Wednesday 31 December 2014

AAA, Bud Light Offer Last Resort Tow To Go During Holidays

Tow to Go is an innovative and extremely beneficial service that has been initiated to provide safe ride to the drunken individuals in this holiday season. Any individual who will drink too much this holiday could avail this service free of charge to get himself as well as his vehicle safely to home. During the holiday seasons such as the biggest festive night of the year i.e. New Year Eve, police has reported to arrest the most of drunk driven cases. Sometimes drunk driving even leads to crashes which sours the spirit of the New Year.

A Better Initiative at Opportune Time

Tow to Go service had been started by the AAA-the Auto Club Group and Bud Light to get the drivers and their home safely. The AAA spokesman Don Lindsey has stated that this year from December 24 this amazing service has started and it will run through 6 a.m. on New Year’s Day. Mr. Lindsey has stressed that its organization is more eager to provide right driving solutions to those people who plan to drink while celebrating the holiday eves and have no designated home going plan like calling a taxi or using a designated driver.

He further explains if some is going to keep a designated driver then make sure that person have a great time but gets nothing to drink. Now if none of your plan works then the Tow to Go service is there to help you out regardless of the matter whether you are a AAA member or not. This service would be completely free of charge and certainly that person would be taken to home not to ‘another party destination’.

History of Tow to Go Service

Tow to Go Service isn’t a relatively new concept service or program. Rather it has been in service since 1998 and its President and Owner John Saputo maintain that they have successfully taken more than 25,000 intoxicated home in all those years. He had invented this beneficial a long time back with his staff and now this program had been taken on national level. He believes that drunk driving is 100% preventable if people who wish to engage in drinking activities have a suitable plan for reaching home without causing any damage to their vehicle, self or other.

How to Get Tow to Get Services

Anyone who need a ride a home after indulging in drinking sessions could call AAA at 855-286-9246. He would be simply required to say that he has happened to drink a lot and wishes to get picked up and delivered to home. A Tow To Go would then arrive at the place, pick and drop him safely to his home along with his vehicle.

From wherever the pickup is it, users could go 10 miles for free and at most two people would be given free rides in Tow trucks. Tow to Go service doesn’t offer pre-appointment. It is basically ‘call as needed’ program.

Tuesday 30 December 2014

Online Privacy A Tricky Issue

According to the survey results released by the Pew Research center and Elon University's Imagining the Internet Center on Thursday, the future of privacy appears to be totally muddy. The survey reflected that nearly 2500 internet analysts and internet experts have been completely divided on the issue of future of privacy. They have divided opinion on whether the policy makers and technology innovators would be able to create secure, trusted, and popularly accepted privacy-rights infrastructure by year 2025. 45% of the people in the survey believed that there will a structure created based on the privacy rights but the remaining 55% were having completely different opinion as did not believe that there could be any infrastructure. According to Lee Rainie, Pew's Director of Internet, Science, and Technology Research, there is lot of disagreement about what the future holds for privacy.


The Pew-Eton researchers didn’t opt for the traditional means of conducting the survey but they carried out the survey among the hand-picked respondents and requested them to elaborate their views on their yes or no answers. The responses include a very dominant theme pertaining to the likelihood of a strong privacy infrastructure that can be established in the next 10 years. Rainie stated that now people have got open and spending most of the time in the public eye hence the question of privacy gets restricted to special circumstances only. Postindustrial era has made every person life completely public.

Accepting the trend: 

In the coming years, people will start continuing the trend of living a very public eye. People have started exchanging person information to availing services now. People have started using their personal information in the form of currency. According to Hal Varian, Google's chief economist, today’s disagreement of privacy will confuse the denizens of 2025. Privacy will be deemed old fashioned in the next 10 years. Putting restrictions of service will be overshadowed by increasing benefits of personal, digital assistants and cloud computing. Every will feel secure due to the advancement in the technology in terms of monitoring and tracking.

2025 will be a year, which will consider people ordinary if they don’t have any photos online. People who will not share their personal information will be not credible and trusted less. People will find them inhuman, as they won’t be able to see their discretions. People will start demanding encryption ability; they would like more transparency in the private sector and with the governments. The mere idea of framework for privacy is a fantasy. Equipments will allow the users to relay their information. The current levels of surveillance will become very pale and people will communicate only through net.

Companies have to become more careful in terms of data collection and sharing to ensure privacy factor for the customers. Experts say that if the privacy keeps on being eroded, the class issue might start again. Therefore, whatever may be the state of privacy in 2025, but for sure it will not be the same as today.

Once Again Microsoft Is Ready To Set IE As the Default Browser

Once again Microsoft is set to make the IE as the default web browser in Windows, as from last five years, Microsoft was forced to provide the choice of web browser in Windows for European market. 

In 2009, due to the ruling of EU, Microsoft was forced to offer the choice of web browser in European market because it was found that Microsoft is unfairly abusing the monopoly in operating system and pushing the millions of users to use the Internet Explorer. But the deal with EU was only for five years to play fair and now the period is over and Once again, Microsoft is total free to set the Internet Explorer as the default web browser in Windows.

As we all have seen Internet Explorer as the default Windows web browser from long time, Internet Explorer 4 was bundled with almost all versions of Windows after its invention. As the time passes Internet Explorer get the vital part of Windows, until it hit the mother lode; Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6. The pairing of Windows and Internet Explorer has gain more than 95 per cent market share in PC and browser segment.

As we all know that Microsoft is in very powerful position and have a kind of monopoly in operating systems, and for this only success of Windows is important. Both, EU’s European Commission and as well as United States’ Department of Justice found that these practices are objectionable, but it eventually get the fairly protection in court cases. In US, under original ruling Microsoft was found guilty, but split ups never happened and it settled when Microsoft get opened for APIs to third parties.

However, In the Europe Microsoft faced some serious consequences such as fine of $1 billion and the agreement to include a Browser Choice ballot in Windows. This ballot first ran while installing the a copy of Windows in Europe and it was used to offered 11 different browsers on two pages where they was arranged in random order at page load.

The first page of consist of “first tier” web browsers such as; Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Maxthon or Chrome, where as second page was featured the lesser-known “second tier” browsers such as; Rockmelt, Avant, Sleipnir and more. The basic idea was behind this to give the choice and opportunity to user to select their preferences for installing a different browser, But now after 5 years once again Microsoft is free to set Internet Explorer as the default browser in Windows.

In some ways for Microsoft, it’s good that ballot is gone, now Internet Explorer is back at square one with more than millions of new Windows 10 and Windows 8, where users will have to use the Internet Explorer without any choice. Now it’s obvious that Microsoft’s browser market share in European market will change, without any doubt. But the truth is that each and every user know how to download Firefox from Internet Explorer.

Researchers Build Room-Temperature Memory That Doesn’t Need Current To Retain Data

Mgneto Electric
In present all computer memory works with simple principle, which is to use the electrical current for changing the charge state of a cell, and later this charge state can be read by other memory controllers, no matter we are talking about RAM or NAND flash which is identical and basic property between them.

Researchers of Cornell have demonstrated and announced about the device, which is based on bismuth ferrite to store and retrieve data without an electrical current. The implications of these principals could be found a long time from now on room-temperature.

Magneto-electric memory is attractive because it removes the effect of electrical currents that is useful for substantial fraction of power consumption in a system. If cache subsystems or DRAM can draw minimum electrical power, so there is possibility the battery life of device would be increase. This impact of shifting to alternative magneto-electric or ferroelectric memory systems could be substantial, which can be count as traditional gains for adopting new process nodes.

Bismuth ferrite known for to exhibit the ferroelectric and ferromagnetic both properties, it means that it has its own magnetic field as any common magnet, but the polarity of this field can be switched with the help of an electrical field, all you need to apply the electrical field to the device. Exploiting these prominent capabilities on a room-temperature is a major achievement, which can be revolutionizing for modern electronics if any how anyone can figure out how to build devices from it.

This Cornell research explains and demonstrates a single switching cell which can hold the bit of data. ERMs are cutting-edge materials which haven’t been proven commercially, but shows many promise if one can figure out how to use it and manufacture them in large volume. This category is directly linked to Emerging Research Devices (ERDs).

From OLED to EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography), the market is filled with technologies which can ramped much more slowly than originally forecast. At first look these issues seems unrelated as they cover the three completely different areas of expertise.

The New Yorker have modern piece on this because they relates it to grapheme. As Graphene is brilliant and awesome stuff, and it’s conductivity at room temperature to a degree is possible which was dream in case of copper wire. It is incredibly durable and strong

The problem with Graphene that it lacks in production because it’s common for elements and capabilities are languish for centuries before finding its actual applications. In present the most promising work is to find the way to incorporate it into existing products.

The incredible promise with Bismuth ferrite is to own the formidable stack of obstacles, but it’s not clear that we have build stacks of these devices at scale to switch them at speed or not? The challenges between creating an entire memory array and a single piece of bismuth ferrite at room temperature can’t be understated.

Protect Your Guns with a Safe that Can Stand Up to the Test

When you own a firearms, whether it is only one or you have a substantial collection, you need to make protection of your guns a top priority. You simply cannot leave them to chance. Take responsibility and store them properly in a gun safe that will get the job done. With a company like "GunSafeNow", you'll find a full range of a safes. Check this out and find the safe that works for you.

Think Fire Resistant for the Ultimate Protection

Your guns are a major investment. You need to protect your valuable firearms. With a selection of fire resistant safes, you can rest assured that your collection will be safe in the event of a fire. When you choose a safe that has been built to withstand the heat, you can count on fire-resistant materials and insulation to work hand in hand. The interior temperature will be controlled with the exterior will hold up when the temperature is rising.

Keep Your Collectibles, Valuables, and Important Documents Safe as Well

When you choose a gun safe, think about more than your guns. You can also protect your valuables and essential documents. From collectible items to precious jewels, your photo collection, and special items that hold sentimental value, you can rest assured that they will be safe from harm or theft. You will have peace of mind when you have selected a safe that can suit your purposes.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Like the Boy Scouts, it's best to be prepared for any eventuality. Hopefully, you will never have a fire or an intrusion in your home. However, you cannot predict the future. When it comes to your firearms, it's especially important that you take that extra step to secure your guns. While insurance policies can take care of financial losses, you cannot reverse tragedies that occur when guns fall into the wrong hands.

You don't ever want to deal with the heartbreak of losing someone who is dear to you because of a firearm accident. When you have a solid, reliable gun safe, your guns will not fall into the wrong hands. Only those who are authorized to open your safe will have access to the guns in your home. It doesn't matter if they are not loaded. When you put them in the safe, you'll know that they are truly safe.

BMW's Self-Parking Tech Relieves Drivers From Circling the Lot

Self- Parking BMW

BMW is expected to highlight their recently previewed automated parking technology at the International CES in Las Vegas next month. The company will be demonstrating the new technology at the trade show in their electric i3 model. The Remote Valet Parking Assistant technology features 36-degree collision avoidance apart from environmental recognition and secure position.

The technology makes use of four advanced laser scanners, which have the ability to identify impediments such as obstacles and columns and can chart a route to a parking spot that is completely reliable. The technology also calculates the time it will take to return the vehicle to the driver at a given time, based on the total time it took the system to navigate and locate a parking spot. The added benefit of this parking assistant is that it is operable through a smart-watch as well.

Technology for controlled environment: 

The company has clearly suggested that it might take until 2020 for the complete implementation of the technology but still it is not something, which can be used on a daily basis on parking streets or lots. This will be limited to automation-friendly and very specialized parking structures.

It is a concept of combining a controlled environment with the technology to make a car react. Literally, this feature will be bonus for people with luxury cars and can be easily used at casinos and golf courses. According to telemetric program manager with Frost & Sullivan, Praveen Chandraskar, even though this technology meant for the controlled environment is easily 7-8 years away, what can cause a challenge is making the technology usable in the uncontrolled environment

Effortless parking: 

Even though parking assist technology is already a feature in many vehicles but at the moment it still requires a person to be in the driver’s seat. According to Michelle Krebs, industry analyst for, Ford and Lexus already have the parking assist technology added in their vehicles from quite a while. She added that we are taking steps towards making the parking assist to be fully automated but it might take some time for a car to Self Park.

According to Kerbs there are many insurance and regulatory issues that have to be addressed first. Another main aspect to be remembered is about creating trust among the customers about this technology. According to their survey, nearly 65% of the customers deemed the technology way too dangerous but are looking out for features, which has already been included in the technology.

What’s waiting for customers in future? 

Even though most of the customers are still not convinced about the technology, luxury car makers like Audi and BMW have already started using their own automated parking solution. BMW is a step ahead with their smart -watch-enabled control for Remote Valet Parking Assistant.

Smart-watch is currently the style statement and the company has used the same for added attraction. This technology to be used in public platform will require artificial intelligence hence as if now, the company has restricted to the used in the controlled environment.

Monday 29 December 2014

The Federal Communications Commission Clarifies the True Meaning of Data Roaming

The FCC has agreed with T-Mobile about having clear wireless roaming rules and regulation. This clarification will mean that negotiation pertaining to the roaming deals between small operators and Verizon and AT&T will become much easier.

Advantages for the customers: 

For customers who are using T-Mobile and sprint, this will mean a considerable decrease in the prices and much better coverage for 3G and 4G services. Looking at this, if these companies are successfully able to provide services and better coverage through their roaming deal, it will definitely put pressure on Verizon and AT&T to lower the prices of their own service plans as well. FCC on Thursday gave ruling on a petition, which was filed by the T-Mobile earlier this year. The petitioner had asked the agency to explain the guidelines about defining reasonable rates for the data roaming.

Network Roaming: 

This can be defined as the network coverage of an operator that is used by wireless operators in an area of no coverage for them. Roaming services have been into existence since the wireless industry started giving more omnipresent coverage to the operators. However, as the industry started consolidating, nation’s two of the biggest wireless carriers, AT&T and Verizon, also started expanding their presence in the market. Apart from this these carriers also started resisting to strike any deal with smaller rival companies pertaining to 3G and 4G data services and networks.

FCC in 2011 had passed a regulation, which required all the carriers to provide roaming deals to their competitors at affordable rates. However, carriers like T-mobile filed a complaint with FCC stating that even though the regulation has been passed still, large carriers like Verizon and AT&T have been charging exorbitant rates to smaller rivals for using their network. Therefore, the company has asked FCC to clarify as to what they mean by reasonable rates.

AT&T has defended themselves stating that they have been following all the regulation followed by FCC and they decreased their rates over time and clarification from FCC will start encouraging companies like T-Mobile to strike deals as per their own terms and stop them from investing in their own networks.

The final Decision: 

FCC issued their decision on Thursday and stated that clarification is important. The agency has clarified that the current rates cannot guarantee and cannot lead to presumption that the prices will be reasonable in the future as well. Roaming fees paid in some other context are already given evidences in the reasonableness of roaming rates raised by T-Mobile in the formal dispute.

This decision was welcomed by all the smaller operators including T-Mobile. They have commended the decision stating that this will allow competition in terms of reasonable data roaming rates for all the other carriers. They have appreciated the formal guidance given by FCC on the reasonable roaming rates. As expected Verizon and AT&T are not happy with the decision of FCC as it will discourage investments in the wireless networks.

Microsoft Combats Tech Support Scammers with Lawsuit

Microsoft is currently trying to fight one of the biggest frauds in the recent days by means of lawsuits. What lead to this legal battle? There are people who have received calls from people claiming to be with Microsoft and informing that their computer has got affected by the virus.

They claim to fix the issue after the payment of a fee. On 18th Dec, a civil lawsuit was filed by Microsoft's Digital Crimes unit in the Central District of California. This lawsuit was filed against the company called as the Omnitech Support and other firms, citing the reason as "unfair and misleading business practices and trademark encroachment.

According to the blog pertaining to this lawsuit, Microsoft has charged Omnitech Support, a division of Customer Focus Services for misusing the Microsoft name, service and the trademark, with the ultimate aim of defrauding the customers out of their money and other personal information. They pretended that the customer’s PC was affected by a virus.

Pattern of these scams

Most of the computer related scams follow a similar pattern wherein it starts with a phone call from someone pretending to be working with Microsoft or claiming to be the partner’s of Microsoft. They will give you some technical details about how they identified the virus on your computer. They will them convince the customer to install the remote control software on the PC and then take full control over the computer of the customers. They will use a scareware to show that there is a virus affecting your system and they can have it fixed after paying a certain amount of fee. If the customer agrees, they can now get additional details about the customer apart from the access to the customer’s credit card.

According to the information on the Microsoft Blog, the scammer have been able to create security issues as they have installed malicious software, which includes password grabbers to get all the financial and personal details of the customer.

Microsoft with the help of investigators has been able to back up their lawsuit by contacting the defendants’ names in the lawsuit. Each investigator contacted the defendant with a computer having no virus or malicious software but were convinced by the latter that there is a virus and need to pay a large sum of fee for them get that removed and get the corrupted windows work again. Many of the customers had contacted Microsoft stating that computer is not in good shape post the repair. According to Microsoft, around $1.5 billion each year is lost by customers due to these kinds of frauds.

Due to the action of the Omnitech Support, Microsoft has claimed that they lost their goodwill and looking forwards for claiming financial damages apart from permanent injunction on the actions. Microsoft has requested for a jury trial as per the details mentioned in the lawsuit. According to the Microsoft spokesperson, all the details pertaining to the lawsuit and the scam has been updated in their official blog but Omnitech Support denied to comment of any of these.For complaining to FTC

Lightning: The New iOS Standard Charger

For years, the vast majority of Apple products were compatible with the same type of charger, the standard 30-pin connector. This wide, flat input type provided a stable connection, but could only operate if inserted into the phone in a specific direction and often experienced problems with build quality over time – read more at iiNet.

To address these issues, Apple developed the proprietary Lightning charger, a new connection type designed to be faster and more reliable than the old charger style. The Lightning-type connection is required for all current generation iOS devices and is only available through Apple authorized retailers.

What’s the Difference? 

While the Lightning charger is still used for all of the same functions as the old connection type, including charging and managing content between an iOS device and a computer, several key differences help set this new connection type apart. The new Lightning charger is 80% smaller than a 30-pin connection, and is specifically engineered to be sturdier than its predecessor. Lightning chargers are reversible, meaning they can be inserted into a device while facing in either direction.

Why the Switch? 

Apple introduced the Lightning charger to iOS users for a number of consumer-focused reasons. Along with presenting a superior functional alternative to a 30-pin charger, the streamlined design of the Lightning charger allows the company to produce sleeker phones as the terminals for the connection take up less space internally.

Establishing the Lightning charger as an iOS standard also discourages 3rd party accessory use. Apple intends this measure as an effort at consumer protection, as a 3d party accessory could experience unexpected issues when used with an iOS device and even void the warranty with their use. As a result, most current generation iOS devices will display an incompatibility message indicating device rejection when a 3rd party accessory is used.


Apple makes 30-pin to Lightning connection adaptors available to enable some functionality with older Apple accessories. The 30-pin adaptor may affect the way the compatible device fits with cases, stands and other accessories, but nevertheless gives long-time Apple device owners a chance to get continued utility out of their older Apple accessories.

The move to the Lightning standard provides a substantial upgrade to a standard 30-pin connection in a number of technical aspects, but unfortunately makes older Apple accessories incompatible with newer iOS products. These efforts at innovation and consumer engagement are at the core of Apple’s legacy and represent a natural progression of the iOS experience.

Sunday 28 December 2014

“FacePile Read Receipts”- The Latest Feature in Facebook Messenger

When it comes to chatting, every millisecond counts. The lesser time is takes for the interaction, the more lively you feel in the chat room. However, when it comes to texting, concepts like hmmm, or nods have completely lost, there is no indication whatsoever to tell that the other person is listening to you.

Facebook’s Latest steps: 

Now Facebook messenger has taken a giant foot forward in terms of improvement in speed in their entire version apart from adding the new animation, which indicates the sender if their message is sending, sent, delivered, as well as read. According to the company, they have not followed the currently used concept of grey text indicating the information but the new animation will use the photo of your friend and indicate who is actually in conversation with you.

The company came up with the concept of Facepile design nearly 5 years ago and it was initially meant for a plug-in to show if your friend liked any website. It has now be modified for broader usage and to indicate as to which friend has seen and read your text messages. At present, the new messenger design will be rolled out in Europe and United States of America on Android and iOS platform. The company is planning for a worldwide release later on.

According to Lexy Fraklin, Product manager, they wanted a messenger, which will let the user feel Facebook messenger as the fastest and the most reliable mobile messaging product. In order to improve the efficiency of the application on all types of devices, the company has made lot of modification and put in lot of efforts towards minimizing the latency. As per Facebook’s new head of Messenger and former PayPal president, MarcusDavid, whether anyone agrees or not, speed is very important and everybody wants to feel the speed.

The FB is expecting to gain a competitive advantage with this new chat feature. When it comes to the slickest and the fastest chat application, KakaoTalk, WeChat, Kik and many among other are all racing together. Apart from messaging, Facebook have other global competitors in the form of Line’s stickers, Snapchat’s visual messaging, Twitter’s worldwide town square, and Google’s video chat. At present the company’s strategy is to focus on utility, which will drive lock-in to their completely social platform, while there competitors are still trying to pull out money from the direct messaging. The company has already been making lot of money from the number of ads that are being posted in the newsfeed.

What is more? 

The company has also launched “Stickered For Messenger”, which is an app for pasting stickers on top of photos before being sent. According to Franklin, the company has many things in their mind and working on more to make the user’s experience very cool. The first thing they have achieved is the fastest and clearest chat platform. Now the company is looking towards the newsfeed. The main aim of the FacePile was to ensure that you can check the message read as soon as possible and get on with work, rather then waiting for response.

Surprising Apps That You Might Have Missed- 2014


Each year ends with a list of apps released for televisions, phones and camera in that year in terms of features. However, when it comes to smartphones it becomes very difficult to make a list of the applications, which have topped the chart, and the ones, which we may have missed out. If someone will ask as to what they think about the best apps for 2014, we might end of scratching the head with tons of apps in play-stores for Android and iOS. However, ask anyone about the apps that they will not recommend their friends and family, and then you will have a whole list of apps in front of you.

Surprising apps:

Some of the apps that you might have missed out this year and are worthy of atleast one try are:

1. Vainglory :

It is free and for iOS only. This game achieved something, which was never achieved by anyone in the past, and it was not a surprise that it featured in the iPhone 6 Apple event. It showed people how to play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game in a very simple way. Everybody was able to access the game due to the simple explanation of the rules and the objectives of the games. It explains the part of the game, like for example it will explain the player that minions are used like a barrier to soak up the damage and keep their character safe. The game explains the player how to gain advantage over their enemies.

2. Tastemade :

This is also free and meant for Android and iOS. This is completely foodie app. This app allows the users to use perfect tools to make video reviews of the restaurant in professional way. Although the app was launched in 2013 but due to some makeovers, it was released in 2014. This app is all about self-made reviews.

3. QuickPics Photo Manager :

There are lots of apps available in the app store similar to this one. As it is only available for iOS, it does most of the job that is required for iOS photos. This app allows users to tag people in their photos in the gallery and if you are searching for photos of your app, you need to select the tag. This app at present is not available in iOS 8. It is quite surprising that Apple has not come up with this idea of tagging the picture on the phone and it was started by a third party. If you like to tag photos to remember the person in future, then this app is something you should not be missing.

4. Trial Frontier:

Even though this game is available for desktops and consoles, the iOS version has garnered lot of attention. The players have to cross through endless number of obstacles before reaching the finishing line. It is very amazing for a mobile game. You can have more than 50 hours of game-play and nearly 70 different tracks.

Saturday 27 December 2014

First Virtual School for Internet-Addicted Teens in Japan

With the growing population of internet-addicted teens in Japan, the country is now working towards opening the world’s first ever virtual school. This school will be opened with the aim of catering to the growing needs of the teens in Japan and the ones who find it difficult to function normally in the real world.

The Cybernation School

With the increasing importance of education, the Cybernation School on the outskirts of Tokyo will allow the dropout students to complete their secondary education at their own convenience and comfort of their own bedroom. The school works with the motto of making the Smartphone as the student’s classroom. The school is expected to be launched and started from April 2015 and it has already received nearly 1000 inquiries regarding the first 300 seats, which are available. The school is planning to allow their students to create their own avatars to attend the necessary classes and they can also make friends with other avatars of their classmates. The home works completed and submitted by the students will be checked the teacher’s avatars.

According to the reports published in the Times, the virtual classes for the students will be made of pre-recorded lectures, which will be streamed online. The students will be able to collect necessary study points and gain knowledge that will help them in graduating after 3 years.

It has been observed in Japan that pupils fail to attend to school due to many psychological reasons in 2013. The number is as high as 120,000. Most of these pupils are the recluses or the hikikomori, who find it difficult to make and develop human relationships and prefer to have an anonymous virtual reality online. According to the government statistics, there are nearly 700,000 hikikomori in Japan as of 2010. These people voluntarily take the decision of staying alone and away from society and public.

Meisei High School

Meisei Cyber, which is an initiative of the private Meisei High School in Chiba region, will also offer tests and classes through computer, tablets, and computers in a three-year high school curriculum. Similar to that of Cybernation school, even Meisei school will allow students to study at the comfort of their home, but the students will still have attend the regular school for 4 days every year. Students will be able to consult with friends regarding their students and enjoy their student’s life at the same time. The students will be able to play games through a farm and the fishing spots provided for them.

According to Kota Hasegawa, Meisei spokesperson, this virtual school will be a blessing for the students’, who are scared of attending day school to earn a graduate degree. Although the school agrees that face-to-face education and communication is vital, they are taking another approach to reach out to the students through online education and communication.

As far as online education and learning are concerned, it is not a new phenomenon is Japan. Japan is thinking about giving all the opportunities to educate their children.

Windows 10 Will Bring Native Support For .Mkv And Flac Files

Microsoft is planning to add the .MKV and FLAC support on Windows 10 for next year, to expand its support for other popular media file formats. Microsoft is also adding the native support for audio codecs and advanced video in Windows 10 Developer Preview. 

Windows 10 build 9860 was recently released by Microsoft, wherein they have also given the native support for .MKV and FLAC media formats. As far as these media formats are concerned, these were not supported by Microsoft in any of their builds and as recent as Windows 8.1. This lead to the user getting the pop-up displaying that, “File is not supported by the player”, when they tried opening these formats in windows media player. Gabriel Aul from the Windows Insider Program posted some of the screenshots on Twitter depicting the FLAC support in Windows media player. Going by the lossless nature of the file format, the FLAC support by the media player for Windows 10 has taken the high-end audio fanatic community by a large storm.

Further, the company is also looking to offer platform-level support for MKV and FLAC media formats, this means that now a 3rd party application also will be able to play these files. One of the best features is the fact that a user does not need to search and install plug-ins in their media player to play these files. This news is even more exciting as Microsoft is currently working on unveiling their new consumer-centric features of Windows 10 in late of January 2015. From this, it is very clear that the company is trying to reach out to the fans of the AV and making the right changes, which will mainly helping in boosting the multimedia competency of Windows 10.

Need of FLAC and .MKV format: 

High-end audio fans love to use FLAC files as it promises everything, which required for crystal clear sounds. But unfortunately, this format is not widely-supported; however it is going to get the space in Windows 10. Last month Microsoft officials stated that now Windows 10 will support .MKV format also.

As now Microsoft is providing the platform-level support for FLAC and .MKV format, so it clear that now third party applications will be able to play their specific files on Windows 10. It will be helpful for users as; now they don’t need to face any hassle such as; installing plug-ins and other software’s in order to play the files of these formats.

Although FLAC is not a very widely supported format, but it is loved by the high end audio fans as it preserves the quality of the music as it would be in any music studio. It has the capability of reducing the original audio file to 60 % of its original size. This is possible through the fancy algorithm of FLAC. With the passing, we are getting new information about the yet to be launched Windows 10 operating system

The other positive aspect of FLAC is that it is an open and non-proprietary format with royalty-free licensing. Currently, there is no patent or any kind of issues that anyone has to worry about regarding FLAC. FLAC is known for boasting about their support for metadata tagging, cover art, album and fast seeking. Microsoft is ready to unveil these consumer-centric features in January 2015, for Windows 10. It is making the clear statement that now in January is targeting the AV geeks and enthusiasts.

NASA Prepares Launch Of Four Satellites That Will Finally Explore Out The Origins Of Earth’s Mysterious Magnetic Field

A scientist might be able to answer any question pertaining to the magnetic fields, but actually how much information do we have about the Earth’s magnetic field. If we tend to change our focus from the Earth’s magnetic field, how much information do we have about other magnetic fields like subatomic or terrestrial.

In March 2015, NASA is expected to be launching their Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS). The scientists have been putting in effort in this mission from past 10 years, mainly to get answers to some of the unbelievable questions pertaining to the Earth’s magnetic field.

The mission consists of 4 satellites and these satellites are expected to get arranged in a Pyramid form. This pyramid form has been opted to create a first detailed three-dimensional map of a process called as magnetic reconnection. The magnetic reconnection is the phenomenon which is experienced directly as solar flares, geomagnetic storms, and even australis and aurora borealis.

Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission: 

This mission is expected to be the extended version of the European Space Agency’s successful Cluster II Mission. In March 2015, NASA is planning to launch the MMS vehicles together as a stack in an Atlas V 421 rocket, rather than launching them in pairs.

The picture of the satellites released by NASA shows that these vehicles push the size limit for the cross section of a craft which can be easily carried out in a rocket in an assembled form. On the similar concept, NASA has also been working on a separate project, called the ATHLETE robot, which resembles the outlook of MMS and also has the ability to pile multiple vehicles in the core of the rocket.

How it will work? 

Once these reach their desired destination, which is a highly elliptical orbit around Earth, these vehicles will separate from each other and form a pyramid keeping one craft at each vertex of the tetrahedron. Later on they will release the feelers. Scentists will be using the smaller probe separations (few kilometers) for exploring the actual reconnection processes and Large distances between each craft (Ranging up to 250 miles/400 kilometers) for the identification of the reconnection events.

The day-side magnetopause and the magnetotai will be the places where the magnetic connection will be showcased and this will done through the optimization of the highly elliptical orbit of the formation around the Earth. The magnetopause is the place where the pressure from the planet’s magnetic field and the solar wind and are equal, on the other hand, the magnetotail spreads to great distances from the originating planet due to the magnetosphere (pressure from the solar wind).

The Magnetic reconnection happens in the thin layers where there is a high concentration of magnetic and mechanical energy. In order to create a fusion, it is important to understand the magnetic reconnection. This will help in understanding the magnetic confinement of the materials which scientists are looking towards fusing.

This mission has be launched to understand the magnetic field of the earth and how the core temperature of the earth affects the same.

Thursday 25 December 2014

Google Glass To Return With Intel In 2015

According to the WSJ (the wall street journal), Google is expected to launch a completely new model of their Glass handset in 2015, which will offer longer battery life than the present explorer edition and will be powered by an Intel chip inside. Looking at the current edition, the company has already made a couple of small upgrades, which includes the addition of compatibility of the device with prescription lenses and the other of being the decision to double the RAM. However, if the company is looking to make changes to the processor, then it means that the company will be required to overhaul the entire range of wearable.

Changes expected in the new edition

As far as Google Glass’s adoption is concerned, the issue of limited battery life and a threatening four-figure price has acted against the company. While on one side, Intel is very excited about the whole concept and is very much interested in promoting Google glass as the perfect workplace companion, Google is expecting to increase the interest of the customers through a refreshed design and a new modern processor.

At present, not much information has been revealed by either company, but going by the rumors, as far as Intel hardware is concerned, the most likely option for powering the Google glass will be the low-power chip, which is at the center of Intel's MICA bracelet. As far as MICA is concerned, it is from the Intel's New Devices Group. This group aims at understanding and examining as to what kind of new devices will be able to push the microprocessor revolution to the next stage. One of the most prominent features of the new glass edition is expected to be battery life, which according to Intel can last up to 2 days. If the company is able to recreate the same in smaller dimension glass, then it means the battery life will get doubled up.

Although the experimental gadget has gone through some iterative changes, the major ones are expected to be rolled out next year. According to the Wall Street Journal report, the partnership between Intel and Google for Glass will include the marketing of the device to the hospitals apart from offices. The journal has also highlighted the Google has got a new patent in the form of biometric authentication. The users will have the option to either chose a single iris or both their iris for the purpose of authentication. The report stated that Intel will be providing the electronic brains for the new version of the Google Glass. The new Intel chip will be replacing the existing processor from Texas Instruments Inc used in their very first version.

Although post the launch in 2012, Google glass was subjected to criticism due to privacy issues and being too nerdy, still it was being considered as a workplace-computing device. Google is expecting the device to be an evolution from the previous version and become useful for organization, but still being a crossover device for consumers.

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Microsoft’s Creation Reminds – Learning Knows No Bounds


Microsoft’s Relentless Software Development 

Tasks becoming easier day by day for presentations of new ideas through internet access where Microsoft’s software advance development – app Sway – is assisting as catalytic agent. The dreams or imagination can be shaped into existence by collecting information and the relevant images to make the ideas most colourful, gorgeous and presentable.

Bing Image Search Enhanced Sway Preview Software easier

Thus Microsoft has developed it’s app Sway presentation software by pulling Bing Image Search into app Sway which will facilitate the users to navigate finding desired contents on particular subject, for comprehensive assessment to thoroughly check the terms of license before application to the subject contents as well as to take the full advantage from the devices of Microsoft improved and integrated software development. Hence, users can now navigate diverse multimedia through the improved device of Sway Preview at ease.

Continuous Improvement of Software for conveniences of users

Microsoft Sway Preview is inherited from diverse sources of named “cloud” from where users freely and easily visit the sources of their choice and pull the contents into users Sway. The company’s Sway is already built-in with varieties of sources of the beginning, such as OneDrive, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, +AdSource and local storage. After listening suggestions of UserVoice, and closely examining the +AdSource, Microsoft introduced functions of Bing Image Search to Sway Preview. The Bing Image Search is developed in such a way that users do not have the necessity to download and upload. It is a simple drag and drop process into users Sway. But, Microsoft has a commitment to develop the software continuously for searchers / users.

Features of Programme’s Easy Acceptability

As the contents change, Sway starts itself to assess the suitable topics applicable to the contents. Side by side Suggested will show the applicable concepts for the topics and determine the search terms for the specific content. So, Sway on its own will, the searchers / users to follow the guidelines. Also as per the demands of the users, Microsoft has also arranged the Bing Image Search on which users first find out the contents and later go through the terms of the license. Following the menu driven guidelines on the selected Bing, the source of each image will be known to users and afterwards users will find the original image and examine the terms to make the users convinced that users are permitted to use the image.

Microsoft is trying to develop its software through continuous processes and will uplift the programme of the Sway to users’ preference and friendly.

Bing Images Search Enliven the Office Presentation Convincingly 

Moreover, over the past few years, Microsoft was observing that uses of Office Clip Art are reducing and thereby they have closed the website. But, users will get a different route to Word and Power Point to use clip art in their presentation through Bing Image Search. The users for office presentation will get images of higher quality instead of poor quality images that were available from Clip Art.

Monday 22 December 2014

Viber’s Starts Its Own Social Public Chat

Viber is one such app which not only enjoys over 608 million registered users, but also has over 460 million unique users. It was quite predictable and expected that the app developers will be looking forward to extending their features and not keep it limited to calls, voice calls and instant messaging. Recently Viber has rolled out a public chat, which is mainly a social media platform and will allow the users to chat and engage with the brands, personalities and celebrities.

India an advantage for Viber

For Viber, India is their largest market as they have nearly 33 million users and the company has gone big in the country by roping in big names like Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh, and Sachin Tendulkar among others. At present Sachin Tendulkar has taken this platform seriously and has gotten nearly 11,000 followers with a handful of posts already.

According to Mark Hardy, Chief Marketing Officer of Viber, there is nothing more exciting than the number of followers increasing day by day. It’s like a clock which we want to keep on ticking. He stated that they started some chats in the UK last week, which has nearly 3,00,000 followers and a similar number has been seen in the Philippines as well. The company is hoping for similar or more response in India as well.

What is the difference? 

Viber’s social media platform started with followers, unlike Facebook or Twitter, who has no followers when they started the media platform. Mark took the example of Whatsapp, which has nearly 600 million users globally and over 70 million users in India itself. He added that it is not the technology, which boost the starting of a platform but it is the users.

He stated that they already have 460 million users as their user base when they are switching over to the social media platform. Hardy stated that the people don’t have anything to be confused about. With OTT and mobile messaging reaching the peak and people starting to get tired of the existing platforms, it is quite practical for them to look for another app which gives them a new level of excitement and engages them more.

What’s in the future? 

According to Mark, the company was initially focused on the user acquisition, but for the next year they will be looking for retention of the users. They are expecting this to be achieved through their new gaming service and public chat platform.

As far as the revenue of the company is concerned, the gaming service and the paid sticker packs are already playing a very important part. Mark stated that they are micro-payment business, where their revenue is generated from the paid stickers, available at the retail price of $ 1.99 and Viber out, which facilitates the calling facility to the mobile phones as lower rates. The company states that the big users will have to spend less money. At present the company has not been able to provide further details.

Google Aiming To Go Straight Into Car with Next Android

Google – A Version of Android, directly in Cars

Google is gearing for a version of Android which would be built directly in cars enabling the drivers to enjoy the benefits of the internet without the need of plugging to their smartphones, a version known as Android M, which would probably show up in a years’ time.

This would be a big step from Google’s present Android Auto software in its latest version of its smartphone operating system which needs a phone to be plugged into a compatible car with a built in screen to access streaming music, maps, together with other apps.

According to Vice President and Automotive Practice Leader of industry research firm Gartner, Thilo, Kowlowski, comments that it provides a strong hold for Google to be part of a vehicle instead of being an add-on, noting, that he was unaware of the latest plans of Google in this regard.

Should Google succeed with Android M, it would be the standard system in empowering a car entertainment system, navigations features and also access valuable data collected by the vehicle. This would strengthen Google’s position in a new market with its arch competing rival Apple Inc's CarPlay.

Google Services with Android Auto/Android M

With the help of direct integration, it would enable the driver to use Google services each time they turn on the ignition without the need of their phone, thus enabling Google with much better use of the cars sensors, camera as well as internet connection which are available in some new models.

According to a source which refrained from being identified and unauthorized to discuss the plans publicly, revealed that Google plans to roll out the next version of its operating systems which is expected in a year or so, though they have not provided any details or time frame for its long term plan of putting Android Auto, dubbed Android M, directly in the cars.

Google plans according to analysts, state that they could face several technical as well as business challenges which would include convincing automakers to integrate their services in their vehicles. Automobiles stand a better attractive prospect taking into account that technology companies are now designing appliances, wristwatch together with other gadgets which can now be connected to the internet. Besides this, according to U.S. Census data, majority of the individuals spend on an average around 50 minutes a day on their commute.

Embedded – Always `On’/Available 

With Android being built in cars, Google services would not be at risk of switching off whenever a smartphone battery tends to go off. For instances, with embedded, it is always on and available, and one does not have to depend on the phone being available there or to be `on’, comments a source, referring to the Android Auto, the built-in version.

This software could connected to other car components such as a built-in navigation system – Google Maps in order to indicate when the fuel content is low and also provide direction to the nearest available gas station. Besides this on tapping on to the car’s components, Google would also avail important information to feed its data hungry advertising business model according to some sources.

The source also informed that Android would need major improvements in performance as well as stability for car maker especially Android Auto which will need power-up instantly whenever the driver starts the car, instead of having to wait for over 30 seconds, as in the case of many smartphones.

Recharge Or Shop The Mobikwik Way And Save Money Too!

Wondering how to avoid disconnection of services of your mobile phone or any of the utility services? Yes, there is a way out and it’s quite simple and convenient to use too. Switch over to the online recharge and payment platform as provided by MobiKwik.

Bill payment and utility recharge has become ever so easy and convenient courtesy the latest internet enabled technology. All you need to do is log online to MobiKwik and select the service provider you wish to make payment to and make the payment instantly. It does not matter whether you are at home or in office or enjoying a movie or a dinner date, just log on to site and pay your bills in a few clicks and have a nice time. Once you signup to become a customer, you will never ever going to worry about a pending bill payment or disconnection of services.

For bill payment or recharge, you can choose to pay through the wallet or even link up with your bank account with HDFC, SBI, Citibank and many more. You can pay through your Credit or Debit Card, this definitely sounds convenient. Moreover, the site does not charge its customers for these services. So, you enjoy maximum advantage along with convenience when it comes to payments of utility bills and mobile recharge.

For cheaper and better mobile plans as well as their recharge, browse through those offered by Reliance, BSNL, Loop, Virgin Mobile, Tata Indicom and other providers. This is not all you can even recharge or switch over to new DTH plans as offered by Reliance Big, Videocon, Tata Sky, Sun Direct, Dish TV and more. For extensive information on plan details and extent of services, you can refer them online.

Shopping using the Mobikwik Wallet is even easier for you just need to top it up with sufficient balance and using a single point of entry to shop. This saves a great deal of effort and time which you would otherwise spend in entering your personal and payment details when doing shopping.

You can even download and use the Mobikwik shopping apps or even use SMS or IVR to shop, recharge and pay your bills and more. The app is available for Android, Windows Mobile and also for iOS users.

Whilst managing busy lifestyles and erratic schedules, forgetting mobile recharges or payment of utility bills is one of the most forgotten tasks by most of us. But with rapid technology changes and excessive reliance of internet has lead to not only online shopping but online recharge and bill payment services too. If you have not yet tried it till now, this is the best opportunity to do so. Be quick enough log on to site right now and explore the various Mobikwik coupon codes on offer.

Trust us when we say MobiKwik can be relied upon to offer best of payment and recharge service in the safest possible manner.

Sunday 21 December 2014

Detection of Super-Earth Transit Extends Terrestrial Frontier

Astronomers have been searching for signs of life in other alien planets in the universe far from our Earth. One of the latest development which has got added as an encouragement is the observation of a super-earth, which is passing right in front of a star which resembles the sun. This observation was made through a ground-based telescope.

According to Ernst de Mooij, who is the lead author of Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland, their observations clearly indicate that we can easily detect any kind of transit of the small planets around any Sun-like stars by using the ground-based telescopes. This detection was made on the island of La Palma, Spain. The Nordic Optical Telescope was used by the international research team to make this observation.

What is exoplanet? 

An exoplanet is kind of planet, which doesn’tt orbit the Sun and instead of this it orbits a different star. Till now it is expected that there are more than 1800 exoplanets are in outer space. In outer space there are also rogue planets that don’t orbit any star and they tend to be considered separately as gas giants.
What is the super earth?

According to the research team, the host star, which is called as the “55 Cancri”, is situated just about 40 light years away from earth and is very much visible to the naked eye. The transit of the exoplanet, currently called as the “55 Cancri e” is the shallowest, which has been spotted from a ground-based observatory. During the observation, it was spotted that the exoplanet crosses “55 Cancri” during its transit has the ability to block a small fraction of the starlight. This clearly indicates that the planet could be easily twice the size of the earth and may be about 16,000 miles in diameter.

How is this discovery important? 

This discovery or observation of the research team is very vital especially for the upcoming space missions like PLATO and TESS. It is important because there is the possibility of finding many small planets all around the bright stars. TESS- It is a NASA mission, which is scheduled to be launched in 2017 and PLATO- This is scheduled to be launched in 2024 by the European Space Agency.

Both these missions are important, as they will be searching for transiting terrestrial planets around the close by bright stars. According to Mercedes Lopez-Morales, co-author of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, astronomers are slowly making way in the direction of detecting bio-signatures in Earth-like planets in the region of close by stars.

All these findings are available in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. Those who are not aware, this observation were made by 2 astronomers. The observation will encourage the astronomers towards the remote sensing of the exoplanets in the future. This also encourages them to search for habitable planets apart from Earth. It gives out a possibility that the life could be possible on another planet just like the Earth.

Saturday 20 December 2014

Will NASA Pull Off a Piece of an Asteroid

NASA’s Plan – Asteroid Redirect Mission

NASA has plans on Asteroid Redirect Mission, to snatch an asteroid out of space and send it in lunar orbit for study and recently the agency announced when its first phase of the operation would begin, the spacecraft would be launched in 2019.

NASA has indicated that it needs more information before plunging into the signature space mission. Examining an asteroid from space which does not change over a period of time could provide the scientist with some understanding about the earliest stages of the universe and if all goes well, NASA would pick out an asteroid in 2018 and send up the spacecraft in 2019, either by attaching it to a small asteroid or use it to chip off a piece of a large asteroid. Thereafter it would send both the asteroid- grabbing machine and asteroid to travel around the moon.

A crew of astronauts would be following the rock somewhere in 2020 for hooking the spacecraft and mining the 32 meter asteroid with regards to information on cosmic past. The final design for the craft is yet to be shaped with NASA accepting ideas and has released some sketches on how it would look.

Progress on the Orion Spacecraft

In the meanwhile NASA is also progressing on the Orion spacecraft, with the crew that will go up with it and has another asteroid program in the pipeline, a plan to launch a robot into space in 2016 to have it latched onto an asteroid and return back with samples by itself in 2023.

NASA Associate Administrator, Robert Lightfoot informed reporters during a teleconference recently on, whether taking that option is worth the extra expense and mission risk involved.Lightfoot had presided over the meeting to decide between the boulder grabbing mission known as Option `B’ and an Option `A’ plan, which involved intercepting a small near Earth asteroid and then bring it back intact.

At the end of the meeting, Lightfoot has commented that it would take another two or three weeks to obtain the data that was needed to form the decision and a mission concept review is scheduled for next February. Lightfoot had informed that Option B would be testing more of the technologies which would be used at the time of the future missions to Mars.

Mission Complex/Costlier

The mission would be more complex and around $100 million costlier and the target price tag is roughly $1.25 billion which excludes the launchcosts. Besides this, the figure also excludes the cost of sending astronauts to rendezvous with the space rock in mid-2020. The aim is to execute a manned mission to the captured asteroid by 2025 and in doing so, would manage an exploration goal that had been laid for NASA by President Barack Obama in 2010.

The retrieval mission of the asteroid would also help to develop the technology as well as its techniques that may be essential for a manned Mars trip which is planned according to the agency officials by mid-2030.To fund 18 six month studies `to mature system concepts and key technologies as well as assess the feasibility of potential commercial partnerships in order to support the agency’s Asteroid Redirect Mission, NASA has made a commitment of $4.9 million.

Thursday 18 December 2014

Orchestration Tools Simplify the Regulation of Distributed Apps of Multiple-container

Docker, Inc., the corporation behind an open platform meant for distributed apps, declared new, wide-ranging facilities or for orchestrating the distributed apps that are multi-container. These inclusive orchestration capabilities are intended to allow the creators and sys-admins to build and control a new generation of handy distributed applications, which are prepared with separate practical Docker containers and have an active life cycle.

Solomon Hykes who is the founder of Docker stated that since people develop from apps having a few Docker containers to huge, multi-Docker container apps, it is significant that users do not lose the traits that have turned Docker so flourishing. It comprises the open interfaces, the capacity to be manageable on every environment, and with a general UI the power to control a broad network of 18000 of tools and also 60,000 of Dockerized apps.

A new approach the growth of app through orchestration

The orchestration services of Docker are build on the bases of the open platform that created Docker containers as an industry standard for forming distinct application services into iterative components. These orchestration services are an indication of the transformational change that is occurring as associations move from slow-evolving massive applications to Dockerized dispersed applications.

Such orchestration capabilities are conveyed by means of 3 latest platform services, which are planned to include all features of dynamic lifecycle of the applications, in which a fresh system or a Dockerized service that alters application performance can be devoted to production within minutes rather than months. When orchestration features of Docker are the most widespread on the marketplace, their exclusive modular composition allows them to be reachable to all.

All the three services of orchestration are as follows: 

  •  Docker Machine: It can enhance the quality of portability of the distributed apps as it as it gives the user a flexibility to contribute any host along with the Docker Engine, be it a laptop, or cloud node. It helps the developer to gain a considerable period of time in manual system and custom scripting, leading to quicker frequencies and constricting the development to deployment series. 
  •  Docker Swarm: It is a Docker-based clustering service, which functions through the Docker Engines, stipulated by new Docker Machine, and makes a resource group of the hosts where the distributed applications work. Docker Swarm API can suit with pluggable clustering executions, giving consumers the ability to prefer highly-scalable results like Mesosphere to arrange containers.
Docker Compose: It provides developers with the skill to collect applications from distinct, Docker containers totally independent of any basic infrastructure, allowing distributed app stacks to be installed anyplace.

Open APIs in orchestration services increase collaboration chances for Docker’s exciting ecosystem. This fresh set of APIs will moreover make it probable for separate orchestration items to make their feature sets available with the Docker UI. Docker’s open design method is revealed in all the orchestration services that have been shaped by input straight from the community.

Management of distributed app exploitation in an intelligible way is an essential step for understanding the prospects of Docker, and of containerization more commonly. The band of Docker undoubtedly has its reasons for tackling any challenge on its own, and not depending on channel associates to do it.

Google Nexus 9

Google Nexus 9 is the first handset designed that is powered by Google’s new release “Android 5.0 Lollipop”. Well, having the new android version, you will be the first one to receive the latest android updates and enjoy all the advanced features and enhancements. Everyone got something to choose for them from over 1 million apps and games from Google Play. Well, now coming to its design, it is a perfectly designed handset for life.

It is a carefully crafted device with metal frame, soft-grip back and provided with unique colors. It has a perfectly sized8.9 inch IPS LCD display that is easy to carry and also big enough on work basis and for entertainment like watching movie, videos or playing games. You can get your work done at home, at office place, or on a move with the nexus 9 keyboard folio that can be purchased separately. Well, one can say that it is designed with keeping you in mind.

Powered by Android 

This android powered device is powered by a 64 bit NVIDIA tegra k1 dual-core processor with 2.3 GHz that equalizes to PC’s power and can perform all tasks like mailing, watching videos, or playing games, or documenting all at once by easily switching across tabs.

Crisp, clear sound that surrounds 

It has a high sound quality. With HTC introducing its front-facing stereo sound speakers, the sounds generated are more immersive, layered and distortion free. This is the most beneficial product that Google has received after tying their bond with HTC to give us the future of smartphone’s-Nexus 9.


A handset is rated top based on its specifications. There are some specifications that an android phone must be efficient in and should be considered before buying them. So let’s have a look at some of the specified specs of this handset.


It runs a processor dual-core 64 bit processor, giving it an anonymous power to perform several task all at once. Besides, it comes with 2048 MB RAM, making the accessibility of the device quite faster with built-in storage capacity of 32 GB.


The next specification that everyone have a look at is the camera pixel. Now-a-days everyone wish to have a high pixelate cams in their android to get a professional click as the trend of clicking pics is on high among this generation and desires to have all the features within one device. Well, it stands up to all the expectations in this field too as it provides 8 megapixels rare camera with LED Flash and auto-focus feature.

Apart from this, you are also benefited with a front cam of 1.6 MP and video recording with 1080p HD resolution.


Any device lags in their battery capacity but Nexus 9 had overcome this issue to with 6700 mAh battery capacity which cannot be found in any of the device. This helps you carry out your whole day with your handset. But the drawback is that this is not a user replaceable battery.

These are the mostly focused specs of every device and all the general specs are same like connectivity, media, internet browsing and all.

From all the discussions made, one can point out the pros and cons of this handset.


Large system memory, i.e. 2048 MB RAM that makes your device fast, effective and efficient.

4G connectivity, which increases the connectivity speed with mobile data.


Lacks in microSD slot, so there is no chance for storage expansion.

Non-replaceable battery.

A Thrilling Publication “Grand Theft Auto V” of Rockstar Games

Grand Animation Imaginary World

“Grand Theft Auto V” a publication of Rockstar Games and created by Rockstar North. It is a kind of story packed with extremely exciting imaginary world and can be explicitly presented in audio-visual method, i.e. in the form of a video games. All the characters viewed in this video are adventurous. In this present scientific age, people do not have enough time to look through the printed publication stories and, therefore, the better choice is to go in for stories through the pleasant and attractive electronic media, i.e. video players when at a time more than one people can look through.

A Story of Improved Version of Grand Theft Auto V

Immediately after the publication of Grand Theft Auto IV, there is tremendous development through extensive research work and widely recognized for different game play, tremendous technical improvements in Grand Theft Auto V. Grand Theft Auto V has very well received public approval and praise. The criminals are the main characters that they are freely moving around the cities with modern weapons.

The officers of law enforcement force are after the criminals to contain the harmful grievous activities, violence for peace and law and order. Grand Theft Auto V is so speedy entertainment and much approved and praised by the public has been proved for its all time record sales from the day of publication.

Improvement on Leading Characters Role and Open World Space

The characters of the protagonists are adventurous, exciting and each character has thrilled events in which one follows another one directly. Moreover, areas of the open world are much wider than the earlier series of previous entries. The open world is thoroughly searched and discovered from the starting of the game without limit and as the story proceeds more and more games open up with the active imagination, producing interesting ideas. In totality, the Grand Theft Auto V is the improved version of Gameplay Video of earlier Grand Theft Auto IV.

Roles and Skills of Players

Players use weapons, explosives, guns, etc. to attack crowded places of the cities and can swim, jump, run to directly discover the open world with no restriction. In the fighting, players take the help of auto-aims and cover system against enemies. Players may go to the hospital when their health reduces.

 The officers of the law enforcement give signals through “wanted” meter to the players doing crimes while playing . Each player with the set of eight expertise shows the efficiency in shooting, driving. The last skill, i.e. eighth skill is a special skill which denotes the ability of the player.

Impeccable Advancement of Technique

The improvement on technical quality, the detailing of light, sounds, pictures, especially the weather and advancement of lighting technique to the eyes of reviewers are laudable. The critics also praised the design of the open world where space of the Los Angeles meticulously used by the designer. Many also passed remarks that the game play represents the American culture. Many critics are also charmed with the perfection of soundtracks and music selection during the game play.

Admixture Views of Critics 

Regarding characters of the story to the eyes of the critics, it is felt that this is repetition of the earlier version Grand Them Auto IV. Some acting of characters is not matching with emotions as the players’ action does not support their emotion perfectly. The acting of players does not represent true, real and depth. But, in totality Grand Theft Auto V version is a high improvement of different fields which will be amazing to the viewers.Some negative feedback also received.