Wednesday 1 February 2017

Massive Networks of Fake Accounts Found on Twitter

Twitter being such a popular social networking site, some are always up to some nuisance regarding this. It has become so popular because as the common mass gets to be acquainted with what is being posted by their favorite stars, whom they always look up to.

So, there is an ardent urge amongst the commoners to be a part of it and for doing so they do not even think one’s before creating a fake account. There are a huge number of fake accounts lobbed at this social networking site. Because of the tight criteria to be an account holder on Twitter people make fake accounts by filling in wrong details about themselves which denotes that how ill-responsible these people are. A research done in UK proved that Twitter which is one of the largest networking site that binds even more than 350,000 and even more, have to encounter such threats.

This is a major problem in the era of social networking and simultaneously where cyber crime is getting increased day by day. It is very difficult to figure out that exactly what number of fake accounts are there, but attempts are being taken to figure out the culprits. One of the computer scientist Juan Echeverria at UCL have unveiled the larger network of fake accounts. His research in this field took a leap by combining thoroughly 1% of the sample of people who use Twitter to get a proper knowledge of how people use this social site.

On further analysis very strange results came out that shocked everyone associated with the research. They discovered that there were several accounts that were linked up together, which suggested that there is a single person who is the master mind of this whole range of fake accounts. It was pretty evident that this work was not the work of a human.

Further discoveries in this field suggest that it is difficult to find out the culprit as they all tend to act differently to even some genuine accounts.

The researchers are now asking the people who use this website and have a twitter account to report immediately if they find any bots as they are so many in number that it is next to impossible for a group researchers to locate all of them. They have suggested nuances to locate these bots as these bots will have created an account recently, they won’t have much followers and will have weird user names and very few messages.

They are likely to share tweets from the places where no human being lives, mostly the messages are dropped from Window phones, they even draw liners from Star Wars Novels. So, these are the traits of having a fake account which every user should take a note on.

The situation has become very oxymoron where the researchers after spotting this huge network of bots go on locating many more, as if there research would never come to an end. This is a serious problem that should be handled intensely.

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