Saturday 18 February 2017

Intel may be prepping new Core i5, i7 processors to attack AMD Ryzen

AMD will launch its new Ryzen in early March, and Intel is continuously making changes in order to give a good competition to AMD. Intel seems to be taking an intelligent move otherwise the chip that AMD is about to launch will turn out to be a potent threat to Intel. In 2003, Chipzilla was made to develop the Pentium 4 Extreme Edition so that they can survive in terms of the threat from Athlon 64, which is still known for wounding up so many winning games and several number of benchmarks for the consumers. Intel is concerned that they do not have to repeat the same situation, or they have to face the consequences if AMD would point change in prices that to in such a way that it might out run existing product stack of Intel.

Intel has also added Hyper-Threading to the family of Pentium, to avoid any risk of losing the market. We know that it is not common for a company to ramp up a faster version of core that to within a time period of just two months. This is generally heard to be done when a competitor launches their version of faster chip. But, since AMD is almost at the verge of presenting a vital architectural revision, so it is understandable on the part of Intel that why it is bent on propagating new launches of its own.

This can be viewed in a different way as it is all about manipulating all the competitors of the market by arranging them in a line so that they rage a war even if they do not have a great business plan in their mind. For more than a decade, Intel maintains a stable desktop plan. Pentium chips are known to be standing on modern Core architectures, but they move with a very low speed that too without Hyper-Threading. Whereas, Core i3 chips maintain a much faster speeds, along with Turbo frequencies, and Hyper Threading. Core i5 gives the same speed as Core i3 but are equipped with four cores that too without HT, whereas Core i7 are the highest ranks Cores of Intel that includes a HT back.

Intel have already lost the ground by switching on to Hyper-Threading in terms of its newly developed processors, but it would not be same as the difference that lies at the high speed. The difference between chips of Core i5 and Core i7 stands banal if Core i5 includes HT with it. Research have revealed that it does not really matter that how many Cores Intel go on increasing it will cost them the same price. and even if Intel is planning to make any changes, it is obvious that they do it on their own timeline instead of AMD’s.

Before reaching to any conclusion we need to keep in mind that this is not the time of Good Oi Days, when the frequency of CPU will flow almost like any liquid. Thus, necessary changes should be made in keeping this point in mind.

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