Wednesday 22 February 2017

Twitter Rolls Out New Anti Abuse Tools

Digitalization has both the pros and the cons, it is up to the general mass how they utilize this available technology. We are all aware of the fact that social networking sites are very beneficial in order to stay in touch with those who stay far from us in terms of physical existence but the psychological ties are very strong. But, we need to consider this point that besides this added advantage it also carries a lot of disadvantages that leads to several cyber crimes that has become so frequent these days and people are addressing these social networking sites as abusive instead of considering them as a boon.

Almost every social networking site are experiencing these abuses and in lieu to this Twitter has recently announced certain changes that will protect its users against any piracy. There account and personal details will now be secured against all hacking software. In this way though absolute security is not ensured but the abuses can be curbed to a larger extent.

Twitter has mainly announced three major changes, that will be applicable within few weeks. It is also taking measures to permanently stop granting new accounts to those who have been suspended for any suspicious deed. CEO of Twitter have said that the approach they are opting for is absolutely new and will permit more open spaces to its users.

If any abusive reply on any tweet is discovered then the account from which the comment has come will be discarded. This does not mean that tweets will be removed entirely but the user can control the setting and can take charge of the fact that which tweet will be projected on their accounts. In this the account holder will be responsible for all the activities that are being projected on and from their account.

The users will now be able to block or erase certain words or phrase that they do not find appropriate and hence would not be able to see any notification about any unethical tweet or conversation. In this way anyone who finds any comment uncomfortable can immediately take action against it. You can also use block buttons to completely restrict all sorts of connection with the person you find abusive.

Twitter will also have to look into the issue of lacking interest among the buyers as this would lead to lesser profit and in the long run night cripple the entire working system of this social networking site. News have been reported that Google, Apple as well as Disney were interested but now all the application from twitter is falling on deaf ears as it seems that they are no longer interested in having any exchanges with twitter and to put it correctly the abuses that twitter is facing in terms of its security policy is turning away everyone to get in to any sort of venture with twitter as that might stain their reputation in the industry.

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