Saturday 4 February 2017

Forget Snow Chains Use This Remote Controlled Claws

Remote Controlled Claws
The difficulty that one has to face while moving their vehicle on snow and ice is a major problem. There have been many instances when people have complained of this issue and do not even hesitate to pay a higher price for the cars that can move on snow-fed grounds without any discrepancy. Since, the grip cannot be produced on snowy platforms hence the car forbids to move forward. There is always a need to fit in snow chains or spikes to the tyres so that the grip can be developed.

An engineer called Peter Gross from Czech has found out a constructive resistance to this problem that will insure drivers with optimum grip on the surface covered with snow so that they can be saved from a troublesome situation where they have to fit in chains or spikes to the tyres to overcome the problem. This engineer has unveiled a contraption whose structure is like a doom that easily slips over the hubcap of the car, and smartly flicks out on a press and holds the tyre that provides desired grip on the grounds of snow and ice which enables the car to glide easily.

This innovative formula is structurally mechanized that sticks accurately to the wheel of the car and works with the help of a remote control using its four arms to get hold of the tyres by putting up spikes of steel for icy grounds and grips of plastic for snowy surfaces.

The engineer assures that his invention is not at all huge weighing just 6 kilograms and is very easy to deal with. He has also made a promotional video which highlights the features of this device depicting that how smoothly it works without leading to any hassle as on a press it adjusts properly to the wheels and saves you from the tension of snowy and icy grounds.

The Czech engineer said that he got the idea of inventing such a life saving device while he was getting ready for a business meeting. He accepted that he used to curse the entire universe when he had to make things fall in place in the middle of a filthy road adjusting his tyres to such adversities. This was the time when he hatched this plan to make the life of the drivers a bit easier.

The device is designed in such a manner that it will easily glide on to the wheels with a thickness of 15–18 inches. The contraption will fill utmost confidence amongst many who wish to go for winter vacation to a snowy place. A revolutionary device that will save the life of the drivers from all sorts of errors related to unfit surface to glide on. This snow grips is the ultimate solution that gives you the power to explore the world without experiencing any buffering. It is undoubtedly a major innovation in the field of automobiles that insures you a smooth journey.

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