Saturday 30 June 2012

Portal 2: replicas of the towers for sale

Released last year, the game Portal 2 continues to be emulated. Replicas of the famous towers of this puzzle game action and have just been launched. These are replicas made by official and Gaming Heads not to displease or demanding fans.

Two models of Portal 2 turrets were designed limited edition of 375 and 750 copies. The first model is able to quote the famous lines in the game while the latter is able to follow the gaze its owner while adjusting the brightness of its light as he pass.

Friday 29 June 2012

Apple continues to own the iPad name for $ 60 million

Apple released a legal battle around the iPad, and more specifically the name of its unit as being too generic competition. Its trial in China against Proview just settles amicably.

Proview is asserted owner of the name "iPad" in China and thus claiming $ 400 million to Apple for the operation of that name in the Chinese territory. When the case broke last April, Proview immediately made known its desire to "reach an agreement out of court.

Thursday 28 June 2012

Avast for Android: new version in the ranks

It seems Avast Mobile Security is becoming more security for the most complete Android ... If one enjoys an antivirus and a firewall and an anti-theft, it also has many other options, as a tool for filtering calls and SMS, or a module that scans all URL when attempting to access it. In its next edition, the free tool is enriched by new features, including via the web page that allows the user to fully control the "lock" the application from a browser.

Wednesday 27 June 2012

SFR joins the RATP in France for 3G and 4G

The subway is at the heart of all desires. After the launch of a free WiFi by GOWEX last week, it was the turn of SFR to partner with the RATP. An agreement has been signed between the two companies, to deploy 3G and 4G in transport underground metros.

RATP was formulated, there are several months ago, a proposal to the attention of telecom operators. There was talk of creation, with a single operator, a joint venture ensuring the development of a network.

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Galaxy SIII – the subject of explosion

The new Samsung Galaxy SIII seems subject to some hardware issues. A user has indeed been the victim of what he described as an explosion of some of his phone, supporting photographs.

This Irish user says he was driving when he saw a white flame out of his phone, followed by sparks and a small "bang". It seems then that the phone has "caught fire from within".

Concept of a smartphone stamped Facebook

After the AFN Instagram SocialMatic alias, this time we discover a smartphone concept of paying tribute to Mark Zuckerberg's social network.

This smartphone that bears his signature and whose appearance recalled the site by its blue finish is still only a vague plan. Concept of a designer named Michal Bonikowski, the smartphone designer delight everyone, especially Facebook-addicts who can invest in this type of product.

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AR. Drone modified jogging partner

Jogging is more enjoyable and motivating, especially if you're with a friend or coach with a robot. It is for this reason that Australian researchers are developing a UAV Special jogger.

Joggobot named, it is a quadricopter designed by researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia. Developed by Floyd and Eberhard Mueller Grather, this represents a real change AR.Drone companion race.

USA: a law will force sex offenders to display their online past

The United States laws are known for their sometimes outlandish: here is one that should be very serious about her. In Louisiana, a formal decision has been pronounced to require sex offenders to display on their past social networks. Thus, in its description, a user of Facebook or Twitter will be required to publish their sexual misdeeds after a CNN report.

Sunday 24 June 2012

Kratos M1, an exoskeleton for soldiers

After POWERLOADER, HAL-5 and French Hercules, this is a new concept of exoskeleton that is discovered. Kratos named M1, it exclusively for soldiers.

Kratos M1 is a compact exoskeleton rather if one refers to the majority of the concepts presented so far. A fact which does not doubt his abilities as well as its advantages, quite the contrary. Indeed, Kratos M1 is quite light and can be contained in a backpack. It was made from strong materials like kevlar, carbon fiber or titanium alloy Grade 5.

Facebook works its facial recognition

The social network Facebook has to acquire the site, specializes in face recognition. Facebook, which already offers a Face Recognition function, and should offer technologies

It is therefore to improve its photo service that Facebook has finalized the acquisition. Aware that this is one of the most popular services of its site, the social network it bears careful attention. This was particularly led, for example, redemption of Instagram recently, for a staggering one billion dollars.

The Zombie Survival Machine The Walking Dead, by Hyundai

The success of the comic The Walking Dead is well established, no more than the TV series that is derived. On the occasion of the fair Comic-Con in San Diego (July 11), Hyundai has decided to present a model of their prepared sauce anti-zombie. This will be an Elantra Cup, which will be modeled on the physical "Zombie Survial Machine" invented by Robert Kirkman, creator of the comic.

Solar Curve, bus stops to recharge induction

Knowing that the means of transport tend increasingly towards ecology, appropriate infrastructure must always be put in place to facilitate their development. In the Netherlands, we can already environmentalist’s bus stops through the Solar Curve concept.

Solar Curve is a project that involves the installation of bus stops chargers in the town of Noord-Brabant. The judgments are therefore serving as recharge points for electric buses.

Friday 22 June 2012

iPhone: 4% use it during their lovemaking

What do you do with your smartphone? We talk about the addiction of teenagers for their mobile phones but the following study shows that adults also find it hard to part with. According to the site on 1000 respondents about their smartphone, 4% use their iPhone recognized during sex.

Sharp Aquos 90-inch to 11 000 dollars

Sharp has unveiled the largest 3D LED TV sold at an event in New York.

Belonging to the Aquos range, it shows a diagonal of 90 inches. Its measurements show less than 13 cm deep and 64 kg on the scale without his foot. Its consumption is measured relative to its size. We must therefore count $ 28 in electricity per year, according to data from Sharp.

90 inches, "it is nearly three times the display area of a 55-inch TV," said Sharp at the launch of this model. Next definition, the Japanese manufacturer does not revolutionize the genre. It’s new TV just so the 1080p, the current standard, which seems fair for that screen size.

Wednesday 20 June 2012


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Tuesday 19 June 2012

A submarine bar for 250 years of Guinness

It’s been a quarter of a millennium that offers its Guinness beer. To celebrate its 250th anniversary, the brewery decided to make it big by opening a bar very special.

To celebrate the event, this is not a round that the company offers its customers Guinness. She opted for an ambitious project: a bar submarine named after him.

Inertia Electric City Bike, the bike of the future

The bike is a conveyance that is constantly evolving. Between the dandy horse of the 19th century and electric bikes today, there is a big difference. The bike of the future will be different from that of today, evidenced by the concept Inertia Electric City Bike.

Facebook would love to have your phone number

In what ways Facebook could legitimize a request for telephone numbers? Answer: for security reasons. The information comes from TechCrunch, Facebook who confirmed that all members will be offered to fill this information. This would be a way to recover their account after a hack attempt, sending a new password by SMS. This process is supposed to be safer than the mail, sometimes considered as spam by users according to the blog of Cloudmark, a company specializing in the protection against spam including.

Kio Rio Scavenger Hunt

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Initially they replied L.A. questions on the momentous Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round, which the oldest funfair appeal about, by jet is blowing up to the celebrated Amoeba Records where they comprised to hit upon an unseen Christina Milian. According to me the most difficult challenge is the Griffith Park Merry Go Round for the reason that I do not like things that fly in a circle! By means of their Kia's UVO Technology they were proficient to smack up the entire marks, together with Rodeo Drive along with unlike in Pretty Woman! After that it was a rout to Pink’s Hot Dogs meant for an eating competition of types as well as at that time in conclusion it was along the extend as the groups of Kia Rio hunters started to the famous Roosevelt Hotel intended for a opportunity to have a chat with Christina Milian!

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Monday 18 June 2012

WWDC: a dining table made ​​of 100 iPad Retina

Some would call this mess, or suggest Apple's megalomania. One thing is certain; the Apple brand has made a show of strength with this interactive display table at the WWDC, the conference for developers that takes place currently in San Francisco. This is actually a support consisting of not less than 100 iPad Retina (third generation) connected.

Project Smart Sand: Sand man within reach of robot

We have already had to deal with spam servers, sports coaches and even robots that manufacture other, but robots that have the ability to replicate forms, remains an unexplored area.

This project called Smart Sand (for sand intelligent) has the ultimate objective of enabling the design of mini-robots as big as grains of sand. These robots will interact with each other from information, stick to each other physically responds intelligently to a given shape.

TweetGif hacked, 10,000 Twitter accounts released by Anonymous

Members of the collective Anonymous have attacked TweetGif service, which allows sharing on the microblogging site animated Gif. By exploiting a security flaw SQL, Anonymous has once again delivered a show of force by accessing the database of the site, collecting no fewer than 10,000 Twitter accounts. Announced on behalf of the group of hackers, the attack took place on the night of Monday to Tuesday.

Saturday 16 June 2012

Facebook could launch its App Center this week

The site Business Insider reports that the Facebook App Center could emerge this week. This equivalent of Facebook by the Apple App Store would be to encourage developers to create applications dedicated to the site.

Business Insider quotes an anonymous source, but "directly informed by Facebook of this service," which explains that this service will be available "in the coming days." Facebook has not made any comment about this possibility, but the site had already announced some time ago that an outflow during the month of May for this service was possible.

The gel that turns the screen of the iPhone keyboard

Despite a worldwide hit, the iPhone and its touch screen still does not satisfy everyone. Researchers have designed a rather special gel that can turn the touch screen of the iPhone screen to physical keys. To be more precise, this substance affixed to the 3.5-inch touch-sensitive surface, detects the virtual keys and highlights when they appear.

Apple wants to ban the Galaxy S3

The patent war is not over, here's further proof. Apple went to the court in San Jose, California, accusing the Samsung patent for the Galaxy S3. Demand for the Apple brand? The ban on the marketing of the latest smartphone from Korean manufacturer in the United States!

What if Google bought up Twitter?

A few weeks after the IPO of Facebook, a social networking is at the center of attention. According to the U.S. site BusinessInsider, Google could buy Twitter in the coming months, the second top social network in the world. An analysis that follows, in particular the catastrophic introduction of Facebook Nasdaq, confirming the lack of success of attempts to monetization of social networks and enterprises of the Net in general.

Friday 15 June 2012

Map of China cities

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Tuesday 12 June 2012

Pulz Watch, a watch that displays the heart rate

It's always good to be able to monitor the heart condition by yourself. Recognizing this, the designer Adam Nagy has proposed a concept of shows to watch the heart rate in real time. The watch is called Pulz Watch. The accessory combines the functionality of a watch and that of an electrocardiograph. Instead of a classic dial, the watch has a heart rate monitor.

Wii G: GamePad before Christmas

After a surprising first conference Sunday evening, Nintendo has once again invited journalists for a presentation of the Wii U Tuesday in Los Angeles. More focused on games, the conference has yet brought a lot of information. Thus, we learn that he will ultimately be possible to connect two Wii GamePad U, the touch pad acting controller, the home console.

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Galaxy Note 2: in October?

The Galaxy Smartphone XXL 5.3-inch diagonal is very nice surprise from Samsung this year. The smartlet tabphone (two terms used to emphasize its large size) is one of five best selling models this year. Its size did not scare users, but they have especially encouraged the manufacturer to persevere in this direction.

The USS Enterprise from Star Trek becomes reality

An American engineer has set a goal more ambitious: to make a ship identical to that of the television series Star Trek, the legendary USS Enterprise. He is a systems engineer and electricity which is nicknamed Dan BTE or "Build The Enterprise Dan." He calculated that the project should be led in 20 years. BTE Dan presented in detail the technical specifications and the budget at all levels. For his project, the man in question has even appealed to NASA and the State.

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Monday 11 June 2012

ApriPetit: a robot from Toshiba to monitor home

It is well known that the Japanese are crazy about robots. The latest is called ApriPetit and he comes from research labs of Toshiba, the country of the Rising Sun. This robot small dimensions (150 mm x 100 mm x 105 mm) has two eyes can follow a subject's eyes and recognize a face.

Sunday 10 June 2012

Tested the original functions of compact digital cameras

Despite many predictions of extinction with the wave of smart phones, compact cameras continue to sell like hotcakes. But with the democratization of reflex, users have become more demanding with their handheld sensors. 

Manufacturers redoubling their imaginations and include many features that come out of the computer, the HDR geolocation, through amphibious aircraft or sharing via WiFi.

Saturday 9 June 2012

ORO, a compact car to pedal

ORO is an urban concept vehicle of the future. It was proposed by Ting Yin You, a designer from Hong Kong. This vehicle has no adverse effect to the environment since it is human powered.

ORO is a vehicle that has an ultra compact cabin supported by three wheels, two fronts and one rear. Its size is 200 x 110 x 90 mm
​​. The tilt of the cabin can be adjusted. The exterior design is also talk of aerodynamics.

NASA releases new images of the solar eclipse

NASA has released images of the solar eclipse which took place during the month of May, taken by the Hinode satellite in stationary orbit around the Sun.

The Hinode satellite provides images of images of the sun in the same light that we would get from Earth to the naked eye, except that the satellite is between 280 km and 686 km from the Sun depending on the period. He was able to obtain new images of the solar eclipse of May 20, which has mainly been observed since the United States.

Friday 8 June 2012

Apple wins the battle of the nano SIM and imposes its format

Builders are in a constant search for space savings in mobile devices. To do this, manufacturers have already succeeded in drastically reducing the number of components, sometimes in favor of the autonomy of our devices. So Apple had proposed a few months ago a new format of SIM cards, even smaller than the MicroSim: Nano SIM. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) approved the new format of SIM card, reduced by 40% compared to a conventional SIM.

Siri on the iPad with iOS 6

The iPhone 4S is so called not to take the example of the iPhone 3G that followed the iPhone 3G, but because of its unique feature: Siri. However, it may well be that this exclusivity explodes with iOS 6, the next major update of the operating system from Apple. The Apple brand is expected to unveil early next week features at WWDC and according to 9to5Mac; the voice recognition software could be ported to iPad.

Tutor Online

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Wednesday 6 June 2012

Scamander RRV, an amphibious sports car

During his lifetime, Peter Wheeler liked to drive to the races on the track, to hunt and also off-piste. Before giving up the ghost, the former manager of the English company TVR has devised a prototype car allowing him to combine his three passions.

Makey Makey: Create your controller from any object

What if there is a lack of lever when we invite a few friends for an evening of video games? It only remains to use everyday objects as game controllers thing become possible thanks to Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum.

The two students at MIT Media Lab is directed system called Makey Makey, to create a controller from any object. How does it work? The two designers have achieved a first device in contact with the player's skin on the one hand and connected to a printed circuit in the form of joystick other.

Monday 4 June 2012

Neue Klasse, a stylish semitransparent car body

If you like your skin feel hot sun while driving, you'll probably love the Neue Klasse, a concept luxury car fairly original. The car combines the features of a coupe and a shooting brake.

Externally, the Neue Klasse has a sleek and futuristic. Singaporean designer Ying Hern Pow was inspired by German cars and Rolls Royce Phantom, including the shape and size of wheels.

LiquiGlide: the coating to use the last drop of ketchup

Who has never fought against an almost empty bottle of ketchup? It is precisely this "almost" that is the problem, many drops often remaining on the walls of the bottles. An engineer seems to have found the solution, with a coating that facilitates the flow of liquid containers the most recalcitrant.

Sunday 3 June 2012

Windows 8: tablets Asus, Acer and Toshiba announced next week

While Release Preview Windows 8 is available since yesterday, manufacturers are scrambling already at the gate to announce the first tablets compatible. According to Bloomberg, Asus, Acer and Toshiba are about to unveil models running on the next major OS from Microsoft. Acer and Toshiba will introduce two shelves equipped with ARM processors (Texas Instruments), while Asus will market products under Intel and others in the ARM.

T-Ractor the tractor for the future

Innovation in the auto industry is not just the city cars. Some designers also bring freshness in rural areas and agriculture with innovative concepts in the image of T-Ractor.

This concept was devised for those who use the tractor as a tool for daily work. First, T-Ractor embeds an electric motor. This ultra modern tractor was offered a trio of young designers. The machine displays a rather aggressive design with a sporty side. The tractor has LED lights that consume very little power. This gem is also equipped with comfortable chairs and flexible way bucket seat. Its roof is detachable and the wheel can be set to put the driver at ease.

Saturday 2 June 2012

iPhone / Android: apps indispensable for the holidays - I


What a disappointment to discover while boarding the plane that his / her sweetheart (e) is found a few rows away. To avoid any unpleasantness or simply a bad seat in the aircraft, an application provides a perfect solution: choose place before boarding. Enter your flight number, confirm your personal information and select one or more seats directly on the device. IPhone only for now.

Friday 1 June 2012

Windows 8: Release Preview is here!

We were waiting for the weekend, but Microsoft has taken a step ahead: the new version of Windows 8 is available for download.

Remember that new in this version are many. It benefits including better support of multi-screen, a new tool chkdsk, an NTFS file system redesigned, and a unique menu for booting the computer after a system failure. Besides the new elements already present in the Consumer Preview, as the interface or the Windows Metro Store.