Saturday 16 June 2012

The gel that turns the screen of the iPhone keyboard

Despite a worldwide hit, the iPhone and its touch screen still does not satisfy everyone. Researchers have designed a rather special gel that can turn the touch screen of the iPhone screen to physical keys. To be more precise, this substance affixed to the 3.5-inch touch-sensitive surface, detects the virtual keys and highlights when they appear.

Buttons that appear and disappear automatically

Hocus-pocus which truly stunning video available on this page is an illustration. Tactus society, developing the project, says this is the first ever dynamic and deformable tactile surface. Derived from technology "microfluidic" in the process aims to offer the user an experience of physical keyboard without the hassle of it. Once they have more interest for use, the buttons disappear by themselves.

Compatible with any touch surface

Of course, it is still only a prototype and no release schedule is currently discussed. If the demonstration is performed using an iPhone, it works with any touch screen, tablet or mobile. One imagines that this might interest some manufacturers and no doubt we will hear again about the technology in the coming years.

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