Tuesday 26 June 2012

USA: a law will force sex offenders to display their online past

The United States laws are known for their sometimes outlandish: here is one that should be very serious about her. In Louisiana, a formal decision has been pronounced to require sex offenders to display on their past social networks. Thus, in its description, a user of Facebook or Twitter will be required to publish their sexual misdeeds after a CNN report.

"Protecting the persecuted"

The state representative Jeff Thompson explains that the approach will protect the "persecuted". Consequently, the social networking sites will have to adapt by offering an option to display if the user has a history of sex offender. The notice shall be particularly accurate; since it will publish the act was punishable by law, the jurisdiction in which it took place, and a detailed physical description of the offender. His address will be published mandatory.

Up to $ 3 000 fine

Violate the new law will expose ex-offenders to a prison sentence ranging from 2 to 10 years and a fine of $ 1 000 minimum, up to $ 3 000 for each subsequent offense. Facebook has already responded - favorably - with this decision but said that this option exists on its website. However, neither Google nor Twitter has commented for now this new law.

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