Saturday 9 June 2012

ORO, a compact car to pedal

ORO is an urban concept vehicle of the future. It was proposed by Ting Yin You, a designer from Hong Kong. This vehicle has no adverse effect to the environment since it is human powered.

ORO is a vehicle that has an ultra compact cabin supported by three wheels, two fronts and one rear. Its size is 200 x 110 x 90 mm
​​. The tilt of the cabin can be adjusted. The exterior design is also talk of aerodynamics.

Inside, the vehicle is equipped with a dashboard that shows among other speed. ORO has a single seat is comfortable enough and swinging to give the driver the impression of sitting on a rocking chair. The concept also has an electric motor.

To power it, no need to connect the vehicle to a power source, ORO is equipped with pedals and a generator that converts kinetic energy into electricity. Only the dash and the lights are powered by its electrical system.

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