Monday 4 June 2012

Neue Klasse, a stylish semitransparent car body

If you like your skin feel hot sun while driving, you'll probably love the Neue Klasse, a concept luxury car fairly original. The car combines the features of a coupe and a shooting brake.

Externally, the Neue Klasse has a sleek and futuristic. Singaporean designer Ying Hern Pow was inspired by German cars and Rolls Royce Phantom, including the shape and size of wheels.
The cabin measuring 5.14 m long and 2m wide, its height is 1.6 m. As for the interior, the car is fairly spacious. It has a breathable interior luxury. The seating arrangement enhances face to face social interaction between passengers. The seats are fairly spaced so that they are not rushing.

 Neue Klasse is a model that could adapt to the family. Only drawback, the roof and windows semitransparent leave no room for any privacy.

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