Saturday 16 June 2012

What if Google bought up Twitter?

A few weeks after the IPO of Facebook, a social networking is at the center of attention. According to the U.S. site BusinessInsider, Google could buy Twitter in the coming months, the second top social network in the world. An analysis that follows, in particular the catastrophic introduction of Facebook Nasdaq, confirming the lack of success of attempts to monetization of social networks and enterprises of the Net in general.

Google has the means

Especially an anonymous source confirms that this potential acquisition is "always possible". The idea is credible: Google has cash, lots of cash, Twitter is a service that climbs high speed and potential advertising undeniable. In addition, Google + does not meet the expected success despite numerous communications of the American group. However, the two social networks are not truly comparable and might remain parallel in the context of acquisition of Twitter.

A snub to Apple

Currently valued at $ 9 billion, Twitter remains a "small" compared to Facebook. Pushing the hypothesis a little further, this would represent a nice snook from Apple, which was once interested in the micro-blogging site. From there to say that Twitter integration in iOS could disappear in the coming months, there is only that we do not cross it. Logically, neither party has responded to what remains today a rumor.

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