Saturday 19 October 2013

Firefox OS App Manager to hunt for bugs in Firefox 26

Firefox OS App Manager
The publisher Mozilla launches new tool for developers of mobile applications. Firefox OS App Manager in the form of an extension for the Firefox browser from the version 26, which incorporates the concept of Firefox OS emulator (the aptly named Firefox OS Simulator).

“It bridges the gap between existing tools for developers Firefox and Firefox OS Simulator, " said the publisher on their blog. The idea is to help developers track down and eliminate bugs quickly, and to quickly deploy web applications on Firefox OS. A video was even released to give a more accurate idea of ​​the features and operation of the App Manager. This speaks for itself.

The operation is quite similar to traditional debugging tools, and Mozilla promises. Better, “the changes made in the Developer Tools are automatically reflected in real time on the application in the Simulator or on the connected device." To qualify, it must, in addition to Firefox 26, benefit from the latest developer build of Firefox OS (1.2) at least version 1.2 of Firefox OS Simulator SDK and ADB or ADB Helper add-on.

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