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Wednesday 27 May 2020

Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies- Mono-Live

Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies
With smart phones we can do a lot of things. We can look up information in a jiffy, shop online, listen to music, watch a movie and now more commonly- take a selfie with it too. The ability to take selfies also brought photo editing apps to go along with it. With everyone taking selfies and posting it to social media, people want to put their best foot forward or in this case post their best photo. That’s where photo editing apps comes into play. It’s not sufficient that we have some of the best cameras on phones today, we also need some excellent looking edited pictures as well. In this post we’ll take you through some of the best photo editing apps for selfies.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies 


This app, courtesy of Google, allows you to do a lot with your pictures, there are over 29 editing tools to choose from, with each tool having its own set of options. With this app at your fingertips you can edit not only raw files but also JPGs as well.

VSCO- This one will make you obsessed: 

By this point every one and their grandma must be using VSCO. If you happen to be the exception, let me warn you in advance you will become shortly obsessed with this app. This app not only allows you edit pictures but also take pictures on the app itself, edit them, take videos and edit them and also comes with a host of presets.

There is even a paid membership of $19.99 a year which gives you even more features to play around with.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies- Retrica: 

Need more filters? Look no further Retrica has them for you. This app comes with 100 filters. That’s not all either, you can even check these filters in real life before taking a selfie too. The app also allows you take live video, great for those vloggers out there and you can also create GIFs with it as well. Besides this, the free app also comes with stickers and collage options to try out.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Selfies- Photo Wonder: 

This app takes the cake. It does everything from allows you to edit with tools such as blemish fix, slimify to allows you to use collages to give you a host of frames to use. It’s used by over 100 million users across 218 countries. Plus it does not hurt that it’s got excellent reviews on iTunes. This is a definite recommend.

Facetune to the rescue: 

This app comes to the rescue on those days that you just don’t feel good. It covers everything from wrinkles to blemishes to zits, creating a more perfect looking skin tone. There is even a reshape feature which makes you look thinner and taller, that’s taking it a bit too far if you ask me.
These are some of the best photo editing apps for selfies to try out.

Tuesday 7 January 2020

5 Best Color Splash Apps for Android to Try Out Now

Color Splash Apps for Android
One of the many popular ways to edit your photos is using something known as color splash. For the selfie takers out there this is a common term. For those uninitiated, color splash is where the whole photo is made black and white save for a certain area that is left with color. This effect makes the colored object pop up and hence the name ‘color pop’. In this post we’ll be seeing some of the best apps that give you this effect. So continue reading for some of the best color splash apps for Android.

Most of the apps on the list have ‘color splash’ in their names and give you automatic black and white save that one object. For others you’ll have to work a little harder to get the intended effect. Besides this there are also some more features that separate each app from the other. But we’ll get into that later. So without further ado let’s see what these Android apps have in store.

Color Splash Apps For Android- Paletta One of The Best to Try Out: 

This app has both features to cater to automatic as well as manual intervention. When you upload a picture to the app, the app extracts the colors from the image and shows them in a palette at the bottom of the screen. Once the picture is in grey scale you can simply choose the color of your choice from the given palette to make that particular object pop up. So in the end you can end up with multiple colors being selected.

Now for the manual option: if you want to remove certain colors from the object that pops up you can do so manually. You can do this by using the given brush and eraser option. These will be seen on the left side of the screen. To get to the smaller areas of the picture, the app also allows you to zoom in and out to make the more minute changes.

The best part of this app: it has no Ads besides that color extraction is excellent and compares well with the original picture. However a big negative when it comes to this app is that you cannot adjust the size of the brush or eraser. But in spite of this negative this is still one of the best color splash apps for Android to try out.

Color Splash Effect

This app is courtesy of Colorful Filter Studio which has produced some amazing photo editing apps. But for now we’ll be looking at this color splash app for Android. This app besides coming with the requisite color splash effects also comes with an editing tool as well. This tool you can use either before applying the color pop feature or after. You can access this tool by selecting the beauty option.

In this app there are two ways in which you can add the color pop- one is by using smart color the other is by using free color. In both of these features you will have to color the object of your choice manually. The smart option is smart in that the app helps you in keeping the color within the objects boundary itself. If that’s not really your thing, you can always try out the free option to see if that is more your jam.

The best of this color splash app is that it has this cool smart color feature. The negative is that you can’t control the brush size and also can’t compare the image with the original picture.

Color Touch Effects Color Splash apps for Android: 

This app weighs in a mere 4MB but still packs in a punch. Besides doing what we’re here for- color splash, it also has some more effects that you can play around with. There is even an option to add a caption to your photos from the convenience of the app itself.

To get the color splash effect you’ll have to do so manually there isn’t an automatic configuration feature given. There is however a ‘Mono’ button that allows you to erase any errant color that you might have added. The biggest plus in this app is that you can adjust brush size and opacity which is something the other color splash apps for Android do not have.

The biggest con with this app is that it does not come with an automatic mode.

Color splash Effect photo Editor

This is a three way app in that you can color splash in three different ways. Let’s begin with the more traditional way which is to brush on color on the required area. For this you’ll have to tap on the hand icon button given in the bottom panel. Then proceed to color the desired area.

The second way to color splash is to add color much like the Paletta app using the automatic mode. This you can do using the pallet given in the bottom.

The third method is kinda different. In this method you can add color by selecting a shape. The area inside the shape chosen will be colored. You can also reverse this and make the area outside colored instead of the one inside. The best thing of this app is that it comes with multiple modes, the not so great aspect is that you can’t adjust the brush size.

Partial Color Master Best Color Splash Apps for Android: 

With this app you can extract colors automatically by just tapping on the selected area. Once you’ve removed the colors you can add any color by simply applying it to the image. This app also allows you to adjust the intensity of the colors chosen as well. After the automatic color splash you can add any other desired color manually too.

These are some of the various color splash apps for Android that are available. Some will allow you to manually apply color while others are more automatic. However a common theme seems to be the lack of brush size in almost all of these apps.

Friday 13 October 2017

Top 4 mobile apps for your business

Mobile technology has taken a big leap in recent past and thanks to this, business userscaneasily carry out remote working. We have now seen that several businesses are depending on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets that assist them in handling their business. Depending on a PC for your work is no longer the need because individuals now performtheir entire task from apps on their iPhone, iPad or Android. Mobile apps, in particular, tend to alter the way one plans to complete his work. Once an appropriate mobile app is downloaded, it is inclined to fit your business needs, and one has the advantage of improving productivity of their business. The benefits of apps for one’s business are many. It helps in:
  • Building and cultivating customer reliability - Mobile appsenable businessesto have a direct and quick link with customers developing an association between them. Some businesses offer a reward systemwhichmotivates their customers tokeep coming back in order to get more gratification.
  • Reinforce Brand –Mobile app for a business brings with it a degree of loyalty and keeps reinforcing the brand with their notifications.This is fairly important wherein consumers in need of a product or service will prefer the ones with mobile apps.
  • Increase visibility and accessibility – There is a fair bit of increased visibility which can be achieved by providing promotions and discounts in the app and keep the customer involved. With access to mobile devices, the user can quickly go through the offering and may not require a computer due to the convenience of a smartphone. 

The following could be some useful apps for business:

1. NetSuite One World

NetSuite OneWorld -Netsuite offers an app for both large and small business,which is aaccessible system known as enterprise resource planning – ERP. With the use of a mobile app, one has the advantage of handling expense reports, business dashboards, security records, purchase orders, etc. This could be a one-stop shop in handling your business while you are away from your desktop.

2. Expensify

ExpensifyFree– It is said to be one of the best expense report software for a mobile device. It enables the user to upload receipts through its iOS as well as Androidapps, where both seem to use OCR SmartScan. Expensify known as the best tool reviewed tends to precisely process scanned data that saves the employees as well as administrators of time previously spent in recording as well as the dispensationof expenses.

3. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting - A video conference can be done by anyone from their phone though onlya few services tend to provide the enhanced functionality that ClickMeeting tends to offer. Android, Apple and BlackBerry apps of ClickMeeting enables the user to schedule meetings, stream audio as well as video, record events and share your screen, all of these, from a smartphone.

4. Citrix ShareFile Business

Citrix ShareFile Business - Several of the best file transfer services have not been successful in sending large files from computer to computer. Citrix ShareFile Businessat Citrix tends to provide the facility of sharing from Android, BlackBerry, Windows and iOS mobile devices. Moreover, for the purpose of administration, it also provides outstanding device management functionality, assisting IT in disabling and wiping devices whenever the need arises.

These apps can be a boon for a business consumer as it simplifies the day-to-day activities attached to business. As you must have seen, there are a lot of websites which help you in comparing smartphones and hence saves your time; similarly, these apps help you manage your work, increase productivity and save your precious time as well.

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Google is Killing Its Experimental Hands Free Payment App

Hands Free
From March of last year, Google has been testing a new payment method that enables customers to pay for goods with their smartphones without touching it! This new innovation was aptly named Hands Free.

Google’s pilot app Hands Free was currently in its early stages of testing limited to only a handful of businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is Hands Free?

Hands Free is an app developed by Google that lets you check-out in stores without actually using your wallet or phone. This app was available to download for free on for android systems on Play Store and for iOS on Apple Store.

How does it work? 

Hands Free uses Bluetooth, Wifi and location services to detect whether you are near a participating store. When you have bought the things you want and are ready to check-out, all you need to do is tell the cashier “I’ll pay with Google”. The hands free profile will contain your photo identity and signature using which the cashier will then confirm your identity. The cashier will charge you only when Hands Free detects your Phone is near the store. Thus there is no need for you to take out your phone or even launch the app!

Why is it being Shut Down?

Google’s innovative experiment got its life cut down short by the latest announcement of it being shut down on 8th of February this year by Google itself. Official statement released by Google states that from the first launching of the pilot program, they were able to collect and learn a lot about the possible effects of the app from its adopters. This information along with numerous positive feedbacks would be used to develop a better version of hands Free that would be available to a larger number of people and stores. To focus their efforts on the new Hand’s Free, the current pilot version is being shut down.

With that being said, there is no definite time as to when the improved Hands Free would be out so similar alternatives like “Android pay” which offers easy and quick check-outs can be used. All the user information like pictures and signatures uploaded would be deleted to uphold the privacy of the users. To keep in touch with the development and news related to Hands Free, you can provide your email to get updates.

The verdict

Will Google give a brand new direction to the way people shop? The answer to that can be found when Hands Free is released yet again but this time with the full version. The promising results from the pilot experiment certainly yielded some beneficial results and it can be speculated that if Google decides to fully commit their efforts on delivering on the finished Hands Free app, it will be hugely popular. After all Google did promise to bring best of Hands Free technology to a wider audience base. As of now Hands Free has been shut down.

Friday 17 July 2015

Intel Brings Android Users Remote-Control Mouse, Keyboard App


Ever thought of controlling your desktop keyboard remotely by just moving fingers on your Smartphone or tablet? This might seem futuristic but Intel has launched its new a free remote keyboard and mouse app for Android users for this very purpose. Intel Remote Keyboard is up for grabs in Google Play Store which will allow the users to control remotely the mouse and keyboard in Windows 8.1 OS through their Smartphone or tablet.

Features of This Exciting Remote Keyboard App

Intel is long being trying its hand on the remote control keyboard and trackpad apps but this time it has been successful in creating a perfect app. This unique app offers portrait and landscape modes along with arrow keys. A mock touchpad offers gesture control in a simplistic manner wherein a single tap acts as left mouse click while two clicks act as right click. Just sliding figure up and down the app will perform the scrolling up and down work with seamless ease.

How Does This App Works? 

This app brings Windows and Android quite closer than ever before after Microsoft snubbed its X OS platform for Smartphones. Users are just required to pair up there with their Windows 8.1 Pc or laptop after downloading the free Intel Remote Keyboard App from Google play store on their Smartphone or tablet. Once the app is successfully paired with the laptop then user can have complete control over their laptops keyboard and perform different functions from afar.

Swift Operations and Positive Reviews

The user review for this app has found positivity and generally highly favorable response on the Google Play store. Most of the users have found it as a better alternative for turning their mobile into an awesome trackpad. This app acts as perfect remote keyboard and mouse controller for handling little operations without the need of hitting up the real keyboards. Currently the sensitivity level of the cursor is set at higher potential by default which provides quick navigational alternatives.

This app might not be way ahead of other remote control apps but it offers the simple and complex pleasures of handling the remote tasks for free. Being free it is the best app for remotely controlling a PC in the living room or even getting some praise and awe while using it during the presentation.

Intel Remote Keyboards App Aims at Solving Remote Controlling Issues

This app requires Android version 4.0 or above for perfect running. Furthermore for full functioning and perfect syncing it is necessary that both the Android Smartphone and the computer are connected via same WiFi network.

Intel has another spectacular device called Intel Compute Stick which can turn any TV or monitor into a computer. Intel has made it possible by embedding this stick with a quad-core Intel Atom processor along with two kinds of OS to choose from namely Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu. These Intel NUC devices can help people in turning any monitor or TV into a fully functioning computer without spending huge amount of money.

Saturday 6 June 2015

Google's 'Smart' Food Diary Is Actually Kind Of Dumb

Google – Automated Food Diary to Estimate Calorie Count

Google has been building an automated food dairy which could help to estimate calorie counts from the images taken of our meal according to a report in Popular Science. Named Im2Calories, the project is said to utilise technology from DeepMind, which is an AI start-up Google acquired in 2014. Google has filed a patent for Im2Calories, however there is no mention yet on when the service is likely to be made available.

Meanwhile, several other companies are making similar attempts on the projects like Im2Calories which are being supported by equally questionable science. Im2Calorie is said to measure the size of the food, in absolute terms as well as relative to what is on the plate and could also identify the condiments. According to the report, it does not even matter if the picture tends to be high resolution or not. Presently, the technology is still imprecise in estimating calorie counts.

According to Kevin Murphy, a researcher at Google acknowledges as much to Popular Science stating that `it’s okay fine, maybe we get the calories off by 20%. It does not matter’. The focus for Google is in minimizing those inaccuracies over a period of time, claims Murphy. There does not seem to be any doubt in Google’s ability in collecting and processing data from large section of users though the company would still have to solve a big problem for the function of Im2Calories – calorie counting could be unreliable.

Counting Calories – Look at Kinds of Calories Eaten

A main study published in The New England Journal of Medicine in 2011 observed that the quality of food is a main contributing factor than quantity. Dr Dariush Mozaffarian, lead author of the study informed the New York Times - `Conventional wisdom – to eat everything in moderation eat fewer calories and avoid fatty foods, isn’t the best approach.

Just counting calories won’t matter much unless you look at the kinds of calories you’re eating’. However if calories seems to a good measure for health, food labels, - the basis of Google’s date, has also considered to be inaccurate. In 2010, there has been much uncertainty with regards to calorie counting where David Kirchoff, the CEO then of the Weight Watchers acknowledged that `calorie-counting has become unhelpful’ for those intending to lose weight. Since then the company is said to have abandoned its calorie first approach.

Im2Calories – A Potential Tool

Im2Calories, which is the potential tool, had been announced at the Rework Deep Learning Summit, recently. Murphy had unveiled a project that utilises `sophisticated deep learning algorithms to analyse a still image of food, estimating how many calories could be on the plate. In one instance, the system viewed an image and counted `two eggs, two pancakes and three strips of bacon.

Although the food stuff does not seem to be a universal unit of measurement, the system could scale the size of each piece of foot with regards to the plate together with the condiments. Murphy has no intention of shaming users with this new system but wants to have the `process of keeping a food diary and awareness of foods and this seems to be much easier than feeding information manually to a food app which could include portions of food items, types of food and much more.

It is assumed that the latest tool Im2Calories could be popular especially in the US since obesity tends to be a crisis. However, even if Im2Calories does not seem to be accurate, Murphy is of the opinion that the new system will tend to have an impact on the users.

Sunday 28 December 2014

Surprising Apps That You Might Have Missed- 2014


Each year ends with a list of apps released for televisions, phones and camera in that year in terms of features. However, when it comes to smartphones it becomes very difficult to make a list of the applications, which have topped the chart, and the ones, which we may have missed out. If someone will ask as to what they think about the best apps for 2014, we might end of scratching the head with tons of apps in play-stores for Android and iOS. However, ask anyone about the apps that they will not recommend their friends and family, and then you will have a whole list of apps in front of you.

Surprising apps:

Some of the apps that you might have missed out this year and are worthy of atleast one try are:

1. Vainglory :

It is free and for iOS only. This game achieved something, which was never achieved by anyone in the past, and it was not a surprise that it featured in the iPhone 6 Apple event. It showed people how to play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game in a very simple way. Everybody was able to access the game due to the simple explanation of the rules and the objectives of the games. It explains the part of the game, like for example it will explain the player that minions are used like a barrier to soak up the damage and keep their character safe. The game explains the player how to gain advantage over their enemies.

2. Tastemade :

This is also free and meant for Android and iOS. This is completely foodie app. This app allows the users to use perfect tools to make video reviews of the restaurant in professional way. Although the app was launched in 2013 but due to some makeovers, it was released in 2014. This app is all about self-made reviews.

3. QuickPics Photo Manager :

There are lots of apps available in the app store similar to this one. As it is only available for iOS, it does most of the job that is required for iOS photos. This app allows users to tag people in their photos in the gallery and if you are searching for photos of your app, you need to select the tag. This app at present is not available in iOS 8. It is quite surprising that Apple has not come up with this idea of tagging the picture on the phone and it was started by a third party. If you like to tag photos to remember the person in future, then this app is something you should not be missing.

4. Trial Frontier:

Even though this game is available for desktops and consoles, the iOS version has garnered lot of attention. The players have to cross through endless number of obstacles before reaching the finishing line. It is very amazing for a mobile game. You can have more than 50 hours of game-play and nearly 70 different tracks.

Friday 12 December 2014

Discover and Monitor Your Wi-Fi Network

Fing App
Who doesn’t love a speedy Wi-Fi connectivity and in order to accomplish our task faster we get a Wi-Fi network connected. But do we have any idea about the Wi-Fi network on which we rely? Many times we complain that our Wi-Fi speed is slow or not up to the mark, but do you know that most of the time the problem is from the user end rather than from the ISP or the service provider. You should always be aware of your Wi-Fi network connection, its setup and also should be aware who is using your connection and when.

Fing application 

Fing is that android/iOS application which shows all the devices, manufacturer, IP address and host name that are connected with your wireless network. It is free and fast application which can be used in order to control your network and use it efficiently. Most of the time an individual may configure a weak or default password but with the help of Fing application we can verify the users those are connecting with our network. If we find a doubtful user we can directly deny their access by changing the password and include couple of more strong security mechanisms.

Amazing features of the application

The features of the app that cannot be missed out are stated below.

  • Firstly, helps the user to identify the devices those are connected to their wireless network. 
  • The application is relatively accurate and fast. 
  • Accurately displays the MAC address, IP address and the manufacturer of the device. 
  • It is user friendly. 
  • The application is free from the banner ads and also it is free of cost. 
  • You can easily assess the security levels, detect invaders and solve several kinds of network related issues easily with the help of  app.
  • For further usage the history of all the discovered wireless networks will be securely stored. 
  • If you feel like sharing any kind of stuffs you can do it easily via E-mails, Facebook, Twitter and text message. 
  • The launching of application for particular ports like FTP, SSH and browser is possible. 
  • Within fraction of seconds you can find hundreds of open ports. 
  • For comfort access of the app you can sort by name, MAC, state, last change, IP address and Vendor. 
  • The application merges with the Fingbox to backup and sync the customization, monitor remote network and much more. 
  • The application is available for android, windows, iOS and Linux.
On September 13, 2014 the application was updated and if your handset have an android version of 2.1 and above you can easily install this application in your handset. The application has seen the total downloads from 1,000,000 to 5,000,000.

So what are you waiting for? Get that app installed in your handset and secure your wireless network from unwanted users and maintain the speed of your network. Stay connected stay safe and be in the race of high speed.

Monday 8 December 2014

Smart sports equipment turns phones into coaches

Smart Sports Equipments

What if you have just won the match and walking proudly out of the court and meet the other person, who has just lost the match. You think he will also storm out of the court in anger and grab his water bottle but, instead you find him picking up his phone and checking in the mistakes that he had made during the match.

New discovery

Now we have new range of tools available in market which will allow you to check on the speed of a pitch, the arch of a basketball toss, the quality of a serve and the speed of a pitch, the strength of a putt. These tools are not meant for professional players or even touring golfers. These professional level tools are meant for using as part of the casual sports, starting from a beginner’s level to league level. So what makes this gadget so unique? It is the technology behind these tools which is mainly the amalgamation of increasingly affordable and small sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers. Every smartphone is loaded with these sensors giving boost to the developing fitness tracker industry. These sensors have already the total experience biking and running by coming up with different apps like Strava and other wearable apps like Fitbit. Now, companies are installing these unique sensors in different kinds of existing sports equipments like running shoes, tennis rackets, golf clubs and basketballs.

Similar technology is being used by Babolat, which has been making tennis rackets for nearly 20 years. Year 2013 saw a completely new kind of racket being launched, which was priced at $ 399 called Pure play drive. This was the very first kind of connected racker having a trio of sensors hidden in the hollow handle of the racket which has the ability of tracking down the vibrations and the movements of the user. The sensors have the unique ability to track the exact spot where the ball touched the racket, the spin was given by the players and the force it hit the racket.

All these statistics are sent to smart phone app that will reflect this through easy diagrams. The app has been equipped to track even the length of the game and even the total shots, misses and hits. Similar types of tools are coming up for different range of sports. Another example will be the 94Fifty Basketball even though looks like real ball, it has the ability to measure the intensity of dribble, the arch of each shot, and the speed as well. Adidas has also developed football which has the ability to collect information about every kick. But the main point to remember is that these sensors are meant for practice matches are not for the team games.

Professional athletes have always relied on the phone camera and now even the beginners are starting to depend on the smart phone cameras for a quick slow motion replay. One of the biggest challenges is that these sensors need to turn the raw data into understandable information. Well now people can expect every action of their sports activities to be tracked with the increasing usage of sensors.

Monday 10 November 2014

What is The Reason Behind Flipkart Launching Wearable Support for Their Smartphone App?

 Flipkart  Wearable Support
Pebble was the first company to venture into the wearable devices and they were later on joined by companies like Martian, Garmin, Moto 360 and other different companies among others ventured as well. One of the most expected releases that took place in the month of September 2014 was the launch of the Apple Watch. Although, this was not the first time the developers have seen a smart watch, but it really got the app developer’s spirit pumping. With this release the customers are anticipating more apps to be added to the wearable devices.

Flipkart joins the team:
With every company trying to be the first in the market, Flipkart seems to have captured the attention by launching a smart phone app for the android wearable device. This app will allow the android wearable device users to access their product wish lists from the Flipkart website and apart from this feature the latest app comes with the advantage that the user will be able to get push notifications from the Flipkart on their wearable device.

The user will be able to take the advantage of this feature only after they have activated the push notifications on their wearable gear. Flipkart is currently working on adding further updates to this app wherein the users will be able to track their order details, pricing details as well as the notifications about the new offers.

So what are the features that the users will get in this new app?
i. The user will get a newer, faster app and also a brand new interface
ii. The customers will get 100% protection and they will get a contented shopping experience.
iii. The customers will get options for the mode of payment like Credit card, Debit card, COD, Net banking and EMIs.
iv. The users will be able to choose from a variety of products through voice, bar code and even using text.
v. The user will have the option to view the products in full screen mode, list mode and even grid mode.
vi. Multiple filter options and sort out the products of your choice.
vii. Users will be able to receive personalized notifications about products.
viii. The users will also be sent out suggestions about new products based on their shopping experience.
ix. Users will be able to view the image and get all the details of the products.
Flipkart has got the benefit to be considered as the first company to be into retailing of the products from brands like Martian, Motorola and Garmin and the latest app will be compatible with all the products of these companies.

The things the user needs to have to get access to the new app:
i. The users will be required to connect their devices with the app
ii. The user’s wish list from the website will be automatically loaded on this app
iii. The Flipkart application will have to be updated from the app store

Monday 3 November 2014

Privacy Apps for Online Anonymity

Privacy Apps
With the increasing usage of internet and reliability on the web, privacy is the first concern in anyone’s mind. When they get online they want to ensure that they have complete privacy. With the smart phones coming up with apps offering anonymous messaging service, the latest attraction is the privacy protection technology, which is claiming to provide expression, location-based confession, and anonymous discussion platforms. Apart from the advantages these apps are offering, there are some serious issues like bullying platform as well as a false sense of anonymity security

Whisper, Yik Yak or Secret, anonymising social media apps like this are basically identifying all your personal data through the platform they run on. Almost all the apps available require accessing a considerable amount of your personal details as well as location information.

These data are often used for geo-locating the user for location sensitive data and post, but it also tracks you as the unique user of the apps through unique identifiers associated with your posts and data. These unique identifiers are specific to the device like the IP address, usage pattern and the phone’s IMEI number.

These unique identifiers can be easily used for blocking any abusive user, tracking software errors, sending push notifications and enable other features of the phones. On the flip side, we can clearly see that the so called anonymity is nowhere available. The service company of the user can be asked for handing over the user data if required by government or law enforcement. The fact is that all the above mentioned anonymous apps have this information mentioned in their privacy statements.

Contrary to some other apps which make no such claims, apps like Whisper who have claimed to provide anonymity is simply incorrect. These companies can, however lure a person based on their security statements and may cause damage which can come back to haunt the user. The truth is that these apps can’t provide the anonymity that you are looking for. The true meaning of anonymity lies in complete identity and technical anonymity.

Anonymity should be something which doesn’t allow the user to be tracked through geo-location, their IP address, usage patterns and other forms of phone identification. This can be achieved through robust usage of technologies like Tor properly.

Till this is achieved, what one should receive is the pseudonymity through which the app developers promise data accessibility harder than before. Lack of anonymity can certainly help and increase the use of bullying. These apps are targeted towards young people and school going children who are particularly susceptible to bullying.

App like Yik Yak has been working out on ways to tackle bullying by blocking the users who use abusive or offensive language and posts. They have been constantly removing negatively rated posts, but still there is a considerable amount of bullying problem.

The Society is looking for apps which will ensure that their children and young people are safe from bullying by building safeguards in the social media technology. Anonymity is very difficult and today’s society is shaping up technology, which shapes up the society in turn. Users need to be aware of the potential problems before trusting any app offering complete anonymity.

Sunday 24 August 2014

5 Apps That Will Make Spellbound

Mosquito Repellent
Nowadays, smartphones & tablets have become indispensible tools to an average person. Being “smart”, these gadgets are famous for providing users with innovative apps, which are capable of helping day-to-day life. Apple’s iOs & Google’s Android are the most notable smartphone/tablet operating systems & each of them boasts a plethora of apps capable of performing a wide range of tasks. These apps can be obtained from iStore (in case of Apple devices) or the Google Play Store (applicable for Android compatible devices). Most of these softwares are free & easily available but an internet connection is necessary for installation purposes. Discussed below are 5apps which are special in terms of their innovative approach & usefulness in day to day life: -
  • Translator: - Language translator is an effective tool as an average person can come across multiple languages, which are unknown to him/her during his course of life, especially f he/she is a travelling professional or tourist. Google Translator helps users identify over 80 languages. It is available for freeon both iStore as well as Play Store. It is capable of identifying speech, texts even photos (only on android devices). It is a free to download app, though a running internet connection is needed for usage. 
  • Encryptor: - Calls can now be made secure via ZRTP & AES 128 encryption. The man advantage being, improved privacy. Apple has Signal while Android users can use Redphone to encrypt their call. It is necessary that both callers involved have the necessary software installed on their devices. Service charges are nonexistent.
  • Mosquito Repellent: -Smartphone apps can now be used to drive off mosquitoes as well. A high frequency sound is generated by the device once the concerned software is installed. People can rest easy as human ears are impervious to such high frequency sounds. Iphone users can use Anti-Mosquito Sonic Repeller while android users can go for Mosquito Go Away. Thanks to these apps, hanging outdoors can become a lot more pleasant than usual.
  • Sleep Analyst: - Sleep is one of the most vital body functions necessary for maintaining a healthy life. The app known as Sleep Cycle Alarm is a useful little tool designed to help users attain a proper sleep. Once activated, it records sleep patterns before displaying detailed analysis to users. Once all such information is compiled, it creates alarm schedules in such a way that the user is ensured a proper sleep. It is very effective in maintaining life quality though time durations in attaining desirable results can vary from person to person.
  • Live Scanner: - Real life emergencies require fast & effective retrieval of relevant information to ease such situations. Scanner Radio as well as Emergency Radio are apps, which make live information such as weather updates, air traffic, NOAA notifications, police activity etc easily available to users. Scanner Radio is available for free on both iStore & Play Store.
The above discussed apps are a must have for a modern smartphone user & they can count on these apps to enrich their lives.

Monday 4 August 2014

Google Now Launcher Comes To New Smartphones

Google Now Launcher
Recently the Google Launcher received major update and a small update happened today, and although there is no much new in the application itself, it appears, according to sources, some interesting highlights and few changes in the list of compatible phones.

For now, it seems that changes are still being rolled out, but we can see the devices benefited; they are such as the HTC One M8, One E8, One Mini 2, Desire 816, Huawei Ascend and LG P7 to G3 etc. The Google Now Launcher for Android Smartphones and tablets is now available for devices running on Android 4.1 or higher. So far, the Google Now launcher ran with emphasis on the personal assistant only on Android devices with Android 4.4.

 Few months before, Google launched its launcher as the Google Experience, but it was reserved exclusively for Smartphone Nexus 5 users by that time and other phone users were offended by this and Google retorted that this deployment was that a real test before a wider distribution. The user can also access the Voice Search with keyword "OK Google" anywhere on the home screen.

First, Google had brought the now-Launcher only on the Nexus 5 and later compatibility for Android devices with Kitkat has been extended. The giant had started playing the game by opening the application later, now Google Launcher Now cane be updated for all Nexus phones and Google Play Edition. It is all relatively easy to install tweak 'a bit of other Smartphones and tablets, but now things formalize.

It seems logical that this opening of the launcher starts up, it is already compatible. We already knew by that we could integrate Smartphones with ZTE default launcher. As a reminder, Google Now Launcher is an application integrating the Google Search app to your Smartphone as an accessible page with a gesture and displaying maps and other information to Google Now.

The application allows you to experience the full potential of Google Now, hence the first name that was it. While some consider that this is still a way for Google to have the upper hand in all that we do, others consider it "price to pay" for our Smartphones are increasingly near real personal assistants. The Google Now Launcher competes on the Launcher market with numerous alternatives.

Among the best known alternative user interfaces include the Nova Launcher and Launcher Action, both of which offer significantly more adjustment possibilities. The Google Now Launcher can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Friday 18 July 2014

The Bapp of all Apps

Askme – Provision with a Convenient Platform

Askme provides a platform for viewers which are convenient and easy, besides being time conservative with amazing results. A free Android app, for the convenience of the users to search for places to shop, drink, play, relax, and even to get updates from active community in the surrounding areas, helping in providing inputs for appropriate decision together with various other details of millions of businesses within the city, is made available for the benefit of the users in the form of `Askme’.

This app known as `The Bapp of all Apps’, is an internal networking tool, an `All in 1’, app enabling users to navigate through details of merchants and listings, some of the best deals made available to users, classified ads, purchases that can be done instantly which is made available, free of cost.

This free app is of great benefit to the user when faced with situations in locating a store which can be traced through this app. Askme provides all the required details with regards to the information needed by the user, be it classified, a local search or even the latest deals on various products that are made available to the customers. All these information are readily available without the need of visiting any outlet which is available right in the palm of your hand.

An App with Immense Benefits

This is one of the apps with immense benefit to the user which helps them in searching for businesses in the area of one’s choice, availability of attractive deals that have been offered by some of the most popular businesses, some of the latest classifieds on mobile devices, cars, real estate, jobs and much more through Ul and a good database to choose from, enabling the user to navigate through these links.

Users also get the opportunity of adding reviews, tips and photos for favourite businesses, read reviews that have been posted by other users, enabling them to know more about good businesses in the locality, the privilege to share some of the favourite businesses with friend through SMS, Facebook, Twitter and email. Besides this the individual can also check-up addresses and phone numbers from the various businesses that are listed there and get in touch with them instantly with the use of this app.

To top it all, additional business information like ratings, payment methods together with various other information are available to enable the user to make quick decision on appropriate choices that are available at the platform and get in touch with them through Askme app.

Bridge in Sharing Idea – Company & Individual

Networking presently is main the purpose of every function and activity of life and Askme had been providing the bridge in idea sharing for both individuals as well as the company with the use of the Ul to direct the user to the desired platform.Their focus lies in providing the best Android experience that is possible by delivering regular updated apps together with the latest features and functions enabling individual to perform with ease and efficiency in the various activities.

Everything is now made available on a single platform which will be helpful in getting all the information from a single app. It is a great choice for users to function with speed together with quality performance.

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Top GPS Apps for Android Phones to download

Emerging android technology has brought an immense hike, and also thousands of applications are available for each and every function that is required by the users. In this post, has brought you exciting information about the best applications that are required for GPS system in the android operating system and here it goes;

GPS Status ToolBox:

GPS Status ToolBox is one of the best applications especially for travellers, and this is equipped with the GPS and also with the Sensor data. GPS Status ToolBox helps the visitors by locating their exact location of the person with the help of the sensor data and also with the help of GPS.This will acquire the location of the device very perfectly and also it will calculate the exact location with the help of satellites, speed and acceleration. It allows us to track the location of the one person, and also it allows us to send the location to the family members and also other persons. GPS Status ToolBox apps enable the user to acquire the exact location and also they can easily able to find their direction with the help of compass that is found in your device. This application is more powerful and also helps you to get the exact positions in a click and keeps up to date.

GPS Navigation Maps, the simplest and best GPS navigation system that monitors your activity, while you were roaming from one place to another place. More than 30 million of downloads has crossed in the Google Play Store, and it provides more quality maps for better performance. This application comes with several built in features in it. Sygic: GPS Navigation Maps, has more feature that announces street names in which we are travelling, this application has speed camera feature that helps you to tell the speed in which you were travelling and also provides you the information about the lane in which you were travelling.

GPS Tracking Pro: 
GPS Tracking Pro allows you to keep their eyes on others, for example they can keep an eye on their son or other relatives with the help of GPS Tracking Pro. This allows the users to place the pictures of their relatives, friends and other people over the map.GPS Tracking Pro allows you to exactly locate the position of the mobile which you want to track. By login the website, the users can navigate through the various places in the navigation map.

Find My Friends:
Find My Friends is a simple app that allows others to find your location in the Map and also you can find your friends location in the Navigation Map. Simply you need to open the map in this application and this will locate your friends in the Navigation Map. You can simply visit their place by setting up the location of your friends in the Map.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Android Apps to turn your Smartphone into Mirror

Android is one of the emerging operating system and that minimizes all technologies into palm in the name of Smartphones. Android makes the users to make life easier and much better and android operating system provides a best platform that serves you with millions of applications that are available in the market. In this post, has made a wonderful list of application that makes your phone into an exciting mirror and here it goes; Here are the best applications that will make your phone into an exciting mirror;

Your Mirror HD: 

Your Mirror HD is one of the best and simplest application that uses your from camera in your android smartphone or in your android device. By using Your Mirror HD, you can also try several frames and magazines front cover in the android device. Even you can zoom in and zoom out using your mobile camera, this provides you a fantastic look for your smartphone. This application has wave lock feature that keeps the screen of the device online while using this application.

Mirror Application By mmapps mobile: 

Mirror Application By mmapps mobile is the one of the top downloaded application in the Google Play store, and this application is totally rocking. The developer has designed in such a way that the application looks fantastic with the user interface for the Mirror Application By mmapps mobile. You can easily control and monitor the screen brightness and also it has zoom out and zoom in feature. Mirror Application By mmapps mobile shows better clarity in the image and it also provides a wonderful visibility of the images in the smartphone.You can hide the screen controls of your mobile and turns your mobile as a real mirror.

Mirror by SA Studio:

Mirror by SA Studio is another leading application that is used for changing your android smartphone into a solid mirror. This application has been downloaded more than 2 million times in the Google Play store and it is one of the most used applications in the android market. This Mirror by SA Studio application can be used with or without the front camera. You can even save the mirror image in your smartphone storage and even you can share them over Facebook via Social Share option in the Mirror by SA Studio.

Mirror (Night Light Mode): 

Mirror (Night Light Mode) is one of the mirror applications that are available in the internet or in the Google Play Store. This application is available in more than 50 languages and has brilliant interface that allows you to pause the motion at any time. It has more options that allow you to use night mode or day mode and so on, depending upon your wish you can use them in your Smartphone.

Mirror- Zoom and Exposure: 

This is another excellent application that brings you a better and simple interface that enhances the dull images in a darker area by providing backlight feature. This is very simple, elegant and simpler to use.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Best 5 Android Apps to Make Free Calls

In internet there are some online services for making calls. If you call your buddies at free of cost, you will be very happy. Right? Then this article is right for you all. You can make calls now at free of cost. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to have contact with your loved ones and buddies all over the world without any cost. In this post, has provided the best 5 android application to make free calls in your android application and here it goes;

1. Skype App

In earlier Skype cannot be used by all the platform users. So they developed further more. And now we can use Skype in all platform mobiles. It offers instant messaging service, voice call, video call service, photo sharing service and video messaging service.

2. Google Hangouts App

After the release ofGoogle talk, Google introduced the Google hangouts which optimizes in all mobiles. Hangout allows chatting one to one or group chat, photo sharing, video calls etc. it can be used in iOS devices, Android Devices and windows phones. You can make video calls at a time with your 10 friends. You can also find the peoples who are in hangouts. It is represented in green and grey color. Green represents the people who all are in hangouts. And grey represents the people who all not in hangouts.

3. Yahoo! Messenger App

Yahoo Messenger application is the best application to make a video call. It is a cross platform application. And it works in all platforms. You can do chatting with your windows live and Facebook friends. It offers messaging service to the mobile numbers for both local and international at free of cost.

4. Tango App

Tango application allows you to connect with your buddies & families or you can make new friends. You are allowed to make the video calls and voice calls. You can send text messages and play games. Everything at free of cost. It can be considered as a social networking application. Because it provides the service to communicate and interact with so many friends as many you want. This app became very popular at very short period of time. Once you created the account, next second the app will show the friends using the app. It can be used in various platforms. You are able to do a group chat up to 50 members. You can do chat with animated and fun icons. You can share your photos too.

5. ooVoo Video Call App

OoVoo application introduced multi-stream video calling, which means you can do video call at a time with 12 members. All over the world 75 million users are there. This application has self-capability of adjusting the video call according with your speed. So you can continue your conversation without any intervention. You are able to set your video status messages. And also you can set speed dial for your 5 best friends. This application allows you to see the friend’s profile.

Saturday 12 April 2014

Tips to use BBM App on an Android/iPhone Device

BBM Apps
BBM App on iPhone and Android

BlackBerry had rolled out BBM on iPhone and Android devices in addition to BlackBerry Smartphone and this rollout has made way for new developments on the chat messenger besides making big profits for them. While surfing the web, the user can use the BBM App on a device which is restricted to Android and iPhone device. It is an Android app which helps individuals to get connected with friends and family around the world at no additional cost.

To get started, one has to ensure that the device is supported by BBM. For Android, BBM supports Smartphone running on Android v4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich and with a screen size of 7 inch or less. For iPhone, BBM supports iOS v6 and v7 or later.

BlackBerry ID Essential

Setting up this app is very easy though some requirements need to be fulfilled. To download BBM on Android or iPhone, you could visit the BBM site from the iPhone or Android Smartphone browser which will lead to the official BBM app in the Apple Store or Google Play and is the best way to ensure that one gets the real BBM for iPhone or Android.

In order to use the BBM app, a BBID (Blackberry ID) is essential to create an account enabling the user to login to BBM on Android. The entire contacts list along with other details of BBM will now be linked to the BBID and the user will no longer need to manually backup and restore the contact list whenever the device is switched on.

If the BBID is not available, the user will need to create one after installing BBM on the device or create one online at and after creating the BBID can then sign in to BBM and get started with chatting with their friends and family far and near.

PIN Barcode 

Once the BBM is installed and the user has successfully signed in using the Blackberry ID, a few things need to be known to get the most of BBM. A BBM PIN which is a unique identifier used in BBM automatically gets generated when the user logs in to BBM for the first time. In case of inviting someone to be a BBM contact, the PIN could be given which can help in connecting with people without the need to sharing personal information.

New contact can also be added on BBM with the help of the PIN Barcode instead of having to type out the PIN number. After the friends have scanned the PIN barcode, then they will be added to each other’s contact list without exchanging any personal information with the exception of the unique PIN.

In case of locating the BBM PIN, you could tap the BBM picture or the name followed by `Show Barcode’ along the bottom toolbar. When the user signs in to BBM on Android using a BlackBerry ID, the contacts will be automatically backed up and if logged in using different device with the same BBID, the user will be prompted to restore their contact list.

Saturday 5 April 2014

New Free Caller ID App “Holaa” Launched to Take On TrueCaller

This free caller ID app allow the call receiver to identify the caller’s name, location, present photo, network and it also help to block the spam calls. 

Nimbuzz, a new call telecom group announced the launch of new platform “Holaa” for call management. Latest appHolaa” was created in India by the team of young developers, which allow the users to identify the name, location, his or her photo during an incoming call with the advantage of spam calls blocking. Nimbuzz, a VoIP service provider and mobile messaging company was acquired by UK-based Company and last month ISP New Telecom has launched the Android dialer app named as “Holaa”.

According to officials, Nimbuzz doesn’t have any future plans to release the Holaa on an iOS version because its targeting the emerging market not existing one. Soon Holaa will be launched in other countries such as; South Asia, where Nimbuzz has a strong market and also in the Middle East.

Holaa vs Truecaller: 

After the launch “Holaa” is considering as the competitor of Truecaller,but according to reports there isn’t something new as Truecaller also provides a advantage of spam call blocking, however the last month Truecaller had launched a new dialer app known as Truedialler for Android Phones & Windows Phone, which provides the info about the caller and also allow the user to search the unknown number on Truecaller.

Truedialler app searches both the Truecaller’s database and as well as user’s phonebook to provide the missing information about any specific number. As in India many of the users are getting a lot of unwanted calls, so TrueCaller app is extremely in Indians than western countries.

Features of “Holaa”: 

Holaa is one of the call management app which provides standard features such as; caller ID, in which user get the information about callers photo, location, network, & email ID with the caller name by phonebook synchronization and Facebook & Google accounts.

It also gives the missed call alerts and its activity tracker, which keep the tabs on duration the calls so that you can track the call duration. Holaa also provides the feature named as Smart Search, which allow the user to search for a any particular contact based on location, photo, name or email ID of the person.

The other interesting feature is call Merge, it provides the new information about a contact and allow the user to add the caller in phonebook instantly. For spam blocking Holaa app collects the information about spam-marked numbers on a a central server for proper function and if spam-marked number from any users calls, so app automatically identifies the number and blocks the same.

But for spam blocking users should have the active data connection or Wi-Fi network to look up spam-marked numbers from the database of central server. In present Holaa is calming that they have the data base of more than 300 million phone numbers, which can identify the unknown callers. Currently this app is available in English, Arabic, Persian, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Thursday 27 March 2014

World's First Android Thermal Imaging Camera Therm-App

You may be able to make your life little more spicy with your Android Smartphone in darkness. It is a dream come true for some within their budget, and as expected for other functionality. A thermal camera has just been presented by OpgalOptronic.

It offers the ability to shoot in the dark with your Android Smartphone. This infrared camera with a sensor is a revolutionary accessory for Android device. Some interchangeable lenses placed on a small platform and a system available to fix your Smartphone and the other accessories. You’re ready for taking pictures or filming in the dark with Android once they are fixed together.

 Because of technology growth and development man is able to monitor himself and the environment around him with a simple Android Smartphone. Connecting the Smartphone and the camera is via the micro USB port. The sensor range is almost 7 meters with a photographic resolution of 384 x 288.

This little wonder will find its application in various fields such as first aid, observing animals in nature or simply monitoring. Although the patent for the Therm -App comes just been filed and that the release date and price are still unknown, the main customer will remains professional since it can be used for their professional assignments with ease. Note however that the application and hardware in general does not work with Android versions prior to version 4.1.