Tuesday 12 June 2012

Galaxy Note 2: in October?

The Galaxy Smartphone XXL 5.3-inch diagonal is very nice surprise from Samsung this year. The smartlet tabphone (two terms used to emphasize its large size) is one of five best selling models this year. Its size did not scare users, but they have especially encouraged the manufacturer to persevere in this direction.

Thus, it was foreseeable that with 7 million units sold, Samsung will propose a second version of its Galaxy rating. What was the less is the increase of the diagonal. According Ubuntulife.net the Korean manufacturer plans to move its giant smartphone to 5.5 inches, by adding to the design of the brand new Galaxy S3.

To rotate the beast, the same sources announce Exynos 5250 dual processor 2 GHz heart coupled to 1.5 GB of RAM. For the rest an 8-megapixel camera is expected, as the stylus produced in partnership with Wacom and the integration of features from the Galaxy S3 beginning with the vocal assistant S-Voice. One thing is certain, getting bigger again, note the Galaxy will not calm the debate on screen sizes.

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  1. I keep wondering if I should buy one--when it first came out, I was so much in love. But now happy with my bb:)


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