Sunday 24 June 2012

Kratos M1, an exoskeleton for soldiers

After POWERLOADER, HAL-5 and French Hercules, this is a new concept of exoskeleton that is discovered. Kratos named M1, it exclusively for soldiers.

Kratos M1 is a compact exoskeleton rather if one refers to the majority of the concepts presented so far. A fact which does not doubt his abilities as well as its advantages, quite the contrary. Indeed, Kratos M1 is quite light and can be contained in a backpack. It was made from strong materials like kevlar, carbon fiber or titanium alloy Grade 5.

 The exoskeleton allows a person to lift something that weighs 200 kg for several minutes. This is made possible by a hydraulic pressure system board. Kratos M1 also increases the running speed of the soldier without tiring. The designer talks about a speed of 45 km / h.

The equipment is bristling with sensors to detect the muscle movements of the wearer. Kratos M1 was designed by Australian designer Dene Huntley.

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