unlock your device.
Install a trusted Antivirus application:
To ensure that your android device is your device, you have to install an Antivirus application. That Antivirus should generate a warning when they find a threat in your device. Avast and Avg are some of the antivirus available in this android platform to secure your android device. These software check out the malicious code, check installed apps. These antiviruses protect your android device.
Make sure to install Apps from trusted sources:
Always download the software from trusted developers. Because this only the safest way for your device from threats and virus. Downloading an app from non trusted developers may bring threat or virus to your Android device. Besides you should always read the terms and condition and privacy before downloading an app.
Avoid using unsecured free Wi-Fi:
The main reason for the insecurity of your Android device is through wireless network. The free and expedient use of Wi-Fi is better but it has more risk for your device and it brings more threats or virus to your device. The main drawback is people who are using the same network can view what you are operating from your device. The same affliction happens to your desktop and laptop also. So the advisable one is turn off your Wi-Fi and always use the secured one.
Use Smartphone built-in security functions:
The securing methods of your device which are given above is only some methods. Configure your Android device by proper location and security settings. The best way of securing your device is to use built in security functions than trusting any other secure methods.

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