Friday 8 June 2012

Apple wins the battle of the nano SIM and imposes its format

Builders are in a constant search for space savings in mobile devices. To do this, manufacturers have already succeeded in drastically reducing the number of components, sometimes in favor of the autonomy of our devices. So Apple had proposed a few months ago a new format of SIM cards, even smaller than the MicroSim: Nano SIM. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) approved the new format of SIM card, reduced by 40% compared to a conventional SIM.

Victory for Apple facing Nokia, RIM and Motorola

Its dimensions, 12.3 x8, 8mm for 6.67 mm, shows an optimization of the map to display only the chip. The features remain the same and it will be possible to insert a SIM Nano in a conventional SIM slot via an adapter. According to the European regulator, it is not less than 4.5 billion SIM cards that are produced each year. A victory for Apple, who had seen his face the size of Nokia, in turn supported by RIM and Motorola (which we recall now owned by Google). However, no date of commissioning has been advanced.

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