Sunday, 24 June 2012

Solar Curve, bus stops to recharge induction

Knowing that the means of transport tend increasingly towards ecology, appropriate infrastructure must always be put in place to facilitate their development. In the Netherlands, we can already environmentalist’s bus stops through the Solar Curve concept.

Solar Curve is a project that involves the installation of bus stops chargers in the town of Noord-Brabant. The judgments are therefore serving as recharge points for electric buses.

 Define the service stations as only charging points proves to be impractical. This would further clutter and slow service stations. Solar Curve can then recharge electric vehicles at each stop. Most interesting is the fact that bus stops are equipped with solar panels covering the roof 15.5 m².

Just park the bus under the curved roof of the judgment. A green LED light as a witness during the transfer of inductive energy. Solar Curve is a project of a Dutch group called Studio Mango.

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