Tuesday 26 June 2012

AR. Drone modified jogging partner

Jogging is more enjoyable and motivating, especially if you're with a friend or coach with a robot. It is for this reason that Australian researchers are developing a UAV Special jogger.

Joggobot named, it is a quadricopter designed by researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia. Developed by Floyd and Eberhard Mueller Grather, this represents a real change AR.Drone companion race.

The robot was programmed to motivate the runner by standing in front of the person. How Joggobot work? Just configure it via a smartphone application, it allows the user to define its flying height and speed. Able to recognize its master, the device is equipped with onboard cameras. For this, the athlete must wear a special t-shirt with a specific visual.

If the idea is well thought out, for now, the rest Joggobot a research project and no marketing drone is envisaged. Autonomy, in particular, seems a major obstacle for the development of such a project.

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