Tuesday 28 February 2017

Self Flying Taxi to Transport Passengers in Dubai

Self Flying Taxi
A city that moves faster than a bullet train, requires top-notch transportation services in order to keep pace with the existing trend of the world. In such advanced city traffic related issues are always a matter of concern. We know that Dubai is a highly developed country that has so much in store for you that you cannot imagine.

Dubai has come up with an extraordinary innovation that will make life much easier for all the dwellers there. The head of the department of transport in Dubai has reported that very soon the skies of Dubai will be filled with self-flying taxis that will help people to overcome their transportation issues.

This seems much like a ferry land story where there used to be flying gadgets that made the entire thing very interesting. Dubai have decided to name it Ehang 184, that will be strictly applicable for the airborne services. The flying machine would be designed in such a manner that it won’t require a human to direct it. The technology fed in it is such that it will run on its own. It is suited to carry one passenger at a time along with their luggage. It can fly for 23 minutes.

Dubai is not the first city that has taken such an initiative. In 2006 Summer, Las Vegas had already announced that they will avail this facility to their people. The Ehang 184 that Dubai has unveiled is powered by electricity and has the capability to travel for 31 miles along with a single person and their baggage that should not be more than 100 kg. It can easily cover a distance of 63 miles in just an hour and two hours is required to get it completely charged. This is a magical vehicle that is a complete transportation device without any curbs.

This is an app based service and anyone who wants to avail this facility for themselves are required to download the app first and then enter their destination. This revolutionary transporting device then will automatically demarcate the route and will enable sound and safe travelling to their passengers and reaches them at the required destination. It can fly at a stretch, but is generally required to stop at the required destination that depicts that though it is capable of unbreakable journey, but still it has to hop from one landing spot to another.

The propellers used in it are folded inwards at the time of landing and when it entirely lands it can easily fit in the space that is needed by a single car. It is also inflicted with a fail safe system. The company says that this function is fed in it to ensure that no emergency situation arises when the flying taxing is actually flying high. Due to this function the vehicle lands immediately at the closest place if anything malfunctions during the flight. It is also designed to be secured with encrypted channels for easy communication. This is a big innovation that can redefine a city completely.

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