Friday 8 June 2012

Siri on the iPad with iOS 6

The iPhone 4S is so called not to take the example of the iPhone 3G that followed the iPhone 3G, but because of its unique feature: Siri. However, it may well be that this exclusivity explodes with iOS 6, the next major update of the operating system from Apple. The Apple brand is expected to unveil early next week features at WWDC and according to 9to5Mac; the voice recognition software could be ported to iPad.

Not until the fall?

The U.S. site evokes a complete port of the possibilities of the new iPad, but also for the iPad 2. Thus, when writing messages, emails, calendar management, contact tracing or music playback will be available on the Apple tablet. Only miss logically the calling features since the iPad does not serve phone.

If Siri is formalized next week in San Francisco before the developers, it is unlikely to enjoy it before next fall, the publication date of the final version of IOS 6. This period should also be consistent with the release of the iPhone 5, one year after the iPhone 4S.

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