Monday 18 June 2012

WWDC: a dining table made ​​of 100 iPad Retina

Some would call this mess, or suggest Apple's megalomania. One thing is certain; the Apple brand has made a show of strength with this interactive display table at the WWDC, the conference for developers that takes place currently in San Francisco. This is actually a support consisting of not less than 100 iPad Retina (third generation) connected.

3.1 million pixels combined, $ 50 000

This represents not less than 3.1 million pixels combined with an estimated cost of nearly $ 50 000 (about 40,000 euros). A famous magazine has published several photos showing the result. The story does not say if the developers were invited to eat on that table a bit special, but it's a nice amount of fingerprints for countless potential microbes. Find all the news of iOS6 unveiled at the WWDC in our summary file.

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