Wednesday 6 June 2012

Makey Makey: Create your controller from any object

What if there is a lack of lever when we invite a few friends for an evening of video games? It only remains to use everyday objects as game controllers thing become possible thanks to Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum.

The two students at MIT Media Lab is directed system called Makey Makey, to create a controller from any object. How does it work? The two designers have achieved a first device in contact with the player's skin on the one hand and connected to a printed circuit in the form of joystick other.

The circuit is connected to the object serving as controller. This is connected to the computer. Thanks to the conductivity of the skin, the system recognizes when the player touches the objects which serve as buttons. Not just for the video games, Makey Makey keyboard can also be used to replace eight letters and a computer mouse. The system uses an Arduino microcontroller that analyzes the electrical signals.

The project was a resounding success on the site Kickstarter and funds to marketing have already met. The device will be sold at $ 35 U.S. and $ 40 for those living elsewhere (shipping included).

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