Wednesday 30 October 2013

Firefox 25 adds Web Audio API support

Firefox 25
Mozilla has released Firefox 25th with new encouragement in web audio and with more enhanced for JavaScript support. The list of the new features of Firefox 25 is comparatively short. But in addition to the support of web audio for processing audio data in Mozilla calls a change in the behavior of the search field. Each tab now has its own search box; so that its contents change when tab changes.

Firefox will not revise it for several months, the browser asks the future whether to apply settings and of course any other browser. Firefox can be reset but it no longer deletes the surf session. Support for HTML5 and CSS3 is particularly improved. Control scrolling background with "background- attachment: local" will include more developers, as well as the implementation of new JavaScript functions.

For the rest, Mozilla announced the autonomous operation of the search of a tab to another, better support iframe, some bug fixes and the ability to recover the session, even after a reset Firefox. Now also support the CSS3 property background-attachment, affecting the scrolling behavior of the background. The developer claims to have integrated many new features from ECMAScript 6 (ES6).

Content of iframes in Firefox 25 can also be specified inline, so that no second call must be made to fill an iFrame.In terms of innovations, Firefox 25 presents thin. Although missed the Mozilla browser in some places a meaningful fine-tuning, but the surf does not enrich the everyday. New in Firefox 25 is the way to start a separate search query in each tab. Until now there was only a single search for all tabs.

If you have not used Firefox for months and instead tried a different browser then in such a case, Firefox will ask you from now on, if you want to import the data as incurred history and settings from another browser into Firefox. Finally, note that contrary to what was announced as a first step, the arrival of the new user interface has indeed been postponed again.

It will be deployed as from version 28 of Firefox that should land around March. Called Australis, the new interface has been postponed from version to version since 24. As for Firefox 25 for Android version, it was also published in the day. Separate release notes are available on the Mozilla website.

One of the great innovations is the arrival of a navigation mode "Guest" to afford to let a third party use its browser without access to passwords or open sessions. As usual, it is available for download directly from the publisher's website or through an up-to- date from an earlier version.

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