Friday 1 June 2012

Windows 8: Release Preview is here!

We were waiting for the weekend, but Microsoft has taken a step ahead: the new version of Windows 8 is available for download.

Remember that new in this version are many. It benefits including better support of multi-screen, a new tool chkdsk, an NTFS file system redesigned, and a unique menu for booting the computer after a system failure. Besides the new elements already present in the Consumer Preview, as the interface or the Windows Metro Store.

Windows 8 is available either with a program update, executable from a previous version of the operating system, either as an ISO image. Those who have already installed the previous version of Windows 8 (the Consumer Preview) find all the answers to their questions about the Microsoft FAQ (in this case, there is no update possible, but files are stored in a directory Windows.old).

For the record, Chuck Chan (Vice President of the Windows development team), last night announced the release of the OS on his blog. The message was a bit too early and was out two minutes later. Everything comes in time......

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