Tuesday 12 June 2012

Wii G: GamePad before Christmas

After a surprising first conference Sunday evening, Nintendo has once again invited journalists for a presentation of the Wii U Tuesday in Los Angeles. More focused on games, the conference has yet brought a lot of information. Thus, we learn that he will ultimately be possible to connect two Wii GamePad U, the touch pad acting controller, the home console.

Originally, the Japanese firm had surprised everyone by announcing a single lever in the console, it seems that Nintendo has changed his tune. Two GamePad therefore, but also four WiiMote. Only, the display quality will differ depending on the configuration: 60 frames per second with a single connected GamePad, 30 frames per second with two. Nintendo does not give up completely its current Wii controllers and says that a true complementarity can be exploited for multiplayer games.

Available at Christmas

For example, in the mini-game The Legend Of Zelda: Battle Quest, two people give sword with a Wiimote while a third archery with the GamePad. Other information of size: the GamePad weighs 500 grams, which could jeopardize the long stretches of play is good news, however, Philip Lavoue, deputy general manager of Nintendo France asserts that the games will be available the same day in store and download line.

Finally, Nintendo has unfortunately obscured the information that everyone expects the price of its console. However, the Wii U should be available for the holiday season according to the indices distilled by Big N. But this date correspond to a Japanese release, European or global? Response in the coming months.

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