Monday 4 June 2012

LiquiGlide: the coating to use the last drop of ketchup

Who has never fought against an almost empty bottle of ketchup? It is precisely this "almost" that is the problem, many drops often remaining on the walls of the bottles. An engineer seems to have found the solution, with a coating that facilitates the flow of liquid containers the most recalcitrant.
Dave Smith is responsible for LiquiGlide, nontoxic material that can be applied to most packaging. For the automotive industry at the origin Validated and approved by the Federal Agency U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the product was originally for the automotive industry according to its inventor, such as anti-icing or as a cleaner windshield. Here's a video demonstration:


  1. I don't remember whether I read about it or saw it somewhere, but I think that's a crazy invention.

    Now, we can enjoy the ketchup right to the last drop.


  2. wow now i dnt have to fight any more wid that poor bottle of ketchup :P :D


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