Tuesday 26 June 2012

Galaxy SIII – the subject of explosion

The new Samsung Galaxy SIII seems subject to some hardware issues. A user has indeed been the victim of what he described as an explosion of some of his phone, supporting photographs.

This Irish user says he was driving when he saw a white flame out of his phone, followed by sparks and a small "bang". It seems then that the phone has "caught fire from within".

A closer look will reveal that this is the micro USB, used among others to charge the phone battery, which caught fire, burning in passing the bottom of the phone and by melting its back cover which is made up of plastic. The battery, meanwhile, remained intact and appears to be harmless in this incident. The user specifies that the small explosion was still thrown several pieces of plastic around the passenger compartment.

Samsung was quick to react after the release of these photos on a Irish forum. The official blog of the mark indicates that it has recognized this problem and investigating it. It's hard to imagine that this problem can occur on a large scale and it could be an isolated case, as was the case of windows that were broken iPhone for themselves.

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