Friday 22 June 2012

Sharp Aquos 90-inch to 11 000 dollars

Sharp has unveiled the largest 3D LED TV sold at an event in New York.

Belonging to the Aquos range, it shows a diagonal of 90 inches. Its measurements show less than 13 cm deep and 64 kg on the scale without his foot. Its consumption is measured relative to its size. We must therefore count $ 28 in electricity per year, according to data from Sharp.

90 inches, "it is nearly three times the display area of a 55-inch TV," said Sharp at the launch of this model. Next definition, the Japanese manufacturer does not revolutionize the genre. It’s new TV just so the 1080p, the current standard, which seems fair for that screen size.

Of course, all the connectivity is up to date with the Wi-Fi, the ability to surf the Internet or using Skype on their television. Available in the U.S. for now, the 90-inch Aquos sold 11,000 dollars. If competition does not exceed 65 inches, their TVs are more affordable to the general public.

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