Tuesday 14 February 2017

Why FaceBook Keeps Pushing You to Go Live With Video

FaceBook Live
In the contemporary world, the mode of communication and correspondences between individuals and communities have witnessed some of the most magical changes, which have changed the entire scenario and people are more and more get accustomed with these social media options. The facebook is undoubtedly the best and popular option, among the social media segment and every day the number is growing with an enviable upward growth rate.

The most interesting part of the services, provided by facebook, is the relentless development and customization of their service profile, which attracts lots of newer user and the same time, keep their old friends intact. The Live video feature is the most modern service that is now available with facebook and millions of enthusiastic users have already tried this feature and just loved it. To make this an instant hit among the enthusiasts; facebook is trying every possible means and route to get it in more user-friendly modes, such as; billboards, Television advertisements and other avenues, which provide essential supports in getting the intended results.

Some Important Issues to Be Noted

  •  It is now a million dollar question, whether this Live video craze is a good business opportunity or not - it can be noted that the prospects of these ads are quite uncertain, as the "live" issue of these videos are often seen in the recorded mode. When somebody is trying to capture and send Live moments of their memorable issues like the first step of the toddler, high school prom, the university convocation, seminars, conferences etc. but in most of the cases; friends are not been able to see those Live, on the contrary, they seen it like the recorded videos only. 
  •  After having such uncertainty, why facebook is trying to pushing up this feature with all relevant promotional support? - This is one of the most pertinent questions in the digital world now. Some of the social media analysts are now describing this effort of the facebook as a gesture of keeping the users to its well-structured service as far as possible, like any other business entity. 
  •  As per their mission, facebook offer this feature to existing almost 2 billion users and once any of the individual users try this, immediately his friends got the notification about the event and as per the ads, prompted to try the same, which is getting an upward swing in the uses in the last couple of weeks. 
  •  While facebook is trying to promote this feature to a great extent, which has the potential of revenue generation, but it's not an easy thing to do, as some of the companies are now using this Live video, prepared by themselves, to advertise and promotion purposes. 
  •  The tech-savvy people are now trying to make this a big deal, by taking the advantage of the Live video option, which is changing the experience to feel the world in much better form. This is helping the user to express him in a more subtle manner, which is the crux of the positivity of this feature.

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