Saturday 2 June 2012

iPhone / Android: apps indispensable for the holidays - I


What a disappointment to discover while boarding the plane that his / her sweetheart (e) is found a few rows away. To avoid any unpleasantness or simply a bad seat in the aircraft, an application provides a perfect solution: choose place before boarding. Enter your flight number, confirm your personal information and select one or more seats directly on the device. IPhone only for now.

Refuel +

Fuel costs can be wound in a tight holiday budget. To reduce the maximum, why not use an application even before hitting the road? It is the mission of Refuel + which is responsible for identifying gas stations at discount prices on one or more routes. That's enough to make substantial savings. We also enjoyed application functionality: the price alert. Set a threshold for the desired price per liter, when a station meeting this criterion is found in the search radius of the application, an alert is issued.

Wi-Fi Finder

Access your applications from abroad without excessive bill, this is what is intended to "Wi-Fi Finder" (free, in English). This application can be used in 135 countries, shows the existing hot-spots around you, including free networks, unfortunately not discernible at first glance of charge. A solution that can be useful.

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