Tuesday 19 June 2012

A submarine bar for 250 years of Guinness

It’s been a quarter of a millennium that offers its Guinness beer. To celebrate its 250th anniversary, the brewery decided to make it big by opening a bar very special.

To celebrate the event, this is not a round that the company offers its customers Guinness. She opted for an ambitious project: a bar submarine named after him.

 Collaboration with a firm called Jump London Studio Specialist "architecture design" then gives birth to GRP. For this occasion, they transformed an old tourist submarine in bar submersible. It displays a bar inside the futuristic appearance. It is made with an inner shell mixed with special materials and glass-reinforced plastic in LED lighting. The inner wall is dotted with bubbles in some of which are hollow rubber to put the glasses.

The bar can seat five people in a space of 11 m2, it is currently in the Baltic Sea off Stockholm. The winners of the game organized by the firm will have a chance to check it out and grab a beer.

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