Tuesday 12 June 2012

The USS Enterprise from Star Trek becomes reality

An American engineer has set a goal more ambitious: to make a ship identical to that of the television series Star Trek, the legendary USS Enterprise. He is a systems engineer and electricity which is nicknamed Dan BTE or "Build The Enterprise Dan." He calculated that the project should be led in 20 years. BTE Dan presented in detail the technical specifications and the budget at all levels. For his project, the man in question has even appealed to NASA and the State.

Performances of future spacecraft are already known. It is estimated that it will reach the moon in three days. The Enterprise incorporates an ion propulsion system with a nuclear reactor. This new vessel will also produce gravity to determine the occupants to the ground. The final length of the vessel is double that of the Empire State Building.

He estimates that a slight tax increase for its estimates of the budget can make the vessel in 20 years. But for now BTE Dan has not convinced its partners and seeks above all to make his project.

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