Friday 17 February 2017

Facebook Creates 'Community Help' Feature for Disaster Assistance

REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer
Providing amenities to the people at the time of need is the noblest job that one can think of. We know that Social networking sites is the ideal platform that ensures easiest and quickest connectivity to people sitting at the farthest corner of the world. and to add to the perks of these sites one of the onymous and biggest social networking site, Facebook has unveiled a very beneficial feature that will be available to its users in just a few days where all the users will be granted quickest mode of help at the time of crisis.

Facebook has decided to provide a feature that will ensure immediate help to the needy and this will be most effective at the time of natural disasters. They have coined the term as “Community Help” where anyone can find help anywhere and anytime.
Whether you are effected by a sudden accident or need immediate medical aid, you will get them with the help of friends and relatives staying near to you. This is a very effective measure taken by Facebook that is sure to benefit a mass number of people who unfortunately lose their life due to lack of spontaneous response or help.

This feature will help people feel secured no matter wherever they are as they know that someone will always be available to render them immediate help and support.

Facebook have also designed an advertising program to promote this feature which in a way adds to the promotion of the company, as people who did not had accounts on facebook will try and create one just to make them feel safe and secured. There are a lot of adversities which our fellow beings face almost frequently but some disasters are such that they cannot be handled just with the help of hand full of people and to overcome them you need an entire community beside you.

Calamities like forest fire, earthquake are really serious problems which require immediate attention. Hence, people needs to be informed at a huge level to sort out this issues. We know that loss that happens during an earthquake is unaccountable and the major requirements of the victims is food and shelter and to make them available to the sufferers the problem needs to be accessed in a organized way to get optimum results. Hence, Facebook will be that mediator who will plan this organized way of helping the victims.

To make this feature durable and worthwhile, Facebook have consulted the Emergency Relief Organizations like the Red Cross. The company has declared that this feature will be available only at the time of natural disasters and not for issues leading to socio-political agendas.

This privilege will be available to only those residing in US, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. The company has assured that they will release this feature worldwide after testing it in these above mentioned countries. This feature also comes up with safety guideline that the users should not respond to any strangers in the name of granting help and if so it should be done in a public place.

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