Friday 24 February 2017

Long Lasting Flow Battery Could Run For More Than a Decade

Flow Battery
Everyone on this planet is acquainted with a gadget that runs on battery. The most frequent use of gadgets that require battery backups are smartphones, laptops and many more. The one who are using them are well acquainted with the trouble of charging it because as we start to use the gadget more frequently, the capacity of the battery begins to retard. But, now you can be saved from the hassle of frequent charging as the researchers present at Harvard after a long research have developed a battery that will run for more than a decade relieving you from the trouble of frequent charging. The problem of longevity is a very big problem of the devices that run on battery. As in due course of time they simply wear out.

The man who is behind the idea of such an invention, Michael Aziz, professor of Materials and Energy Technologies at Harvard have said that Lithium batteries do not even stay up to the time period that they promise to stay for. They do not even live up to 1000 complete charge or discharge cycle. Whereas, the battery which is just developed that promises utmost longevity loses only a single percent of its durability after being charged thousand times.

The whole crux behind this innovative battery is the presence of a flow battery concept which is powered by two components that have a chemical base that too soaked and dissolved in a liquid that are made to be pumped via the battery system. These flow batteries accumulate the energy in the external tanks, the more big is this tank the more energy will be derived from it.

Since, the electrolytes are made to be dissolved in the neutral water, this is the most durable battery evolved till date that you can even keep in your basement. This was confirmed by Roy Gordon who was studying the whole process side by side. It is further said that if its gets spilled on the floor, it would not damage the concrete and since the medium is noncorrosive, you are free even to use cheaper materials to add up to the components of the batteries like tanks or pumps.

Compound ferrocene is the key element used in the battery which is known for its electrochemical properties and also has the touch of gasoline. A post doctorate student Eugene Beh have confirmed that ferrocene is the ultimate material that works remarkably to store charge, which makes it the most reliable battery of all times.

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