Thursday 2 February 2017

How can I tell if a PC Processor is any good?

Processors are the most important part of a PC, if you want to access your PC at its best condition including its speed then you need to make sure that the processor you are using is of the finest quality and provides you the optimum range of speed. A PC is far much better than a processor but it is also an undeniable fact that your PC cannot run without a processor. So for enabling all the benefits from your PC you need to choose a proper Processor for it.

It is said that every generation of core chips accolades through its own code name, Sandy Bridge, Haswell, and Skylake are of the same type. Kaby lake is said to be the latest version. Each generation accolades the users with several features leading to optimum amount of benefits. Some even make changes in the technology used for manufacturing, the shift is in terms of nanometers. The smaller is the chip the more benefits it bears. Core iX chip have undergone several changes in terms of its size, as it first decreased from 32nm to 22nm and today it has come down to 14 nm. This shrinking which is taking place enables the manufacturer to put in more features in every chip.

Changes started to take place with very first generation as the name started to come up with an addition of dash. For instance, i7-3770 core is a chip pertaining to third generation, while the seventh generation of chip that came up is identified as i7-7770 core, both belonged to the same version of CPU. There are many more chips belonging to the same processor and it is obvious that more higher is the number, the more features you are sure of availing for yourself.

The Intel processor also comprises of graphics co-processor, which is built including all the hi-tech technologies. This is also provided with a number as per the generation given. The seventh generation called Core i7 chip has more HD graphics in comparison to the sixth generation chip which has only 520 HD Graphics. So with the increase in number of generations the features also gets enhanced and the best graphics is sure to add an Iris Branding which will definitely be an assurance that it bears the best features in comparison to the other processors available in the market.

Everyone is now concerned about the performance of the computer in terms of game. The gamers always look for processors that enables super fast speed and they also look for processors that are small and does not consume more power. Chips that are suited to use less power and does not generate extra heat so that extra cooling is not required by them. So, we can find that it is the era of thinnest television and laptops that will have a strong battery that will allow the users to use them for a longer period. The best way to buy a CPU is to notice the name to understand its level of performance.

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