Monday 13 February 2017

Microsoft Working on Windows 10 Cloud to Take on Chrome OS

Windows 10 Cloud
Chrome OS is making great breakthrough by offering a stable computing ecosystem for the users at a highly affordable price point without the need high end specifications. Reports has emerged that Microsoft is actively working a light weight version of its own Windows 10 OS in a bid to counter the ver growing popularity of the Chrome OS. Microsoft has named its light version as Windows 10 Cloud which will in the beginning will only offer support to the Unified Windows Platform or UWP app downloaded from the Windows Store. Some people are also calling this gimmick as a comeback for the Windows RT version and it will also helps Windows in boosting the amount of apps on its App Store.

Eye on the educational market

Chrome OS popularity is extremely high in the educational markets wherein educational institutions finds it as an affordable way of bringing technology to the young learners. Chrome OS relies heavily on the web based apps to bring variety of applications and usability for the users. It has been favored in the educational markets due to its light, fast and efficient operating system and Windows 10 Cloud will be Microsoft to Chrome dominance.

Microsoft has earlier launched the ill-fated Microsoft RT on the Surface tablets and it had an ARM based OS which only ran apps specifically built for this OS. It sounds lot like Chrome OS but it failed spectacularly due to the lack abundant as well as essential apps for the Windows RT. In similar fashion Microsoft is trying to rebrand its RT as Windows 10 Cloud as it name states this OS  will be powered by the Cloud as well as it will run on Cloud. This new OS is expected to take advantage of the Microsoft homegrown cloud based platform called Azure to run the apps.

Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud isn’t a surprise

It has been speculated that Windows will be launching a new edition of the Windows operating system in past couple of weeks. Some of the users have stated that it will be called Cloud SKU and they were very close but it was a Twitter user called The Walking Cat which brought the original screenshot of the Windows 10 for PCs with the Build number 15003. It also shows a reference to ‘Cloud’ or ‘CloudN’ which specifically denotes whether the version comes with Media Player pre-installed or not.

Microsoft has simply stayed away from confirming any news or updates related to the Windows 10 Cloud. But it is being widely believed that Microsoft will be launching the Windows 10 Cloud in the annual Build conference for developers in May. This move of bringing a lite version of the Windows OS to larger audience which can easily run on low specification based machines in future will certainly help in enhancing the market penetration and reach of the Microsoft. But such OS can also fail if Microsoft isn’t able to bring large amount of quality within a short succession.

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