Tuesday 28 February 2017

Self Flying Taxi to Transport Passengers in Dubai

Self Flying Taxi
A city that moves faster than a bullet train, requires top-notch transportation services in order to keep pace with the existing trend of the world. In such advanced city traffic related issues are always a matter of concern. We know that Dubai is a highly developed country that has so much in store for you that you cannot imagine.

Dubai has come up with an extraordinary innovation that will make life much easier for all the dwellers there. The head of the department of transport in Dubai has reported that very soon the skies of Dubai will be filled with self-flying taxis that will help people to overcome their transportation issues.

This seems much like a ferry land story where there used to be flying gadgets that made the entire thing very interesting. Dubai have decided to name it Ehang 184, that will be strictly applicable for the airborne services. The flying machine would be designed in such a manner that it won’t require a human to direct it. The technology fed in it is such that it will run on its own. It is suited to carry one passenger at a time along with their luggage. It can fly for 23 minutes.

Dubai is not the first city that has taken such an initiative. In 2006 Summer, Las Vegas had already announced that they will avail this facility to their people. The Ehang 184 that Dubai has unveiled is powered by electricity and has the capability to travel for 31 miles along with a single person and their baggage that should not be more than 100 kg. It can easily cover a distance of 63 miles in just an hour and two hours is required to get it completely charged. This is a magical vehicle that is a complete transportation device without any curbs.

This is an app based service and anyone who wants to avail this facility for themselves are required to download the app first and then enter their destination. This revolutionary transporting device then will automatically demarcate the route and will enable sound and safe travelling to their passengers and reaches them at the required destination. It can fly at a stretch, but is generally required to stop at the required destination that depicts that though it is capable of unbreakable journey, but still it has to hop from one landing spot to another.

The propellers used in it are folded inwards at the time of landing and when it entirely lands it can easily fit in the space that is needed by a single car. It is also inflicted with a fail safe system. The company says that this function is fed in it to ensure that no emergency situation arises when the flying taxing is actually flying high. Due to this function the vehicle lands immediately at the closest place if anything malfunctions during the flight. It is also designed to be secured with encrypted channels for easy communication. This is a big innovation that can redefine a city completely.

Stop Charging Your Phone in Public Ports

Credit:Selena Larson, CNN
As the time period of smartphones increases, its battery begins to retard. First 1 year is very enjoyable; when you are just required to charge your phone only once a day and get all the privileges all throughout of the day. In the beginning the battery even stays for two consecutive days if you do not use your phone very frequently, but as time passes you get to experience a huge lot of problems related to your phone, especially your battery.

It generally happens that when you forget to charge your phone completely, that very day you end up with an emergency when your battery runs out and you are forced to take the help of some unknown source to charge your phone, but this alternative can turn out to be very risky. Recent discoveries have been made where a different kind of scamming was discovered. The public plug-ins that are available on roads, railway stations or hospitals can turn out to be your major enemy in lieu of the benefit of charging.

The hackers are inflicting this public USB ports with some hacking device, which as soon as you connect your mobile with these ports in order to get the battery charged immediately all your information gets copied on the other side. In this world of digitalization, cashless society, paytm, mobicash all your data are mainly saved on your phone because with the help of your smartphones you avail these benefits and the data remain on your phone.
You know that this datas includes all your personal details related to your bank account details and if any scammer gets hold of it you will feel to get penalized without any mistake of yours. Just your casualty will force you to face several consequences.

This whole process involves many technicalities where as you plug in your phone into an unreliable source, your device gets infected, just like your phone gets inflicted by virus when you unknowingly visit unauthorized sites. In this case also the problem is the same by connecting your phone into a public outlet your data gets compromised.

Drew Paik who belongs to a security firm known as authentic8. This Authentic8 develops Silo, which is a high defined security browser that safeguards all the activities related to web.

Remember, the cord that you use to charge your phone is also used to share data from one phone to another. So, you can well imagine that when you plug in the cord to an infected socket what can the consequences be. If the port is truly hacked by the hackers then you cannot even imagine that to what extent they can draw your data.

The easiest way to charge your phone will turn out to be the biggest mistake of your life. So, never connect your phones to this public ports this can lead to serious consequences; you might have to face such problems that you didn’t expect to come across ever in your life.

Saturday 25 February 2017

Nanorod LEDs Could Make Multifunctional Displays

Nanorod LEDs
The problem of charging phones or any battery induced devices is a major concern amongst many. Before planning to move to a distant place, the thing that bothers us the most, is whether we will get suitable setting to charge our devices, but this major issue will no longer persist with the introduction of dual-function Nanorods LEDs that can both propagate and figure out light. Mobile phones and many more devices can now be controlled and charged without having to touch or operate anything. You are just required to use the ambient light propagator.

These LEDs are made up of small Nanorods arranged in a sleek pellicola, the LEDs are capable of novice interviewing functions and several useful operators. Researchers of the Illinois University situated at Urban-Campaign and Dow Electronic Elements in Marlborough, Massachusetts, has reported this evolution.

Moonsub Shim, who works as a professor of materials science and engineering at the U. of I. said that these LEDs are the first step towards the very starting of displays that is capable of performing something entirely different, it can also display information that tend to be very effective. This can lead to the very establishment of new and trendy designs for quite a number of electronic gadgets.

The small Nanorods measures not more than 5 nanometres. They are made up of three different varieties of semiconducting materials. One is responsible for emitting and grasping penetrable light. The rest two semiconductors are responsible for controlling flow of charge through the very beginning of materials. The ratio is such that permits the Nanorods LEDs to propagate, grasp and provide answer to light.

The LEDs are capable of performing both the functions that leads to easily sliding of to and fro starting from projecting to figuring. They slide so quickly, that it is almost impossible for the mortal eyes to detect. The display tends to continue vigorously and it is even quicker than the standard rates of display. Other than emitting, sensing light signals it is also designed to answer all the signals of light in several different ways.

The display is capable of responding automatically to adjust brightness with respect to soothing light situations. You can also imagine yourself to be outside along with your tablet. The tablet will automatically detect the light signals and will adjust to it for every single pixel. When a shadow will fall on the screen then it will appear to be fading and when it will be under the sun, the light will appear brighter. This facility enables you to maintain contrast.

The researchers have developed a technique where the pixels will directly adjust it brightness as per the contrast needed. This is not the end the technology will be such that the pixels will automatically detect your finger and will culminate into a balanced display. This is a revolutionary innovation in the field of technology where dual-function Nanorods LEDs will show multiple spectrums of displays on which you can rely on.

Friday 24 February 2017

Getting Started With Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication
A number of studies and reports have suggested that the passwords commonly used by the wider internet user are extremely terrible. For a number of years the most commonly used password happened to be the 123456 and it has been seen people tend to use same password for multiple accounts which isn’t a good sign. Over the years a number of companies has been attacked & hacked which resulted in leakage of user’s data. This data is later on sold online for millions of dollars wherein the username, passwords, financial details as well as other personal information is made available to the bidder or buyer.

In order to do away with the shortcoming of normal passwords a number of websites are making use of the two-factor authentication process. Two factor authentication means that the users will be required to prove two forms of identification in order to prove their ownership for the said account.

What is Two factor authentication?

It should be noted that in the two-factor authentication brings an added level of security to the accounts. In the first factor there happens to be a password while second factor add a new level of security for unlocking the account. The second factor requires user to take the ownership of the account through an email, list of TAN codes or PAN or a direct text message to phone.

Most of the websites which has brought two-factor authentication rely on the direct text message or call to the device in second factor to authenticate user login. Facebook is an example of a website making use of the two form authentication wherein once the this system is activated by the users then it isn’t possible to get online or have a look at the News Feed without going through the due process. Quite ironically Facebook has also launched the support for a unique physical key with a button which will be used to prove that the user is a real person.

And advanced layer of security

This method has been described as a highly secure way of protecting the personal data as well as information. In case a hacker gets hold of the user’s password then he wouldn’t be able to get access to the account without entering the passcode which are sent either to the phone or email. This system does away with the secret question which happened to be too easy to guess or research in the past.

Websites which are making use of Two-factor authentication

Google has first started introducing the two factor authentication wherein users are required to enter their regular passwords followed by a text message or phone call to enter the verification code. WhatsApp has brought the same security feature on its platform wherein users are required to create a six digit passcode which will be used to install WhatsApp under the same account name on a different device. SnapChat has also brought the two factor ‘Login Verification’ wherein users have to enter sent via text messages to their phone in order to log-in to their account.

Long Lasting Flow Battery Could Run For More Than a Decade

Flow Battery
Everyone on this planet is acquainted with a gadget that runs on battery. The most frequent use of gadgets that require battery backups are smartphones, laptops and many more. The one who are using them are well acquainted with the trouble of charging it because as we start to use the gadget more frequently, the capacity of the battery begins to retard. But, now you can be saved from the hassle of frequent charging as the researchers present at Harvard after a long research have developed a battery that will run for more than a decade relieving you from the trouble of frequent charging. The problem of longevity is a very big problem of the devices that run on battery. As in due course of time they simply wear out.

The man who is behind the idea of such an invention, Michael Aziz, professor of Materials and Energy Technologies at Harvard have said that Lithium batteries do not even stay up to the time period that they promise to stay for. They do not even live up to 1000 complete charge or discharge cycle. Whereas, the battery which is just developed that promises utmost longevity loses only a single percent of its durability after being charged thousand times.

The whole crux behind this innovative battery is the presence of a flow battery concept which is powered by two components that have a chemical base that too soaked and dissolved in a liquid that are made to be pumped via the battery system. These flow batteries accumulate the energy in the external tanks, the more big is this tank the more energy will be derived from it.

Since, the electrolytes are made to be dissolved in the neutral water, this is the most durable battery evolved till date that you can even keep in your basement. This was confirmed by Roy Gordon who was studying the whole process side by side. It is further said that if its gets spilled on the floor, it would not damage the concrete and since the medium is noncorrosive, you are free even to use cheaper materials to add up to the components of the batteries like tanks or pumps.

Compound ferrocene is the key element used in the battery which is known for its electrochemical properties and also has the touch of gasoline. A post doctorate student Eugene Beh have confirmed that ferrocene is the ultimate material that works remarkably to store charge, which makes it the most reliable battery of all times.

Thursday 23 February 2017

Canon Announces Three New Cameras And None Of Them Shoot 4K Video

Canon has never failed to surprise its loyal customers, and has recently launched three new cameras. It will be up for sale in April, mirrorless camera M6, prosumer focused 77D, and entry level rebel T7i. While, all the three new cameras are capable, they are missing an important feature that videographers have been eagerly waiting for, the ability to shoot 4K. Though, not everyone needs a 4K camera, its use have become increasingly popular in the video world. 4K video cameras help budding videographers to capture professional grade videos and this missing feature has definitely failed to impress a few Canon fans.

Sorry! No 4K resolution 

4K resolution helps videographers to future proof the video projects, and this is quite helpful as most of the mobiles or even monitors have near 4K resolution screens. It is more of a creative tool, as videos with 1080p as it can be later used to pan, zoom, or use different crops in post production. If you are a budding or professional videographer and want a Canon gadget to fulfil your need of A grade videos you should consider buying their cinema cameras. Other options include EOS IDX Mark II, EOS ID C, and EOS 5D Mark IV.

Additional features available 

Well, in the first place it was Canon that let charge into DSLR videography, and thus the absence of 4K in these new cameras by Canon is quite conspicuous. 5D Mark II which was launched by Canon back in 2008 was not the first DSLR to be launched but it’s HD video made it much more popular than the cameras offered by Nikon, and it certainly sparked a resolution. Now, if 4K is not your first priority then this launch by Canon has a lot to offer. Canon’s mirrorless cameras and DSLR’s were kept focused on stills, but these new models especially T7i and M6 have extended those capabilities. All the three new cameras feature NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and most certainly make the process of shooting still and moving pictures easier.
T7i is all set to impress shooters

Canon’s T7i has proven to be a big leap for the company when compared to T6s and T6i. T7i is the company’s first rebel camera to feature dual pixel auto focusing system and DIGIC 7, latest image processor. This latest and improved system offers the camera an ability to zoom and focus within 0.03 seconds. According to latest reports this function is accomplished by the new 45 cross type auto focus point. Not only this, the camera also features a massive 3 inch LCD display. The screen will also be the home to the most interesting feature of this launch, the enhanced graphical menu system.

This menu system will prove to be a boon for new photographers, as it educates about the basics of photography. A camera which teaches photography? Isn’t that rare? Yes, it is, and seasoned photographers can very easily turn off the menu system. The menu will also showcase various points on photographic fundamentals like blurring the background, using aperture priority mode and so on.

What Does This Purple Bird Mean?

If you are an avid social media user then you must have seen a purple bird popping up the timeline out of nowhere in last couple of days. A trend has been in the Asian region of Facebook users wherein they are finding a purple bird in their News Feed every now and then which has left a number of users puzzled about its existence. This is a sticker for Facebook named Trash Dove which happens to be a cartoon baby of the American artist named Syd Weiler.

Inspiration behind the Purple Bird

Syd Weiller is based in Florida where he created the Purple Bird design in the September of 2016 and later on went to create a set of Facebook sticker in the month of January 2017. Trash Dove as called by the creator as made available to the public in later weeks to be used as emojis. The most popular version of its emoji is the one wherein bird happens to vigorously thrash its head up and down.

It has been available for quite some time for the Facebook users to utilize as emojis in their online conversations but it came into prominence in the Asian region with the help of a popular Thai Facebook Page. This particular Page started a dance off with a cartoon cat in the earlier weeks of February. And just within a week of this gimmick this helped in racking over 4 million of views and generated a loyal base of fan base.

Getting popular with each passing day

The popular of the Trash Dove was covered by some of the news channels in Thailand which further boosted the overall reach and might of this emoji. This move even compelled Weiler to post a Facebook ‘Thank You’ video on her Facebook page wherein she thanked Thailand for their incredible support love for her creation. It would be absurd to consider that everyone is a fan of the Trash Dove as petition has already been filed for its ban as a number of people have complained on being fed up with the purple bobbing head popping in their News Feed.

The reason attributed to its popularity in the Asian region is its unique blend of style, graphic and not so alarming bird tricks. Some find it extremely pleasing and exciting while some complains of it being annoying and distasteful. In order to reveal the inspiration or reason behind creating the Trash Dove, Weiler stated that she simply created it as dumb iOS stickers which can be used to spam friend and family in a non-offensive manner.

Trash Dove is the first case of breakout popular sensations on the internet as in the past year we have seen a number of memes likes Salt Bae and cash me outside gain huge traction within a short time. But these breakout sensations have been short lived as well as people got tired of it quickly.

Wednesday 22 February 2017

5 Reasons Why Moto G5 is Worth the Wait

Moto g
Since the time Motorola has fallen in the hand of Chinese smartphone giant Lenovo Motorola is opting for competitive pricing, more incredible specs but at the same time keeping up with its core design and tradition. Despite of being thrown into among some of the more popular and high performing brands like Sony, HTC and Samsung but Motorola has come unscathed as one of the most trusted brand in the world.

Motorola G4 was a mid-ranger which kick right punches last year and remained competitive in the onslaught of multiple offering from varied brand at the same price points. Motorola has set high hopes with its next generation of the Moto G5 which will help in gaining commendable traction in the next few months before market starts saturating with similar offerings. Motorola will be launching this smartphone at the MWC in Barcelona on 26th February. Here are five key points which showcases that waiting for G5 will be the eight choice for the interested buyers.

Moto G5 high performing hardware

Moto G5 will feature Snapdragon 625 processor clocked at 2.0 GHz and this will help Moto in giving direct competition to the Xiaomi’s popular Redmi Note 4. Moto G5 will come with 2GB RAM but no confirmation has been made about 3GB and 4GB variant so far.

Moto G5 bright and lively display for consumers

Motorola has opted for Samsung successful and vibrant AMOLED panels for this particular smartphone. The last Moto G4 Plus came with the usual IPS panel but we are likely to get AMOLED screen for Moto G5 Plus. Quite incidentally a number of OEMs are opting for Samsung OLED screens instead of usual LCD or IPS panels due to ability to bring a captivating smartphone display experience for the end users. Lenovo went with Super AMOLED display for its mid end P2 smartphone so it is being speculated that Motorola will also opt for the same in G5 Plus. It might also happen that Motorola simply goes with the IPS panel in order to remain competitive by keeping the price down.

Metal unibody design is here to stay in Moto G5

Motorola is opting for all metal finish for the G5 line up. This is a great boost for the its flagship smartphone which till last year shipped with the plastic design but new metal deign brings a premium feel and elegance to the smartphone.

Turbo charge will be there in Moto G5

On battery side Motorola will be bringing a 2800 mAh and 3000 mAh on Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus respectively. Both of these smartphone will come with Turbo Charging support which happens to be Lenovo’s home grown fast charging technology allowing users to charge their device within a short time. The best thing about Mto G5 range is that Lenovo is willing to ship these devices with a bundled Turbo charger.
Camera upgrade is worth talking about

Moto G5 will come with a 12/13 MP rapid focus camera at the rear with Sony IMX362 sensor and complimented with f/1.2 aperture and PDAF while a 5 MP camera will be set for selfies.

Twitter Rolls Out New Anti Abuse Tools

Digitalization has both the pros and the cons, it is up to the general mass how they utilize this available technology. We are all aware of the fact that social networking sites are very beneficial in order to stay in touch with those who stay far from us in terms of physical existence but the psychological ties are very strong. But, we need to consider this point that besides this added advantage it also carries a lot of disadvantages that leads to several cyber crimes that has become so frequent these days and people are addressing these social networking sites as abusive instead of considering them as a boon.

Almost every social networking site are experiencing these abuses and in lieu to this Twitter has recently announced certain changes that will protect its users against any piracy. There account and personal details will now be secured against all hacking software. In this way though absolute security is not ensured but the abuses can be curbed to a larger extent.

Twitter has mainly announced three major changes, that will be applicable within few weeks. It is also taking measures to permanently stop granting new accounts to those who have been suspended for any suspicious deed. CEO of Twitter have said that the approach they are opting for is absolutely new and will permit more open spaces to its users.

If any abusive reply on any tweet is discovered then the account from which the comment has come will be discarded. This does not mean that tweets will be removed entirely but the user can control the setting and can take charge of the fact that which tweet will be projected on their accounts. In this the account holder will be responsible for all the activities that are being projected on and from their account.

The users will now be able to block or erase certain words or phrase that they do not find appropriate and hence would not be able to see any notification about any unethical tweet or conversation. In this way anyone who finds any comment uncomfortable can immediately take action against it. You can also use block buttons to completely restrict all sorts of connection with the person you find abusive.

Twitter will also have to look into the issue of lacking interest among the buyers as this would lead to lesser profit and in the long run night cripple the entire working system of this social networking site. News have been reported that Google, Apple as well as Disney were interested but now all the application from twitter is falling on deaf ears as it seems that they are no longer interested in having any exchanges with twitter and to put it correctly the abuses that twitter is facing in terms of its security policy is turning away everyone to get in to any sort of venture with twitter as that might stain their reputation in the industry.

Saturday 18 February 2017

Here's Why Universal Windows Platform Matters

You can now view on Microsoft’s Channel 9 a four hour webcast that to on demand that has been launched on the 8th of February. This was developed with an intention to bring to the foreground all the developer-focused feature by the Creator’s Update, which also includes other Microsoft platforms, like Cortana and its Microsoft Bot Framework. For the developers the UWP is the most convenient way to reach up to all the 400 million users who have access to Windows 10.

Sources have said that this feature was far developed in September and has not been updated since then. Kevin Gallo, who is the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Developer Platform have confirmed that for all the PC’s UWP will be the best platform where all the users will be able to stay connected directly with the developers and will be well informed about their system.

Recent researches have confirmed that UWP applications which are available from the common store Windows 10, are any time more trustworthy than the applications found on other stores. Gallo further said that UWP applications can be both installed and uninstalled without any difficulty or confusing steps that you need to follow. You can easily install or install the application via the updates that are provided with the help of different packages.

Microsoft is also about to establish a Windows Platform Roadmap on the Developer site of Microsoft which will be especially designed to make the task of the developers much easier by rendering them support to keep track of and request Windows feature to function properly by providing benefits like development and consideration clubbed with submission and tracking bugs.

Microsoft assured its developers that they will be able to consolidate all documentation for the products of all the companies on docs.microsoft.com. The company will give active support to allow the users and developers to avail the facility of edit that will ultimately contribute to the documentation. The Software Development Kit for the users of Windows 10 Creators Update, which was a previous version of officially complete feature. Officials have confirmed that Microsoft’s Cortana Skill development kit, about which the company had talked about in December will soon be out as a preview version on February 27. To get reviews from the public.

Officials are working on the Desktop Bridge, so that developers will be enabled to easily bring their apps of Windows 7 to UWP by increasing the available programming interface surface of the application. Further the writing applications for the Windows Holographic Platform will be able to see that their apps and games are working both on the HoloLens and on the upcoming generation of headsets with mixed reality that will support the platform.

This kind of development will be of great value both to the users and to the developers. This is a very effective step that will help the developers to stay in touch with all its users and will also be able to update them in terms of all the recent developments.

Intel may be prepping new Core i5, i7 processors to attack AMD Ryzen

AMD will launch its new Ryzen in early March, and Intel is continuously making changes in order to give a good competition to AMD. Intel seems to be taking an intelligent move otherwise the chip that AMD is about to launch will turn out to be a potent threat to Intel. In 2003, Chipzilla was made to develop the Pentium 4 Extreme Edition so that they can survive in terms of the threat from Athlon 64, which is still known for wounding up so many winning games and several number of benchmarks for the consumers. Intel is concerned that they do not have to repeat the same situation, or they have to face the consequences if AMD would point change in prices that to in such a way that it might out run existing product stack of Intel.

Intel has also added Hyper-Threading to the family of Pentium, to avoid any risk of losing the market. We know that it is not common for a company to ramp up a faster version of core that to within a time period of just two months. This is generally heard to be done when a competitor launches their version of faster chip. But, since AMD is almost at the verge of presenting a vital architectural revision, so it is understandable on the part of Intel that why it is bent on propagating new launches of its own.

This can be viewed in a different way as it is all about manipulating all the competitors of the market by arranging them in a line so that they rage a war even if they do not have a great business plan in their mind. For more than a decade, Intel maintains a stable desktop plan. Pentium chips are known to be standing on modern Core architectures, but they move with a very low speed that too without Hyper-Threading. Whereas, Core i3 chips maintain a much faster speeds, along with Turbo frequencies, and Hyper Threading. Core i5 gives the same speed as Core i3 but are equipped with four cores that too without HT, whereas Core i7 are the highest ranks Cores of Intel that includes a HT back.

Intel have already lost the ground by switching on to Hyper-Threading in terms of its newly developed processors, but it would not be same as the difference that lies at the high speed. The difference between chips of Core i5 and Core i7 stands banal if Core i5 includes HT with it. Research have revealed that it does not really matter that how many Cores Intel go on increasing it will cost them the same price. and even if Intel is planning to make any changes, it is obvious that they do it on their own timeline instead of AMD’s.

Before reaching to any conclusion we need to keep in mind that this is not the time of Good Oi Days, when the frequency of CPU will flow almost like any liquid. Thus, necessary changes should be made in keeping this point in mind.

Make Home Network Security your Priority

Summary: Home network security is not an add-on to your home technology. In fact, it needs to be a priority for setting up your smart home.


Your home network needs to be under protection for you and your family to browse the internet and use all devices freely. Home network security is just like going incognito with your browser, where you browse without any worry of being spied upon and your identity remains anonymous.In a similar fashion, a network security product like an antivirus software helps you with the freedom of enjoying your smart home to the fullest.
Courtesy: techworm.net

When every device in your home is operating with the help of internet, not only does it make your life much easier but also makes all of your devices vulnerable to external attacks. All of your devices are linked together and this can lead to a cumulative attack, on not just one but all of your devices together, by a malicious individual who wants access to your private data.

This can entirely damage all of your devices, leaving you with more expenditures to fix the hack. As we all know, prevention is better than a cure and network security systems like Bitdefender BOX provide you with all the protection you need to stay away from a damaging situation like that.With the right tools of protection, there will never be the fear of such an attack.


Firstly, you need to ensure that your antivirus is updated to the latest version and none of your devices are running on an old operating system, as the older versions have lesser security measures. If you don’t have antivirus in place yet, you need to get one right away.

Bitdefender will protect all of your devices with just one account. This makes it easily manageable while securing all your devices against malicious malware and harmful viruses. Remember, that it is not only your smartphones and laptops that need safeguarding but also all your gaming consoles and smart TVs.Any device that is web-enabled needs security and shouldn’t be left out. The newest piece of technology, Bitdefender BOXdoes just that; secures all your devices at once.

You also need to bear in mind that external devices like hard disks and USBs can also be infected and they should be scanned by your security software as well. Another step that you can take towards pumping up your home securityis to back up all your valuable stuff and information so that you don’t lose anything. This is an additional measure you can take to keep all your information secure.

Whether it is taking care of visiting and transacting only through ‘https://’ sites, changing passwords often or keeping your antivirus software updated, you can do a lot from your end to contribute to the security of your smart home. Network security can’t be overlooked or ignored and needs to be number one on your ‘to-do’ list when you are setting up your smart home. Forgetting to do these things can have a fatal outcome!

Friday 17 February 2017

Facebook Creates 'Community Help' Feature for Disaster Assistance

REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer
Providing amenities to the people at the time of need is the noblest job that one can think of. We know that Social networking sites is the ideal platform that ensures easiest and quickest connectivity to people sitting at the farthest corner of the world. and to add to the perks of these sites one of the onymous and biggest social networking site, Facebook has unveiled a very beneficial feature that will be available to its users in just a few days where all the users will be granted quickest mode of help at the time of crisis.

Facebook has decided to provide a feature that will ensure immediate help to the needy and this will be most effective at the time of natural disasters. They have coined the term as “Community Help” where anyone can find help anywhere and anytime.
Whether you are effected by a sudden accident or need immediate medical aid, you will get them with the help of friends and relatives staying near to you. This is a very effective measure taken by Facebook that is sure to benefit a mass number of people who unfortunately lose their life due to lack of spontaneous response or help.

This feature will help people feel secured no matter wherever they are as they know that someone will always be available to render them immediate help and support.

Facebook have also designed an advertising program to promote this feature which in a way adds to the promotion of the company, as people who did not had accounts on facebook will try and create one just to make them feel safe and secured. There are a lot of adversities which our fellow beings face almost frequently but some disasters are such that they cannot be handled just with the help of hand full of people and to overcome them you need an entire community beside you.

Calamities like forest fire, earthquake are really serious problems which require immediate attention. Hence, people needs to be informed at a huge level to sort out this issues. We know that loss that happens during an earthquake is unaccountable and the major requirements of the victims is food and shelter and to make them available to the sufferers the problem needs to be accessed in a organized way to get optimum results. Hence, Facebook will be that mediator who will plan this organized way of helping the victims.

To make this feature durable and worthwhile, Facebook have consulted the Emergency Relief Organizations like the Red Cross. The company has declared that this feature will be available only at the time of natural disasters and not for issues leading to socio-political agendas.

This privilege will be available to only those residing in US, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. The company has assured that they will release this feature worldwide after testing it in these above mentioned countries. This feature also comes up with safety guideline that the users should not respond to any strangers in the name of granting help and if so it should be done in a public place.

Thursday 16 February 2017

Samsung to Launch Foldable Smartphone at MWC 2017

Galaxy X
Samsung is making news each passing day for its upcoming Galaxy S8 as well as for its Bixby assistant. But what is going to blow you away is that Samsung is on the verge of launching a foldable Smartphone in Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Samsung has a tough 2016 where it had to deal with controversial blowing out Galaxy Note 7 which resulted in recalling as many as 2.8 millions handsets from all across the world. Later on it lost the prime position as the most Smartphone selling OEM to Apple. But Samsung finally gets into the groove as it filed a patent for a Smartphone which can be folded in half with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Galaxy X set to launch later this year

Samsung has not confirmed the name for the foldable Smartphone but it has been reported by the GSMArena that it will be tentatively title as Galaxy X. On button placement this Smartphone will get the traditional Samsung home button on the front while back button will feature at the right side and menu button on the left. The aspect ratios for this device will be amazingly 21:9 and it will extremely to see such a designed phone in full glory at the MWC.

Samsung will be making use of an OLED display which will possess the ability to bend right from the middle to turn into a foldable display. Lee Changhoon, director of Samsung Display has famously said in 2016 that their plans of developing a foldable OLED is working in positive direction. They were set to start the mass production of the foldable display and releasing it will certainly be done after discussing with varied partners in question. Samsung has certainly learned from the Galaxy Note 7 debacle wherein mass production in hasty fashion resulted in faulty batteries which blew the devices a great device and brought it untimely demise.

Therefore Samsung has decided not to opt for a hastily introduced mass production for the foldable OLED display. Galaxy X will certainly be launching in the latter half of 2017 though its availability might be limited during the initial phase. Pricing, specifications and feature set are simply kept in tight wraps so is the ultimate design for this upcoming iconic device which might turn out to be most notable innovative gadget of this decade.

Samsung isn’t the only one with foldable Smartphone in upcoming portfolio

Microsoft is working on something on the same line of the Samsung as it has also filed a patent which reveals a device with a flexible hinge thereby effectively transforms a phone into a tablet. As reported by Verge this patented device will have the ability to transform into various modes of two to three screens which can later on be extended into a flat out design. The flexible hinge will help in setting up the device in tend mode which is very much like the Yoga Tablet series from Lenovo.

How to Try Microsoft Office With Apple’s New Touch Bar

Touch Bar
Science and technology have developed so much that every now and then a new technique is launched at the market. The big and renowned companies are always researching on the fact that how they can continue to rule the world with the help of their new and developed technologies. Apple is one of the most talked about company that is always bent on providing top-notch services to their customers by providing new benefits and privileges to its users almost on a regular basis.

When the executives of Apple launched the latest MacBook Pro in October, they added an incentive to it in order to attract a large number of people. Apple have included a Touch Bar in this MacBook Pro which is considered as a very calculative move that is sure to attract a large number of will and with this innovation Apple will reach up to the highest level of success, where Apple and its products will be the final choice of all the people. They are also promoting this added advantage at a very rapid pace, so as to develop interest among its buyers.

The Touch Bar is displayed at the topmost row as a leaping step ahead towards the users. This touch bar is also supposed to be displayed at the very top row in the keyboard of the laptop and thus enables you to work with Microsoft Office as well which is a third party application. and moreover, Microsoft is the only application that provides this new Touch Bar features.

The whole crux behind this development is that Touch Bar feature allows functioning of Microsoft Word or Excel users even after the application have been removed. It is possible that you will be able to see and work on the last updated document and can also apply the text formatting tools. For using Outlook the Touch Bar is also capable of highlighting your schedule for the day.

This is a very essential feature that is added to this MacBook Pro. As the Touch Bar will ensure its users more productivity as they can see, compare and then choose that what they require to be fastest. Geekwire has noted that after the launch of MacBook Pro, Microsoft can discover toolbars that are sensitive to context.
The privilege of being able to acquire high-priority features, is something that has influenced Microsoft to develop its own Ribbon toolbar even before a decade. The ribbons are the set of icons and symbols that is located at the top of your Word or Excel Screen. But, how effective it is? the answer to this question stands on debatable grounds.

Microsoft was almost facing a dilemma to figure out whether they are over doing or not. As they introduced so many features over the years that they are now worrying whether that will be an added disadvantage as the users will have to think over before getting at the correct feature that they require at the current time. Though, the recent developments resemble a Touch Bar it can still be summed up as another intriguing problem.

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Engineers Harness Stomach Acid to Power Tiny Sensors

Since the period of ancient civilization to the contemporary world; the health sector is having a place in the center of the developments, as this is attached to the human race and their well-being. The scientific and technological advancements also paved the way for some of the major discoveries or inventions in the medical science and its allied departments, which are collectively helping us in countering the attack of various ailments.

While the research and development are going on in the different segment of the medical science, at the same time, some of the major breakthroughs have taken place in the health engineering sector, which is having real importance in the treatment of some of the major diseases.

Researchers at the MIT, Women's Hospital and Brigham have together designed and developed a tiny voltaic cell, which can be sustained by the most destructive acidic fluids inside the stomach. This system is able to generate sufficient power, which can be helpful in running small sensors and drug delivery devices and able to resides inside the gastrointestinal channel for a longer period of time.

Issues to be Noted

Although there are other batteries, but this kind of power is having the potential of offering safer and cheapest possible alternative to the existing batteries, which are now being in use to power such kinds of devices, claimed by the researchers. It is often found that traditional power batteries get damaged due to intestinal acidic fluids and the respective device failed to operate according to the need, which causes lots of problems for the person concerned.

Now the answer to this problem is being designed by the scientists in the form of these voltaic cells, which is able to save itself from any kind of vulnerable fluid attacks. Two eminent researchers in this field; Giovanni Traverso, the research affiliate engaged in the prestigious Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research and Robert Langer, the David H. Koch Institute Professor at the MIT, have designed, built and tested some of the major devices in past, which can be of great help in sensing physiological conditions like heart rate, temperature, breathing rate and more importantly to deliver drugs, with an intention to treat the specific diseases.


On the basis of research and inferences, made by the researchers, this unique development of the device can be of great influence on the search of the new generation electronic ingestible tablets, which will enable magical means that could monitor the basic health of the patient or in treating the diseases.

While there are possible risks in the traditional batterie; these new small voltaic cells are having the potential that can overcome the problem of getting destructed by intestinal fluids thus help the medical devices, planted inside the human body, mentioned by the specialists in this field.

 It can be noted that the study team took the inspiration of this invention from a simple variation of the voltaic cell, popularly known as the lemon battery, which is having two electrodes, with a copper penny and the galvanized nail - that stuck in lemon.

Tuesday 14 February 2017

21 Android Secrets, Shortcuts and Hidden Features You Should Know About

Android Secrets
Since the great industrial revolution in Great Britain and other European countries in the 18th century has changed the world science and the technology to a great extent and the civilization registered some of the most important discoveries, which spearhead the technological advancements of our society. Although there are some of the most magnificent developments have taken place those really help us in various ways, but the invention of the computer and the internet, in the later par of the last century, have changed the entire scenario and with the mobile phone, especially Smartphone, has revolutionized the communication systems and become the darling of billions of users. The Android-powered Smartphone are nowadays helping the world to get the best results in almost all sectors.

Some of the Android Secrets

  1.  By just typing “find my phone” into Google on any desktop or laptop; one can get the ping that where the phone is left behind; 
  2.  The battery saver is helping the phone to get a better and long battery life, which increases the life up to 30%; 
  3.  The Android helps in finding, how much of battery life is left, with an accurate picture; 
  4.  There is a Home button, which is helping in getting the information quickly and comfortably; 
  5.  For easy access to the respective phone; smart lock plays it easier for the user; 
  6.  By using the most elegant Android Device manager; one can locate the lost phone, in case the phone is lost; 
  7.  The user can keep his details, such as; Name, address, phone number etc., which can be seen on the display screen; 
  8.  The potential user can encrypt the accounts, downloaded apps, settings, media and other files; 
  9.  If the user lost his phone, still that can be accessed through a friend's phone and avail the messages, photos etc.; 
  10.  Whatever happening on the screen can be recorded in a video at a specific time
  11.  Transfer of data like contacts, photos etc. can be sent easily from one Android phone to other very comfortably; 
  12.  The feature of data usage in Android phone can be managed with extreme precision; 
  13.  Nougat, one of the most modern software of Android helps in customizing and editing of the phone; 
  14.  If any pop ups makes any annoyance, it can be stopped with the help of Android device at the setting level; 
  15.  Like Google; the Android software Nougat is also hiding games, Neko, which can be located in Setting
  16.  Various notifications of apps and other software can be controlled and helpful in restricting some of them; 
  17.  The Notification log, only available in the form of widgets, helps in getting older notifications at finger tips; 
  18.  The Night Mode option of the light can be availed in Android phone, which is available as a hidden feature; 
  19.  Android Nougat is having the Split Screen mode, which is unique in nature and quite handy for the user; 
  20.  Offline maps can be saved and the will be helpful for the user for its easy options;
  21.  The deletion of the default apps is an easier option available in the Android phones.

Clever Strategies During Domain-Name Setup

You're excited to have a business of your own, and now the website is almost complete. Naming this website, however, is a major decision. Most sites had dot-com extensions in the past, but dozens of choices are available to you today. Before you set up that new domain name, consider the clever strategies surrounding this decision and how it can ultimately help your company.

Starting From Scratch

Become a trendy company by starting with a domain name registration that's never been used. The newest domains, including dot-guru or dot-solutions, define the business past the basic name. Select a name that reflects your niche, expertise and other features. These names have never been searched for or referenced, so keep in mind that your rankings will be a lesson in earning power. Cultivate your brand with flair as the name continues to move up the search-engine pages.

Investing in Premium Names

Premium names are simply domains that have been used before. There's a reputation and history behind these names so you'll have some ranking to start out with as the site goes live. You might be concerned that these names are available at all. In fact, most of them are simply names that have been transferred, abandoned or discarded for dozens of different reasons. Pay slightly more for these names so that visitors stumble onto them by chance. You can make some new customers without much effort with these premium names.

Considering Expired Domains

Purchasing an expired domain is a safe option. It often has some of its ranking still attached so that consumers visit the site without realizing the company change. Some of these sites still have their expired warning on them, however. From the moment that you purchase it, program your website into it almost immediately. Visiting an expired website wastes consumers' time, and they will make a note of it in their bookmarks if your site isn't live at that point.

Understanding Pricing Structures

In general, you'll pay less for a domain when you commit to a long time period. Buying the name for one year requires a larger, upfront payment. It's possible to commit to a website for 100 years at the lowest yearly cost possible. For most companies, they'll purchase the name for three or five years. As the expiration date approaches, businesses update the payment structure for another set time period. A viable business never wants their domain to be taken over by another company.

Getting Support

When you reserve a domain name, the seller completes the legal transaction. Support for the name is minimal because most of the software associated with it is confined to your website's structure. Stay in contact with the domain registrar, however, to keep up with future updates.

After you pick the perfect name, it's your responsibility to maintain the integrity of that title. Keep the site updated with valid links across all of the pages. In time, you'll notice the analytics growing and developing at almost an exponential level. Success is built on the small details within the business.

Why FaceBook Keeps Pushing You to Go Live With Video

FaceBook Live
In the contemporary world, the mode of communication and correspondences between individuals and communities have witnessed some of the most magical changes, which have changed the entire scenario and people are more and more get accustomed with these social media options. The facebook is undoubtedly the best and popular option, among the social media segment and every day the number is growing with an enviable upward growth rate.

The most interesting part of the services, provided by facebook, is the relentless development and customization of their service profile, which attracts lots of newer user and the same time, keep their old friends intact. The Live video feature is the most modern service that is now available with facebook and millions of enthusiastic users have already tried this feature and just loved it. To make this an instant hit among the enthusiasts; facebook is trying every possible means and route to get it in more user-friendly modes, such as; billboards, Television advertisements and other avenues, which provide essential supports in getting the intended results.

Some Important Issues to Be Noted

  •  It is now a million dollar question, whether this Live video craze is a good business opportunity or not - it can be noted that the prospects of these ads are quite uncertain, as the "live" issue of these videos are often seen in the recorded mode. When somebody is trying to capture and send Live moments of their memorable issues like the first step of the toddler, high school prom, the university convocation, seminars, conferences etc. but in most of the cases; friends are not been able to see those Live, on the contrary, they seen it like the recorded videos only. 
  •  After having such uncertainty, why facebook is trying to pushing up this feature with all relevant promotional support? - This is one of the most pertinent questions in the digital world now. Some of the social media analysts are now describing this effort of the facebook as a gesture of keeping the users to its well-structured service as far as possible, like any other business entity. 
  •  As per their mission, facebook offer this feature to existing almost 2 billion users and once any of the individual users try this, immediately his friends got the notification about the event and as per the ads, prompted to try the same, which is getting an upward swing in the uses in the last couple of weeks. 
  •  While facebook is trying to promote this feature to a great extent, which has the potential of revenue generation, but it's not an easy thing to do, as some of the companies are now using this Live video, prepared by themselves, to advertise and promotion purposes. 
  •  The tech-savvy people are now trying to make this a big deal, by taking the advantage of the Live video option, which is changing the experience to feel the world in much better form. This is helping the user to express him in a more subtle manner, which is the crux of the positivity of this feature.

Monday 13 February 2017

Microsoft Working on Windows 10 Cloud to Take on Chrome OS

Windows 10 Cloud
Chrome OS is making great breakthrough by offering a stable computing ecosystem for the users at a highly affordable price point without the need high end specifications. Reports has emerged that Microsoft is actively working a light weight version of its own Windows 10 OS in a bid to counter the ver growing popularity of the Chrome OS. Microsoft has named its light version as Windows 10 Cloud which will in the beginning will only offer support to the Unified Windows Platform or UWP app downloaded from the Windows Store. Some people are also calling this gimmick as a comeback for the Windows RT version and it will also helps Windows in boosting the amount of apps on its App Store.

Eye on the educational market

Chrome OS popularity is extremely high in the educational markets wherein educational institutions finds it as an affordable way of bringing technology to the young learners. Chrome OS relies heavily on the web based apps to bring variety of applications and usability for the users. It has been favored in the educational markets due to its light, fast and efficient operating system and Windows 10 Cloud will be Microsoft to Chrome dominance.

Microsoft has earlier launched the ill-fated Microsoft RT on the Surface tablets and it had an ARM based OS which only ran apps specifically built for this OS. It sounds lot like Chrome OS but it failed spectacularly due to the lack abundant as well as essential apps for the Windows RT. In similar fashion Microsoft is trying to rebrand its RT as Windows 10 Cloud as it name states this OS  will be powered by the Cloud as well as it will run on Cloud. This new OS is expected to take advantage of the Microsoft homegrown cloud based platform called Azure to run the apps.

Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud isn’t a surprise

It has been speculated that Windows will be launching a new edition of the Windows operating system in past couple of weeks. Some of the users have stated that it will be called Cloud SKU and they were very close but it was a Twitter user called The Walking Cat which brought the original screenshot of the Windows 10 for PCs with the Build number 15003. It also shows a reference to ‘Cloud’ or ‘CloudN’ which specifically denotes whether the version comes with Media Player pre-installed or not.

Microsoft has simply stayed away from confirming any news or updates related to the Windows 10 Cloud. But it is being widely believed that Microsoft will be launching the Windows 10 Cloud in the annual Build conference for developers in May. This move of bringing a lite version of the Windows OS to larger audience which can easily run on low specification based machines in future will certainly help in enhancing the market penetration and reach of the Microsoft. But such OS can also fail if Microsoft isn’t able to bring large amount of quality within a short succession.

Saturday 11 February 2017

Microsoft Wants to Bring HoloLens to the Consumer Market

Microsoft HoloLens was launched about two years ago but it was available only for the enterprise users or for those who can afford it for research purposes. Microsoft has been right on top of the augmented and virtual reality frenzy since the time of its inception as it wanted to position as the Next Big Thing in the consumer electronic market. Microsoft released the HoloLens among much fanfare and critical acclaim years ago but it was available only for the developers and enterprises with limited numbers, application support coupled with a massive $3000 price tag.

The history of HoloLens

When Microsoft first launched the HoloLens in 2015 it was positioned more as a set of software applications, AI as well as operating system rather than just being a headset. This has helped Microsoft rising above the competition of slew of headsets which emerged in later years which focused on the battery life, user experience and application support. A number virtual reality focused gadgets came up offering different and interactive game or application but they didn’t even tried to change the computer-user interaction paradigm.

On other hand Microsoft focused on augmented reality or mixed reality which allows users to experience as they wish. This has resulted in close synchronization between the data gathered from multiple sources, analyzing of the behavior pattern and having a operating system in place which actively binds them together. Microsoft is currently prepping its system rather the components which will ultimately helps in developing such products that satisfies the needs of the masses.

Can Microsoft successfully bring HoloLens to the consumers? 

Microsoft is trying to avoid the problems which Kinect has to face in its early days. Kinect was Microsoft one off beat project which used to translate sign language into text which will ultimately help in building cost effective three dimensional maps. These maps can in turn be used by the robots for efficient navigation and in the final it will enable robots in understanding the needs of the humans by carefully translating their gestures into meaningful tasks. Microsoft even brought a smarter and updated version of Kinect called Kinect 2.0 which appeared to be extremely cool but failed to fathom anyone’s interest.

In just past two years a number of environments and cases have emerged for the HoloLens to take advantage. But Microsoft has been right in focusing only on the enterprise during the initial years as it will be dangerous to bring such a technology right to the wide amount of consumers. A simple case study of the wearable that make use of the VR and AR has simply failed to show huge sales figure as consumers doesn’t find much benefit coming to them at the end. Therefore Microsoft is spending its time bringing a wide range of apps and environments which will help consumers in testing out the full capabilities of the technology in a smart way rather than being restricted to few things which can be done which such a capable device.

Facebook Tunes Into Television’s Market

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic
Facebook started as an advertisement free social media platform and it stayed true to this thought for a relatively longer but very soon the reality caught up with them. Currently Facebook earns millions of dollars each day through a very carefully installed ad network on its social media platform. Facebook ambitions are growing by leaps and bounds as it looks forward to enlarge its ad revenue in upcoming future. As per the report published in The Wall Street Journal Facebook is set on building a TV app which will work with the set-top boxes just like Apple TV.

Advantages of developing TV app

This particular TV app will help Facebook in encouraging the users in watching longer videos which has been eventual goal of the company. Facebook has plans to start testing of themed-roll ads which will play right in the middle of the videos present on its network. In similar fashion these kinds of ads will appear in the TV app as well over the time. Facebook has not made any official confirmation of going into the TV network with an app or bringing its own advertisement in such a manner for now.

Facebook plans to bring longer videos in the News Feed

So far Facebook has ensured that the users on its platform are not bothered with the longer videos on their News Feed but very soon this will be thing of past. Facebook will start prioritizing the longer videos right in the News Feed to generate more ad revenue. In order to bring longer videos it will first weigh on the percent completion or how much video is watch was user before they go away. In this manner the longer videos which are able to keep users engaged for large amount of time will find its way in the News Feed.

Facebook is actively making a series of tweaks in the News Feed algorithm which will help advertisers, content developers and publishers to push their content in the News Feed. Facebook is effectively trying to understand the user’s behavior or community as whole to bring more engaging content on the platform rather than indulging in penalizing the longer videos.

Why Facebook is developing a TV app? 

Facebook is expected to establish itself as YouTube video streaming platform wherein it has plans to first populate the platform with large videos then encourage content developers in delivering quality content on regular basis. It has been reported that Facebook has been in talks with a number of media companies to develop as well license a number of long form or TV style content which will range from scripted shows to entertainment as well as sports videos.

In simple words this app will establish Facebook as a serious leader in the streaming market wherein it will be able to distribute its new content along with the TV style advertisements in future. Facebook will certainly go ahead with its plans of asking higher price from the content developers, advertisers and other in future for displaying ads on the users news feeds.

Thursday 9 February 2017

How to Stop Windows 10 From Automatically Rebooting After Updates

Windows 10
It is extremely frustrating for the users to see their computer system each time it completes the updating process. This has been norm with the Windows OS which happens to reboot on its won each time it goes through the updating process. Windows has finally decided to do away with this functionality by bringing an update called Windows 10 Anniversary Update which eventually brought a new concept of ‘Active Hours’. Active Hour allows users to update their devices automatically during the time when machine is not in use. But even such feature is not good enough in stopping Windows from rebooting it after an update and this can play a huge spoilsport while working at later hours. Follow these smart steps to get rid of automatic rebooting of Windows after each update.

Step 1: Open Administrative Tools by going to the Control Panel

Press Start button and type in ‘Administrative Tools’ and press ‘Enter’ key. Now choose the ‘Task Scheduler’ from the list of options in the Administrative Tools window.

Step 2: Open the following path: Task Scheduler Library/Microsoft/Windows/UpdateOrchestrator

Now carefully look at the bottom of the window and you will find the ‘Reboot’ option which will certainly enabled at the moment. You are simply required to give a right click on that option and disable it from the menu.

This will help in eliminating the notorious automatic rebooting in the Windows OS after each update but a number of users have claimed that these failed to work in their advantage as Windows automatically switches back to the default settings in no time.

In order prevent such thing from happening in future you should open the window by typing in this address: C:/Windows/System32/Tasks/Microsoft/Windows/UpdateOrchestrator. Now carefully locate the ‘Reboot’ file that doesn’t have any suffix or file attachment and rename it as ‘Reboot.bak’. If you are unable to rename this file as it is a system file, now you will be required to ‘Take Ownership’ and this can be done by simply giving a right-click, then follow the steps as appears on your screen.

Some more smart steps to stop Windows from shutting down

Users should understand that these steps are designed to stop the Windows OS from rebooting itself but it will not stop the OS from updating itself. Windows has also brought some exciting features with Creators Update on Windows 10 which brings a greater amount of control over the updates. Now users will be able to opt out of the updates from the drivers or simply users can stop the updates by disabling the Windows Update service.

Though disabling the Windows Update service is an extremely risky affair as it stops system from the receiving the security updates which is necessary to secure devices in this era of prevalent attacks. Furthermore whenever system updates are acquired by a device then its needs to get rebooted in order to function properly. Now you know how to get rid of rebooting problem with these smart yet simple ways.

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android

Screenshots have turned out to be the most innovative and smartest way to have a record of some important thing or to share information with others. This enables you to get a prove of anything or substantiate your point in no time. There are different methods of taking screenshots on different devices. The different devices include:
Windows Computer – You can easily take a screenshot of the existing screen without having to download any extra tools or software for it. All you need to have is a regular keyboard used in Windows and from that keyboard you just need to tap the print screen button.

This button is generally found on the top right corner of your keyboard and in some cases you also have to press the shift button to bring this function into the active mode. As you tap this button the computer will automatically go for a screenshot of the whole existing screen and will save it to clip board. If you wish to take extra screenshots then you will have to utilize an added program which is known as the Snipping Tool.

After downloading this program, you will have to search and locate your computer for the apt tool and then open the program. Press new and crosshair that enables you to choose the desired area that you intend to capture, as soon as you release the button you will then have to save the file. It is best if you include the Snipping Tool to your Start bar.

Mac – The best known device to feature finest screenshot ability is Mac. In this device you are provided with a short cut that easily selects the portion that you want to take image of. All you need to do is hold the shift and command keys simultaneously and also the number 4 button that will transform your mouse or trackpad into a crosshair. By using crosshair you are required to draw around the area that you want to take a snap of. After this step, your desired image will be protected as a .png file on your desktop.

iOS Devices – Inorder to go for a screenshot on an iOS device, like an iPad or an iPhone all you are required to do is hold on to the home button and the power button that appears on top right side corner of iPhone 6 and on the top of other iPhones issued before this. In this way the snap of your existing screenshot will be taken and will automatically get saved to Photos.

Android Devices – Taking screenshots on most of the Android devices is almost similar to the one’s we take on iOS devices. With the developed version of androids, the way to take screenshots have become even more easier, as you just need to hold on to the volume down and power button simultaneously. After the screenshot have been taken a quick options of animation will appear and your captured image will be saved to the Photos app in the screenshot section.

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Nissan Offers Cheap Hybrid Electric Cars

Nissan e-note
Global warming, awareness to ditch one’s own vehicle and opt for public transport, governments bid to reduce the amount of cars from the roads and more regulations is making it tough for the car manufacturers to get more customers. Nissan is a Japanese automaker which is making leaps in the automobile sector with its affordable and powerful vehicle portfolio. However in a bid to keep its revenue coffers filling up; it has decided to move away from traditional by focusing on all electric or hybrid cars. This will help Nissan in manufacturing greener vehicles at the same time lowering the costs.

The first electric car for Nissan

Nissan started it mass market entry with the battery-electric vehicle called Leaf which was launched in 2010. Currently this car is the coveted world’s top selling electric vehicle but this car simply failed to reach the initial targets. Till today it has sold only 250,000 units on global scale which are not a great numbers when we take time taken into the equation. The major reason attributed to the sales failure of the all electric car has been revealed by the CEO Carlos Ghosn is that ‘going all electric is expensive affair’. Therefore Nissan is focusing on nearly electric car manufacturing for upcoming years which will help in saving more on the costs as well as it will help in fending off the competition from the rivals.

Nissan is embarking on the journey of creating gasoline-hybrid technology of next level rather than concentrating on fully battery powered vehicles with zero emissions ratings. Nissan will have to best the major competitors like Toyota which is known for making astonishingly awesome hybrid cars and the most notable one is Prius.

Nissan is taking a Hybrid Detour

This isn’t the first time Nissan is thinking of developing hybrid cars. In 2010 Nissan has invested in a limited range of hybrid cars wherein it was able to ship only 95,000 by March in the same year and its global sales stood at 5.4 million units. Nissan has its eye on the world biggest automobile market and it will be focusing only on affordable electric car for China. Nissan R&D is also working on a vehicle which will be able to run on electric power generated right from the ethanol.

Nissan has kick started its e-Note program wherein it will be building a compact hatchback which will possess the same motor from the Leaf but it will be a hybrid vehicle. This E note vehicle will give direct competition to the General Motors Chevrolet Volt which effectively switches to the gasoline engine when battery is running low. The e-Note vehicle will be sold at a starting price of $15,777 and its availability is currently limited to Japan only but quite interestingly this vehicle is 40 percent cheaper than the 2010 Leaf. Nissan has stressed that it has go for cheaper price point for its hybrid vehicle in order to attract new buyers or to get them to upgrade to completely electric car in future.

Google is Killing Its Experimental Hands Free Payment App

Hands Free
From March of last year, Google has been testing a new payment method that enables customers to pay for goods with their smartphones without touching it! This new innovation was aptly named Hands Free.

Google’s pilot app Hands Free was currently in its early stages of testing limited to only a handful of businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is Hands Free?

Hands Free is an app developed by Google that lets you check-out in stores without actually using your wallet or phone. This app was available to download for free on for android systems on Play Store and for iOS on Apple Store.

How does it work? 

Hands Free uses Bluetooth, Wifi and location services to detect whether you are near a participating store. When you have bought the things you want and are ready to check-out, all you need to do is tell the cashier “I’ll pay with Google”. The hands free profile will contain your photo identity and signature using which the cashier will then confirm your identity. The cashier will charge you only when Hands Free detects your Phone is near the store. Thus there is no need for you to take out your phone or even launch the app!

Why is it being Shut Down?

Google’s innovative experiment got its life cut down short by the latest announcement of it being shut down on 8th of February this year by Google itself. Official statement released by Google states that from the first launching of the pilot program, they were able to collect and learn a lot about the possible effects of the app from its adopters. This information along with numerous positive feedbacks would be used to develop a better version of hands Free that would be available to a larger number of people and stores. To focus their efforts on the new Hand’s Free, the current pilot version is being shut down.

With that being said, there is no definite time as to when the improved Hands Free would be out so similar alternatives like “Android pay” which offers easy and quick check-outs can be used. All the user information like pictures and signatures uploaded would be deleted to uphold the privacy of the users. To keep in touch with the development and news related to Hands Free, you can provide your email to get updates.

The verdict

Will Google give a brand new direction to the way people shop? The answer to that can be found when Hands Free is released yet again but this time with the full version. The promising results from the pilot experiment certainly yielded some beneficial results and it can be speculated that if Google decides to fully commit their efforts on delivering on the finished Hands Free app, it will be hugely popular. After all Google did promise to bring best of Hands Free technology to a wider audience base. As of now Hands Free has been shut down.