Tuesday 11 February 2020

Best Free Learning apps for Kids in 2020

Best Free Learning apps for Kids in 2020
Learning need not be a stressful activity to undertake. Plus learning need not always have to be in a class room setting. Learning can be made by other unconventional means like apps. Apps these days have content made to suit each individual learner. They take a child through their courses in a very interactive manner. The other benefit of using apps to teach your kids is that some of them are free too. So why not take advantage of the world of apps to imbibe in your child a love for learning. In this post we’ll take you through some of the best free learning apps for kids.

Best Free Learning apps for Kids to take a look at!

Best Free Learning Apps for kids Pepi Play: 

Learning does not always have to be courses they normally teach in school. There are a lot of skills that are not taught in school but are equally important. Certain of those skills come from playing games too. Yes that’s right, you read correctly- Games.

Pepi play helps develop your child’s skills in focus and helps in developing their imagination too. The app takes your kid through a world of fun characters, different worlds and objects. The app opens up your child’s imagination and helps them to be more creative.

This best free learning apps for kids is for free right now on the app store.

Pico Christmas Tree AR Continue the Christmas Cheer throughout the Year: 

Kids love anything creative and artsy. This is good too as they are able to develop their imagination and many more skills. This app hones in on this love and gives your child the chance to decorate Christmas trees the way they like.

The AR tech in this app also allows your child to place their carefully decorated tree in whichever room they please and wherever they please. More importantly they can continue decorating trees throughout the year too. Whether your child uses this app throughout the year or not, it’s surely a blockbuster during the season.

This best free learning apps for kids is available for free on the iPad and iPhone.

PBS Kids Games- Games with learning: 

This app combines games with education. PBS Kids Games is an app that is a collection of games based on popular kids characters. The games usually have some sort of learning activity through the use of shapes, colors, letters and more. This keeps your child entertained while they learn at the same time. Who says learning needn’t be fun?

The app is available for free on the iPad, iPhone as well as Android devices.

Deal kids to Teach English to your Child: 

This is a starter app into the English world. The app teaches your child the alphabet and how to place them in words. The app is an excellent way to begin a child’s foray into the English world. Plus it’s free. The app is meant for kids aged 3 to 7 years.

Get your child’s Fractions down with Slice Fraction: 

This is one of the best free learning apps for kids that teaches your kids fractions. Kids normally struggle with the concept of fractions. But with this app in your learning tool box, that won’t be a problem anymore. The app takes your child through a game where they have to slice ice into various fractions in order to clear the way for the main character to pass through.

Kids may not be able to use this knowledge in tests or in school in any tangible way but they will definitely get the concept cemented in their heads. Thus, making learning fractions easier.

3D Brain as one of the best free learning apps for kids that teaches Science: 

  • This app gives your child a course on the human brain. 
  • It also has a 3D feature showing you the brain from all angles. 
  • The app also takes your child through the various parts of the brain. 
  • This app is not only great for children but can also be used by adults who are interested in the brain and its functioning.

The app contains 29 interactive structures that can be rotated to get various glimpses of the parts of the brain. Each part of the brain shows the functioning of the brain, the various associated disorders, case studies and links where you can research the brain part further.

The user interface is easy to use too. There is a hamburger menu on the top that allows you to maneuver through the app with ease. This best free learning apps for kids is for free and is available for use on both Android as well as iOS devices.

ABCya Games as one of the best free learning apps for kids to use: 

  • This app is organized by grade and subject area. 
  • The app has a number of games that your child can choose from. 
  • The app also has content in the form of videos, worksheets, games and an interactive studio to get your child’s brain cells moving.

The content is engaging and the level of difficulty of the games too is just enough to keep your child interested. The free version of the app gives you a lot of content which is not something you see every day. The app is available on both Android phones as well as iOS devices.

Boost your Child’s Math with Basic Math Skill Addition: 

This app takes your child through a number of stages. When they are aged 4-5 they are taught the fundamentals of math such as counting numbers and the very basics of addition and subtraction. Later on as they grow the app takes them thorough a more serious workout with addition and subtraction at the center.

Still older, at ages 8-9 your child is taught mental math as well as addition and subtraction. They are introduced to multiplication and times tables. The higher they go the more intense is the training but all meant for their particular grade. This app is available on both Android and iOS devices.
These are some of the best free learning apps for kids that you can give a go!

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