Saturday 30 November 2013

Samsung admits Outlook sync issue with Android 4.3 update

Samsung Galaxy S4
After the update to Android 4.3, many users have complained about problems with synchronization with Outlook. Samsung has now confirmed this and thus added another chapter to the current inglorious history of Android updates for the Galaxy family. Android 4.3: Samsung confirms problems with Outlook synchronization.

 The problems of Synchronization with Outlook currently relate to the Samsung's Galaxy S4 , but should also occur with other Galaxy models. Users report that their Samsung Galaxy S4 after updating to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean partout did not want to interact with Outlook.

Samsung has now given the problems in a statement and promised a solution. It should be done by a timely update. A date for the update is not yet announced, hence anyone who owns a Galaxy Smartphone and relies on the synchronization with Outlook, should until then refrain from installing Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on his device.

Currently, when it comes to Android updates, the update to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S3 already caused major problems of WLAN crashes about declining battery life up to complete crash. Finally Samsung pulled the update for the instruments from last year back and now needs to look the quality assurance again.

Thursday 28 November 2013

Get iOS7 Look on Your Android with Espier Launcher

Espier Launcher
Apple as of late reported its next emphases of iphones and the planet became insane obviously. Showing a show of cool colors and advanced characteristics, the new iphone 5s and 5c will both be shaking ios 7, a smooth, current working framework that disposes of the old symbols and gleaming complete for a more level and contemporary plan. As somebody who utilizes both ios and Android mechanisms, I really think ios 7 looks extraordinary and lean toward its outline over the default Touch wiz home screen and application symbols on my Samsung Galaxy S3—or even on stock Android.

Because of the engineers over at Espier Studio, who additionally presented to us the ios 6 topics for Android, we can now carry the ios 7 home and bolt screen to our GS3s.

Setting up Espier Launcher iOS 7 

When you fix and open up the free Espier Launcher ios7 from Google Play, the application will ask to approve your download. Permit the acceptance and it will be affirmed in a matter of seconds. At this point, your home screen might as well immediately change to its ios 7 variant. Assuming that you have not made Espier Launcher your default home launcher, you can do so by pressing the Home bind. It will request that you Complete movement utilizing... furthermore you can pick Always for Espier Launcher ios7 This could be changed by set to Settings -> Applications Manager -> All and after that clearing the default on the launcher.

The startup way 

In spite of the fact that numerous Android clients stand factional against ios, there are still bounty who can like certain parts of Apple's versatile Os. Considering this, designers regularly deliver as promised with applications offering goodies of the iphone or ipad experience on Android phone permitting Droidsters to dress their apparatuses up in the ios interface. The new Espier Launcher ios 7, as you may envision, permits you to make your mechanism look just as its running Apple's most recent and most fabulous, and with ios 7 not really discharging to people in general until eighteenth September, you can really get the gold before your iphone-cherishing mates.

Espier Launcher ios 7 permits you to carry that ios 7 experience to your ios 7, gives you a chance to change your Nexus or Galaxy phone phone into something looking like a chomped Apple.

Like Espier's past deliberations, much tender loving care has been paid in making these two applications, and when both are instituted, the consequence is a somewhat persuading ios 7 impression. Indeed, its not literally the same thing, and there are one or two inconsistencies contrasted and the genuine article, however in general, its a really great exertion, and effortlessly the best ios 7 experience you're prone to find over at the Google.

Espier Screen Locker iOS 7 

There is an expert form of the launcher on Google Play ($8.00), yet you can additionally just buy certain accessible characteristics in the application itself, for instance uprooting the Apphub envelope, hide/lock the symbol, open the widget sheet, and spare pictures from online exhibition. In the event that that doesn't engage you, the free adaptation alone ought to be fine. Notwithstanding you can establish the Espier Screen Locker ios7 to finish the search for the lock screen. When instituted, you have to impair your other bolt screens. Only got to Settings -> Lock screen and select none. It can additionally be incapacitated inside the Screen Locker ios7 application, under System Screen Lock.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9
The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 will offer high image quality and many features. Where the problem lies and whether the purchase is worth, let us analyze. Amazon's new tablet Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 currently costs around 379 Euros as of end today. Who hears “Kindle”, usually thinks of a eBook reader - but now with the Kindle Fire models Amazon has offered complete tablet PCs since 2012 in the program.

And the new Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is part of the recently announced third generation. It is a slim and lightweight design. The mere 7.8 millimeters thick and 374 grams heavy Fire is processed perfectly look very sophisticated and can be operated comfortably. This applies only to actions on the touch screen. The Fire is very responsive and accurate.

The control buttons has hidden on the back of Amazon. If you want to adjust the volume blind or send the Kindle to stand- by mode, it needs little practice. The 8.9-inch touch screen (22.6 cm) is a splendor; it displays images and movies with 2560x1600 pixels crisp and with rich colors.

The display also provided in the test with 502 candelas per square meter, a comparatively high brightness and good contrast (1543:1). The maximum viewing angle for both horizontal and vertical viewing is sufficient with 75 degree. Fire HDX worked very fast with all applications - no program forced the Amazon tablet to its knees. The core is the generic class processor Snapdragon by Qualcomm 800. The four cores clocked at a maximum of 2.15 gigahertz.

A card slot for memory expansion is also missing as an HDMI port for picture playback on a TV. The Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 tinkers well and is very well made and provides brilliant picture quality. Unfortunately, the operating system is trimmed to meet the budget and not on fun.

Best Android Call Recorder App

Call recorder
Recording your telephone discussion may turn out to be a somewhat convenient offer much of the time, and we are not actually discussing payment requests here, rather the plain old disregarding of a shopping record your wife specified on the telephone and went into a tunnel exactly when you were pondering was it skim milk or 2%.

In truth, some Android handsets accompany a preinstalled call recorder in the dialer application, which comes in exceptionally convenient, yet for the individuals who don't, there are committed applications in the Play Store. Shockingly, call recording on Android is still hit-or-miss, greatly reliant on the apparatus and the programming form, and you may need to record on speaker frequently. Motorola telephones, for example, infrequently apply, the Galaxy S Iii has workaround issues after the Jelly Bean overhaul, and the S Ii needs the recording sources tinkered with, to name a couple.

MP3 InCall Recorder 

This is one of best application to record approach android. The application was focused to meet all client prerequisite and give full control of call recording. This high caliber mp3 voice call recorder expend less memory and equipped to record a hour of bring in only 7mb size. Client can additionally keep parcel of the record by altering and cutting part of the discussion then save another index. The snappy begin catch could be place anyplace. The application likewise fit to precede record call actually when client are in holding up and gain another cal.

Call recorder for Android 

Call recorder is the most downloaded basic android call recording application on Google play store. The application permits client to spare the record in different position. In the wake of establishing the application empower the on key and it will immediately begin recording when you have a call. An alternate incredible characteristic is the capacity to synchronize with "drop box" to spare records on cloud.

Automatic Call Recorder 

An alternate most appraised and famous application for call recording work. The application permits to set which calls ought to be recorded and which ought not to be. Recordings will be spared in an inbox, from where client can Listen, include notes and offer. Drop box synchronization transfers recordings to cloud. There is additionally an ace form of Automatic Call Recorder application accessible permitting to immediately record call from specific contacts and spare them to cloud.

Galaxy Call Recorder 

In the event that you possess a telephone from Samsung Galaxy Series then this application might come exceptionally helpful to spare voice discussion. Cosmic system Call Recorder uniquely intended for Samsung Galaxy Series cell phones. The key characteristic is the capacity to catch two-route recording on Samsung Note 2, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S Iii. On different apparatuses the application utilize mouthpiece to catch sound. Download these Best Android Call Recording App and attempt on your gadget. Gave us a chance to know which android call recorder application you are presently utilizing. Look at additional extraordinary free applications in our Best Android Apps segment.

Is it time to burn your post-it notes and notepads? Enter Evernote

Do you carry your Moleskine notebook around with you everywhere you go? Do you have post-it notes dotted around your monitor, hanging off your desk and generally covering your work area? If so, maybe you should try using Evernote to simplify your life.
Evernote is a cloud note-taking service that makes it easy for you to save notes (or small chunks of text) to the cloud. Any notes, web addresses, text or other content that you save is stored on a remote server, and can be accessed by any device which can run a relatively modern web browser or a version of the Evernote app. Evernote is great for saving to-do lists, notes, insightful forum posts or small chunks of text from within ebooks. Anything you save on your desktop, you can access on your smartphone and vice-versa.
Creative Uses for Evernote
While most people use Evernote as a simple note-taking service, you can share notes with other Evernote users, and this is where the service really comes into its own. You can create notes with project related to-do lists or shopping lists, and have your team mates tick of items as they are completed. You can also save useful links and quotations into a global note that everyone in your office can benefit from.
Evernote is perfect for remote or mobile workers because it combines the convenience of on-the-fly note taking (you can install a browser plugin that adds "clip to Evernote" to your right-click menu) with the ability to access your notes from anywhere in the world. Instead of ringing the office and hoping that a colleague will be on hand to read off that number from the post-it on your desk, you can just log in to Evernote on your smartphone and check the number yourself.
Evernote can handle more than just text, too. You can use it to save almost any kind of digital content, from PDFs and text to images. You can even link it up to automated services such as If This Then That, which will filter your email and RSS subscriptions and archive, filter or delete content depending on keywords, context and other conditions. The beauty of evernote lies in its simplicity and its flexibility - no matter what you need it for it can fit your life.
The Downside to Evernote
The main downside to Evernote is that it is a cloud service, and this means that you need Internet access to take full advantage of it. In addition, since the authentication system is just a username and password, there is always some risk of your account being hacked, and the attacker viewing sensitive data or deleting information from your account.
You can mitigate some of that risk by regularly backing up your notes, and by using secure passwords, but no online service will ever be completely secure. If you want to store data that will always be "for your eyes only", then you should buy a notebook and a pen, and then never let that notebook out of your sight.
Crispin Jones has written for a number of business related publications over the years. A fan of all things time management he hopes to retire by the time he is 38 and a half! A recent infographic that Crispin worked on for Name Badges International was featured on Entrepreneur

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Gionee launches Smartphone Elife E7

Gionee Elife E7
Chinese Smartphone manufacturer Gionee has proudly announced its latest Smartphone, the Gionee Elife E7. When looking at the specifications; this unit can easily compete with the most expensive high-end Smartphones of the famous brands.

Thus, the Elife E7equipped with a 5.5- inch Full HD screen Gorilla Glass 3, a 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB RAM and a camera. According Gionee the camera is as good as a normal compact camera. The camera is equipped with the same 16 megapixel sensor that can be found in for example the Canon IXUS140 and the Casio EX - ZR1200 is.

The lens is supplied by manufacturer Largen lens and auto - focus motor comes from Shicoh. The Elife E7 is also equipped with an 8 megapixel camera on the front, which according Gionee is better than the camera of the iPhone 5S.

The device has a super narrow edge of 2.33 mm for the screen and also offers 16GB/32GB storage, 4G LTE, NFC , Wi -Fi and GPS . Gionee informed that there are different versions of the E7 will come, including a model with 2GB of RAM instead of 3GB, a 2.2 GHz processor and no 4G on the market. Prices range from t 325 to 425 Euros.

Zopo Launches Zopo ZP998, A Smartphone For A Cheap Price

Zopo ZP998
Chinese zopo has launched the ZOPO ZP998 world's first Smartphone with an octa - core processor. The ZP998 is equipped with the new MediaTek MT6592 processor, which has eight cores and a clock speed of 1.7 GHz. The unit is also equipped with a 5.5 -inch full HD display, 2GB RAM, a 14 megapixel camera with F2.0 lens, NFC and dual - band Wi - Fi.

According to MediaTek, the MT6592 processor is faster than 800 Snapdragon processor that can be found in many other high-end Smartphone. The processor is supported by a 700MHz GPU Mali 450MP4. This seems almost certain that the ZP998 is more than suitable for gaming.

The 9.1 mm thick ZP998 runs on Android 4.2. Many features and apps are included; for example, the camera app which has 'Beatification' options to decorate photos and you can pick up the phone from sleep mode by means of gesture commands. Write your finger for example a 'C' (‘call') on the screen, then immediately launch the phone app. The 'e ' helps you to launch the browser and the 'z' gives you the phone only from sleep. It is also possible to set the applications with your own gestures.

 The ZP998 is equipped with 32GB of storage, a microSD card reader for an additional 64GB of additional storage, a 5 megapixel front camera, Bluetooth 4.0, USB OTG, Wi - Fi Direct, and with a battery with a capacity of 2.400mAh . Given the high-end specs you'd probably expect a relatively high price, but that the price is very nominal one. The ZOPO ZP998 is internationally available for only $ 299.99.

Intel Broxton; A platform for mobile phones and tablets

Intel Broxton
Intel Broxton is an Atom -based platform for tablet and mobile phone. Intel has somewhat missed the tablet and Smartphone boom, but now wants to catch up with Qualcomm and others in the row. The solution provides the chip giant in a common platform concept for Smartphones and tablets codenamed as Broxton.

As of 2015, Intel plans to the Broxton chips that will succeed the current Atom CPUs code named as Bay Trail and in the beginning of 2014 to the market next Atom CPUs codenamed Cherry Trail produce, in 14 -nm process. Broxton will include improved atomic cores codenamed “Gold Mount “and a higher-performance GPU; Compared to the current atom of the Bay Trail – generation, Broxton can reach five times the CPU and 15 times the GPU performance!

 However, Intel will not only attack the high-end segment. By starting in Q3/Q4 2014 Atom CPU “SoFIA " Intel is targeting the tablet and mobile phone market for beginners and very price-conscious buyers. The highly integrated chip (SoC - System on Chip) will contain a 64- bit processor graphics unit and UMTS / LTE modem.

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Nokia Lumia 925 Review

Nokia Lumia 925
Camera owing to be an important feature in mobile as customer choose mobile for taking snap and share with social networking sites than digital camera. Perceptive this scenario Nokia has launched Lumia 925 with its camera innovation to this Windows Phone. Not much differing with Lumia 920 it is slightly weightless with all the hardware same. The sport metal frame gives a premium look to the new Windows Phone.

Depiction about Design: 

Nokia has designed many models to satisfy the user but to attract among those is Nokia Lumia 925 one of the finest Nokia smartphones ever. Aluminum encases this besides metal design that gets inconsistent. It is Sleeker and lighter than the Lumia 920 at 139 grams. Its assured color options available are Black, Grey and White which differs from 920 that established Red and Yellow. So this new color will appeal to all users fond of Nokia smartphone.

Unlike the other Lumia phones with polycarbonate it comprises sport sturdy aluminum frame with brushed finish, curved all over and corners are rounded and supported with black bands at either sides that emphasize the metal frame. The front end is supported with glass panel of 4.5-inch Amoled display of the device. The front camera and ear piece is set at the top of the display, volume and camera shutter key at the right side of the phone. No keys at the left end and bottom but Micro-USB port and 3.5mm headset jack at the top. Unlike the other Lumia Polycarbonate are present only at the back end with adding to the feature a white colored plastic plate. Attractive 8.7-megapixel camera lens with LED flash, speaker grill are located at the back along with Nokia brand. Battery is not removable from the phone.


Nokia Lumia 925 sported with 4.5-inch Amoled ClearBlack with a resolution of 768x1280 pixel with PureMotion HD+. The pixel density on display stands at 1080p like the displays of HTC One and Galaxy S4, but not noticeable while using phone. This will tend to feel true when using Windows Phone’s dark theme that shines on the Lumia 925 display and text feels crispy and vibrant contrasting the deep black. Amoled displays are used for reproducing the colors accurately, has some special settings for tinkering the screen’s color for saturation. Additional setting help in Amoled screen to a large extent.


Nokia offers a PureView branding to its camera on debut to Nokia 808 which had some slight tweak. It also used the same one to the Nokia Lumia 925. It features 8.7-megapixel camera found on the Lumia 920 along with that is offers one more lens on the top of the remaining five lens. It appeals that has improvement in its camera from 920.

It has been observed that phone camera has good quality over the daylight. Due to offer of Amoled feature it offers accurate reproduction of color. The lens focus does have haywire while you need an quick shot. When you need an perfect shot you have to wait a little, default app that is provided offers ISO, Exposure and White balancing settings. The Flash can be turned off when not needed. Some of the top features where the phone excels is that Image Stabilization, it has suspended the entire Lumia 925 that absorbs shake and produce a quality image. If you’re a person who would like to take video on the go you will surely love this Nokia Lumia 925.

Best Top 5 Mission Based Games

Nowadays lots of games are released and most of them are very much attracted by the children as well as the adults. Most of them are attached to the storylines and also with various progresses with so many missions. The mission based games are looks more interesting and also they are attractive. In this article, you can get information about the best top 5 mission based games and they are as follows;

1.Grand Theft Auto 5:

 Grand Theft Auto 5 is a very popular game which is known for its missions as well as its role playing.Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently not available for the PC but soon it will available for the PC. It is available in the PlayStation which brings you inside a wonderful story line of a gangster. Other than Grand Theft Auto 5, no one have the criteria to take the first place in this list. Grand Theft Auto 5 has a brilliant eye-popping animation and also the graphics. Grand Theft Auto 5 allows you to play with three different characters and you can link with these three characters to each other.Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the top selling games of all times.

2.Max Payne 3:

Max Payne 3 is another mission based game which is renowned for its Hollywood movie “MAX PAYNE”. Max Payne 3 allows you to play a mission based role in which you need to finish off the villians who were responsible for the death of his child and his wife. After the 9 years of waiting, Max Payne 3 has been released that makes it very famous and awesome. Max Payne 3 is too violent and you will get a heavy block buster action in this movie. Max Payne 3 comes with cool graphics and also a perfect story line.

3.Hitman Blood Money:

Hitman Blood Money is a popular game which is based on the movie titled Hitman. In this game, you will be hired as an assassin and you need to assassin the targets by maintaining the stealth mode and you have to escape from the securities and also with the guards.Hitman Blood Money allows you to use a wide range of weapons which ranges from small maelee to snipers too. Once completing this game, you will experience a better gameplay in the Hitman Blood Money.

4.Call of Duty Black Ops II:

Call of Duty Black Ops II is a best person shooting game which allows you use awesome game play with wide range of weapons. You will able to use list of cool weapons andCall of Duty Black Ops II has a list of cool missions. Call of Duty Black Ops II has filled with hard and rough challenges missions with multiplayer support too.

5.Far cry 3:

In Far cry 3, you will start with a tropical island where there would be no support for you. Far cry 3 allows you to form allies with some people and you need to eliminate the enemies. Finally you need to rule the entire island.

Top Five Best Photo Sharing Sites for Public Sharing

Photo sharing is a massive thing which allows you to get benefitted by sharing your valuable pictures in the photo sharing websites. If you were a graphic designer and also if you’re a photographer, you will obtain tons of benefits from those sites when you were sharing your images in those sites. It will have more effect than your social media websites. In this post, you can get few ideas about the best photo sharing sites and they are given below;

1. PhotoBucket:

PhotoBucket is a extra ordinary website which bring out lot of opportunities for the emerging photographers and also for the graphic designer.PhotoBucket provides an easier way to upload your images over that website. You can easily customize your images with the PhotoBucket since it provides lots of options for customizing your images and also you can customize you image with the help of the PhotoBucket. PhotoBucket also enables you to add background music to your slideshows. You can easily maintain your privacy with the help of the PhotoBucket and even you can protect your photos which are uploaded on the PhotoBucket website. You can easily share your picture in the PhotoBucket to your friends and it also adds sharing of your image in the social media websites.

2. Picasa:

Picasa is one of the best photo sharing website which is created and maintained by the Google Inc. Basically Picasa is a tool which allows you to process your image with the help of your Google account. Picasa comes in both online and offline versions; you can edit your image offline and you can easily add them in the websites by using the Internet.Picasa is user friendly website which lets you to share your image in all possible manners. By using the Picasa, you can link your image with your blogger account in simpler steps. Even you can easily include these pictures in your blog posts with the help of Picasa.

3. ShutterFly:

ShutterFly is another reputated website which is used for sharing and uploading the image which is created or snapped by you.ShutterFly allows you get printed your image in very affordable prices too. You can create a micro-site with the help of the ShutterFly, and you can include all of your images in that site. You can easily create as many as possible by using ShutterFly.

4. Flickr:

Most of us would have heard about which allows you to share your images over the internet.Flickr is the most used photosharing website by most of the people around us. When you get signed up in the, you will get 100MB of limited space per month and you can store the image practically unlimited for longer time. This website also offers you to use the Geotagging features in your images.

5. 500px:

 If you were a professional photographer, then you can go for this website, you can upload your image as well as you can share your images over the web very easily by using 500px.

Move To `Sky’ And Experience The Difference

Sky voucher
Interested in experiencing a world of difference in entertainment, come to Sky, which are a first rate home phone and broadband service providers, besides catering excellent TV services to their valuable consumers. While switching from the current digital TV provider to Sky, one can avail the sky voucher codes, from; a money saving option which is made available at amazing prices with channels on the latest comedy and popular drama shows, to all Sky consumers.

 To start with, consumers could browse through the services available to get acquainted with the full range of products with Sky TV Boxes and HD offers and also understand the unrestricted access to channels which can only be enjoyed through Sky, namely Sky Atlantic. They could also choose the TV bundle or pack from the available options which could suit their range of preference and budget and opt for the same.

Moreover, customers could also have the choice of building their own bundle with the help of the online facility. Consumers could tailor their subscriptions in line with their family’s requirements in deciding on the appropriate Premium and Entertainment packages or bundles since Sky has the capacity of offering consumers the best viewing experience offered at a fair price.

 Switching to Sky has a lot of benefit to the viewer wherein consumers can enjoy the largest choice of TV channels which has been offered at attractive price. Moreover Sky consumers have the opportunity Sky 1, Sky living, as well as the Sky Atlantic and the channels come with the latest popular shows available to viewers.

Besides this, customers also get access to over 60 amazing High Definition channels along with the HD pack which enables them to watch their favorite programs in High Definition picture quality giving a more precise and brighter on screen image. There is also an added benefit of enjoying the Sky channels inclusive of one service which enables the viewer to view from every room of the house and is known as the Multi room which is awesome for large family viewing.

In addition to this, customers on the go and on the move can even watch their favorite shows with the `Sky Go service’ which gives access to a number of channels from their Smartphone or tablet when away from home. They can also upgrade their TV packs for more choice in movies and sports for the whole family and experience awesome viewing.

Shopping without Dropping at eBay

Internet facility has been making great progress in the functions which are quicker and comfortable, with many online portals providing quick and efficient services to their users across the globe. Ebay, one the most popular online portal has been catering to their customers with efficient services in buying and selling products ranging from appliances, electronics, antiques and much more.

Ebay being well established for over a decade and a half has gained high reputation in multinational internet services with its success story of dot-com bubble and presently a multi-billion dollar business which is operative in over thirty countries. The opportunity of ebay india offer codes is of great advantage to the user which provides discounts on various products available.

Being an online auction and a shopping site, people and businesses are provided with an opportunity to buy and sell a variety of products and services thus enabling trade on a local, national as well as international basis. Currency can also be traded at eBay. Besides auction style selling, the site has also expanded to include `Buy It Now”, a standard shopping, shopping by UPC, ISBN or another option of SKU via Online classified advertisement via Kijiji or eBay classified, online event ticket trading via StubHub, online money transfers through PayPal and other services are also available for the benefit of the user.

 Ebay India coupons has been offering users with solutions to save money on purchases of various products ordered from this site and the percentage of rebates they offer enables them to save around 15 to 75 percent on purchases done from their various categories of products. It is a powerhouse filled with huge discount coupons enabling deal users to have a great shopping experience while providing opportunities on savings. These coupon codes are made available at for eBay site. Users also need to know that these coupons codes come with a time schedule which should be utilized within its due time.

Besides, Ebay retails various registered merchandise and also offers insurance and pension plans through its well known policy bazaar as well as dealings in partnerships with restaurants on selected cuisine. Their unique platform, `Dot style’, enables shoppers with around ninety percent concession on large number of apparels while `Paisa Pay’, an ebay creation was especially designed for the purpose of buying and selling of various items. Their photo center also provides the users with opportunities to personalize objects for gifting or keepsake. Overall, Ebay is one of the most widespread marketing portals providing the facility to trade any and every product through the internet.

New AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver Version 13.11 Beta 9.4 For Linux and Windows

AMD has announced the new AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver Version 13.11 Beta 9.4 for Linux and Windows. In cases, no revolution, just bug fixes and other minor improvements. This is the day; AMD put online certified WHQL drivers of its Catalyst 13.11 Windows release. From them, we hardly know anything, except that they bear the Radeon R9 290 and 290x. No doubt the official version now comes with the cards, which is expected to integrate the patch at the ventilation management.

Anyway, the company just announced that it posted its Catalysst 13.11 Beta 9.4. On Windows, it is understood question of support for the latest news, but also fixed a bug on Radeon R9 290 and 290x, which involved the loss of image or appearance of a black screen. The CrossFire support for Call of Duty; Ghosts has been improved while the Enduro technology profiles have been updated. Support for mobile chips is so far behind, through a dedicated driver.

Again, Linux is not forgotten. Indeed, the latest official drivers date from the end of May, and it is the Catalyst 13.4. Again, it come Catalyst 13.11 Beta 9.4; a unified numbering does not hide big change. Indeed, there is good support for Radeon R7 / R9, although the recent R9 270 missing in the official list, but only a few bugs is fixed. Level managed distributions; it generally lacks the latest versions. It is indeed a question of Ubuntu 13.04 but not 13.10, OpenSuse 12.1, but not 13.1, etc. The Linux kernel is, he supported up to version 3.12.

Solutions at Crossroad of Foreign Language

Dakwak platform is a website translation and localization technology which was established in 2009 with a view to simplify the translation service and search engine optimization in different languages for sites. It allows users to deliver translated version of their website to their visitors effortlessly and to tackle the issues that businesses encounter while expanding into international global markets and are at crossroad when faced with the issue of foreign language. Their translation quality being user controlled with multi layered translation system, offers team, machines together with professional translation. In professional translation, they offer three levels of translation namely standard, business and ultra which provides the user with premium quality translations according to their requirements.

The machine translation provides the best machine translation delivering the first translated layer to the website while the refined machine translation enables to tap into big pool of translation that are professionally edited in order to upgrade the quality of the machine translation services. They offer translation solutions enabling businesses as well as influencers, bloggers in launching a fully functional SEO friendly hosted site which is available in sixty languages without the need of any line of code. Being SEO friendly, the translated site can be a search engine, available in various languages enabling users to search in their native languages for translated website through the search engine option providing more leads, customers as well as sales in their businesses thus helping users to benefit from their services tremendously.

 For localized text and media content, the online translation tool offer strict machine translation though they permit the user to gain control over the text as well as the media content on the translated version of one’s website. Moreover the user can also replace specific section of content or current different content for each translated version of the website thus enabling the user to deliver localized content creating a localized experience for their visitors. Translation of the website provides the company an exposure which is recognized globally as well as drives traffic to the website enabling leads to increase sales and revenue which helps in the growth of any company.

Internet being the fastest means of availing products and information, there are a number of consumers across the globe with different languages who require information in their own native language before they make any online purchase and the services provided here enables the user to get the desired information in their own native language Quality translation in the form of machine translation comes in free with the subscription and in case of improvement in quality; users can directly edit the translation on their platform or perhaps with a click get the same done through professional human translator which can automatically get published at one’s site. It is an innovative and a comprehensive platform helping users to simplify the translation thus enabling them to manage, edit and publish the contents translated.

It provides a real time tracking on the progress of translation progress with pre defined criteria with an assurance that the translated content is published only on approval of the user. They have a collaborative environment, with professional translators and internal teams which collaborate at a central area, delivering the translation effectively. Moreover, the edit in place widget, translates content which can be done directly from one’s site while translation memory and mass replacement, stored phrases and words of the project can be used appropriately in context in the translated versions of the site. They are willing to partner with those who can try their service providing sufficient feedback on how valuable and user friendly is the service provided by them.

This service is one of the easiest options provided by Dakwak , where businesses can reach new markets helping people all across to globe to locate and recognize their business from any destination of the world. With the information readily available in one’s local language, it tends to improve on the purchase scenario which helps in making quick decisions after gaining information on all related product to be purchased. To cater to the needs of their customers, Dakwak has also signed deals with Web security provider CloudFlare together with domain hosting service, Go.Co where with CloudFlare, Dakwak’s free application performs search engine optimized translation and is available for download to the user.

In order to get started, users can sign up at the site and get their original website translated through the temporary live website URL though the translated website can be under one’s own domain name through a simple DNS configuration. With the help of their multi layered translation system, users can flexibly choose the quality content of translation of one’s choice for their website either as a whole or specify various translation levels for specific pages where the translations made on their website is initially done on Machine translation level. Consumers could check on the pricing of their plan which varies from simple to advanced and choose the options which fit their requirements.

Great Android Fitness Appcessories

 MOTOACTIV GPS Fitness Tracker
Appcessory will be a new physical item added to interact with your Android phone, Mac or tablet. Many range of item are available at stores, such as from children’s toys to blood pressure monitors are available. This is going to take care of your health in a better way and appcessories will help you to make out most of your workouts.

Considering with Android phones purchased at larger amount and price to leave at little bit lower nothing went great till this instance. But this new appcessories will inspire you take up physical exercise like jogging at a more comfortable zone.

FitBit Ultra:

Fitbit has come special feature of some of other devices like, pedometer, accelerometer, and sleep tracker that will clip onto your pant pocket especially for men. This one will suits for women of if they clip it in front of their bra, it will be much more comfortable.

This device not only performs functions of device mentioned above but adding walking distance, the number of stairs you have climbed, time taken for your sleep, and it also determines how long you’re active during the day. This performs by wireless communication when you are connected to computer. It is also possible to track the information in Web through Fitbit’s Android or iOS app.

2. MOTOACTIV GPS Fitness Tracker and Music Player:

MOTOACTIV is just a device above the jogging accessory along with the Android device by their design. It is available at regular version and gold edition. MOTOACTIV can either be used as Android phone or just a detached device.

MOTOACTIV just fits in your wrist like an watch, stores music, monitors the distance you ran, also your heart rate and makes it schedule for you to walk and run. Since it performs like an Android device it’s pricy at the cost of $200-$300 relying on the model you choose.

3. Jabra Sport Bluetooth Stereo Headset:

Sometimes tunes help you to boost up your workouts. This Jabra Sport Bluesport headset provides full stereo without the cords getting in your way via a standard Bluetooth. You can place your device anywhere either at your back pocket or front pocket. This is very compatible with the android version of Endomondo.

4. Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale:

Do you regularly note at what time you would wake up, It’s hardly not possible to record in morning. Withings offers a bathroom scale that weighs your weight and body fat, estimates BMI and sends those information wirelessly to many websites, also this is supportable with many other Apps and devices. So this could hang out your diet plan and your morning records.

FitBit also introduced a similar device of wireless functionality by 2012. This app is also supportable by Fitbit.

5. ScoscheMyTrek Wireless Pulse Monitor:

MyTrek is a device that attaches to your forearm and will monitor your pulse to gauge workout intensity. This device is similar to that of Motorola’s watch idea. TomTom is build-in GPS to provided to measure intensity of your workouts. It comes out with Android as a free version or iOS. So there is no need to buy more appcessory than to use actually.

Top Android Sport Apps

Keep you In Game Whenever You Are

Android Sport Apps
For fervent sports fans a time away from gaming is too long. Providentially for those who carry an Android phone with access to Android market can download as man gaming app as possible and try to engage with that. Developers of Gaming will also entertain with the same spirit.

1. NFL Apps for Android

NFL go on with to be the most popular gaming developer in USA. Owing to it’s popularity the Internet is packed with blogs, websites loaded with stats. If you need to have a scoring updates, any latest news or to meddle up with football fix, there are quite a few Apps devoted to the NFL so that app are available on your Android devices. Their categories in the Android market, surplus either for free or for fee, get it and install on your Android device. What stuff this app really provide you? They often provide you NFL news, Scoring updates, Player and team statistics, Standing and lots more.

They set free their content better than others.

2. NCAA Men’s Basketball

For those who have a busy schedule all the throughout the day and hardcore fan of basket and is not so easy to watch out every tournament game, but with this app you can always have an update through the end.
Match viewing is not possible but updates on NCAA Men’s tournament, and provide in-details about favorite team, player. So NNCA app is available at stores.

3. NHL

Basket being the most important by developers doesn’t mean Hockey has been neglected. Avid hockey fan can find out the app in Android market published NHL app that tops the app among hockey. Everyone cannot afford it because it is published at paid subscription. Most of the app being fee free, they may charge a little bit. This is no more being a great deal because news stream on Hockey is no longer a tough task, thanks to Android market and few hockey developers to publish at affordable rate or fee free.

4. MLB

Interested in following your favorite team rite from the pre-season through October ball, when you are not finding time to stay at television, this dissatisfaction can be tolerated with your Android app that helps you to keep you updated.

Pre-Season don’t have much to deal with too many matches, but regular season consist of 162 games. So there prevails many changes and many of MLB apps have Rss feed option used to surf internet deliver the latest news and buzz about your favorite player and team. On installation of this app you are assured that you won’t miss any action in America.

5. NBA and WNBA

Among the major sports, NBA has always given a kick spirit to their fans. This app keeps you update with all scores, news and buzz available at Android market. Common features shared by this app are scoring updates, detailed standing, team and league news, player information.

Hardcore NBA fans having access to Android market is thrilling and will provide all news and updates from around the league.

Learn More Telephone Systems

Communication is the cornerstone of maintaining a solid relationship with your clients and vendors in your business. If you need a solid telephone system, Learn more from companies like QCC. Making sure your customers can reach you to make purchases or talk to your customer service staff about any product or service issues they are having is critical.

Whether you strictly need the essentials of a telephone system and service, or you also need data and security services, a comprehensive company will keep you secure and fully accessible to your clients. Avoid the risk of alienating your customers with a less than stellar communications system. Find the best company to fill your communications needs.

Make sure you find the most current and up-to-date telephone system available to make sure you and your team never miss a phone call. Having the best communications system gives your clients the confidence that you are always available to tend to their concerns and answer any questions they have about your business.
Your communications company should feel a commitment to improving your communications, trying to understand the intricacies of your business and precisely what your communications needs are now and what they might be in the future. Additionally, your communications system company should be as available to you to answer questions as you plan to make staff for your clients.

No business is too large or too small for a professional telecommunications company. Find the company that will help you determine what system will work best to satisfy your customers and let them know they are the most important aspect of your business.

A few of the basic voice-based communications concerns your telecommunications expert should address for you include IP telephony, telephone systems, unified communications, mobility, call center services, automatic call distribution, voice mail systems, presence management, conference bridges, predictive dialing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and carrier services.

In case you need data services, find a telecommunications company that can help with infrastructure, routing, cabling, switching, WAN integration, Internet access, help desk matters, server maintenance and upgrades, network management, a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), a T-1 Carrier Line and more.

Since so much of your communications will rely on Internet access that might entice intruders, make sure you find a company that offers you security measures to keep your company's communications safe and secure from outside parties.

Top Must Have Applications for Your Windows Mobile

loopt logo
Windows is the series of smart phone operation system that is developed by Microsoft. Apart from the android operating system and iOs, Windows Operating system has been a popular operating system in the gadgets world. Windows mobile may have N number of apps which lets you to offer variety of features in the Smartphones. In this post, you can get the top must have applications for the windows operating system enabled smartphones. Here are the top must have applications for your windows mobile.

1. Twitter

Realtime search, top tweets, trending topics, and more are offered for official twitter clients for windows phone. This app will bring you the full Twitter experience as it does with Windows Live and Facebook. The only drawback here is that the Twitter app does not run in the background. This is one of my favourite application for my windows mobile which allows the users to hang out what is happening around the twitter world.

2. AP mobile

AP news comes to your Windows Phone handset. The app consists of exclusive photos,breaking stories and video from the trusted news sources. It also uses GPS to get local news stories. Sharing of news stories on social networks like Twitter and Facebook is also possible.

3. Weatherbug

Weatherbug includes forecast,local weather conditions, Doppler radar, live weather cameras etc. The app can be initiated to the start menu and is an active live tile that shows the current weather conditions on your home screen. This application can be useful for forecasting the weather report and you can easily plan according to it.

4. GoVoice

GoVoice is one of the first Google Voice applications which are not a official version to hit the Windows Phone marketplace. It displays your call history Google Voice inbox and transcribed voicemails.

5. Loopt

The social mapping program is now in Windows Phone that allows you to connect with your friends by sharing your status and location among friends. With this app, you can find your friends on a map and status updates and view their photo in real-time.

6. Poynt

Poynt is a location-based app that will help you find local businesses, movies, restaurants, and weather. The app gets your GPS co-ordinates and grabs websites, phone numbers and map directions for these local points of interest. Dining reservations and buying movie tickets can also be made by this application. The app is available only for customers in the US and Canada.

7. Yelp

This is the popular location-based application that will help you voice and find your opinion on local restaurants, bars, shops and more from your Windows Phone. But you cannot pull down personalized content like bookmarks and favourites.

8. Photobucket

The Photobucket application helps you to upload videos and photos from your Windows Phone the application also links to Photobucket’s Find Stuff categories and Search feature so you can download content from Photobucket to use as wallpaper on your phone.

By using these applications, you can easily stay tunes with what is happening around you in this world.

The Best Tech Gifts To Give Out This Year

Let’s face it: we wouldn’t know what to do if it weren’t for our electronic devices. Our smartphones help us take pictures, record videos, jot down notes, and oh yeah, make phone calls, too. Our media centers help us watch the latest movie releases and TV shows easily. Our computers are essential to our jobs. Every year, there’s always something better than the year before. This year, why don’t you get the very best for your loved ones?

- Get the iPhone 5s in gold, space gray or silver. The new iPhone comes with iOS 7 and a bunch of slick new features, including Touch ID, which uses your fingerprint as a lock key, the A7 chip, which delivers fast performance, and a new 8 mega pixel iSight camera. You can get the new iPhone 5s from any number of carriers from stores like Target and Walmart.

- Want to watch movies the way they were meant to be seen? Check out the 3M mobile projector, which is portable, and can connect to all Apple devices. You can hold your own movie festivals or marathon TV screenings anywhere you want, whether it’s in the living room, or in your own backyard. You can find the projector at stores like Walgreens.

- Know a bookworm who can’t stand reading on tablets? Give them the gift of a Kindle Paperwhite, which is designed with readers in mind. The Kindle Paperwhite has an eInk screen that allows for easy reading without glare, and also includes a built-in light so that you can read the screen in low light. Kindle owners can also look forward to GoodReads integration, which will allow them to be social with their friends about their reading habits, and Kindle Freetime, which will help your kids track their reading progress and reward them with achievements when they meet their goals.

- If you have $2200 to spare, you could drop it on the Makerbot Replicator 2, which is a real 3-D printer, and is the perfect gift for someone who has everything. They are guaranteed not to have this. This 3-D printer will fabricate objects out of polymers, based on your own designs, or plans that can be downloaded online.

- Have a super-adventurous friend who lives to bungee-jump, snowboard, and skydive? The GoPro 3D HERO Housing and Sync Cable is the perfect gift. Strap this camera to your friend’s head on her next adventure, and hit record. You can simultaneously download the footage with the sync cable, and have a permanent record of all the falls, jumps, and crazy antics.

- The Wii U Deluxe is the next step in the evolution of gaming consoles. This system comes with the Wii U GamePad controller, which has its own screen, and can be used either alone or in conjunction with the main console and other Wii remotes. The GamePad has its own camera, stylus, microphone, and support for Near Field Communication (NFC). Play in your own sandbox with the Wii’s built-in software such as Wii U Chat, Nintendo TVii, or immerse yourself in the Miiverse online community.

By Allison Preston. Allison is an avid shopper and an experienced writer with a passion for deals and coupons and for saving her readers money. She currently writes for leading coupon and online promo code site based in Santa Monica, California.

Monday 25 November 2013

Samsung makes quiet push for new mobile OS Tizen

So far, Samsung sold devices with Android. But with Tizen the Koreans have an operating system in hand, which is equally suitable for their products like cameras, televisions and refrigerators. Tizen 2.0 Magnolia; The Linux-based operating system is not only suitable for Smartphones and tablets, but also for cameras, televisions and refrigerators.

Samsung's success is currently to a large extent on Smartphones and tablets with Android. However, the operating system is open despite code under the control of Google. With Tizen the Korean company is now having a better alternate operating system, whose development is already well advanced and is even suitable for cameras, televisions and refrigerators.

In addition to the devices are still lacking, especially apps. Samsung is playing a leading role in the development of Tizen and the manufacturer who has already announced products with the software - but still working in the Tizen Association with other well-known companies. This includes manufacturers such as LG, Fujitsu, Huawei, Sharp and Panasonic, mobile companies like Vodafone, Orange, and SK Telecom. But also companies from other areas such as McAfee, Trend Micro or eBay are also take part. Overall, the association has a proud 46 members in 2013 end.

Beginning of November 2013 took advantage of the Samsung developer conference of Tizen to introduce the NX300M, the first system camera with Tizen OS. Apart from the operating system few differences to Samsung NX300 can be seen. For now, the Tizen camera appears but for around 600 Euros  in South Korea. A Smartphone from Samsung was expected in early 2013. 

Currently iOS and Android shares the major Smartphone and tablet pie among themselves. Microsoft manages resistant with Windows Phone. BlackBerry does not matter more and more systems such as Firefox OS, Ubuntu or Jolla have not yet found widespread use. Samsung is now well known enough and has enough power to establish and have financial resources to make it's own operating system on the market.

 The development of Tizen OS is already at an advanced stage without equipment for sale - for the beginning of 2014, the version 3.0 is already announced - and if the prospect is that Samsung sells millions of devices, then no developer will want his app withheld from the public, so that the Tizen App Store fills quickly.

SkyDrive gets major update for iOS!

After a long wait of two year Microsoft SkyDrive app is entitled to a major update on iOS. SkyDrive and Microsoft signed application provides access to a storage space in the cloud of society. The war between the services for these digital lockers in the cloud is fierce between Dropbox Box, Google Drive etc.

It is therefore logical that Microsoft provides an updated saving and necessary for its application for iOS 7 in these days. First, it becomes now possible to upload your photos and videos automatically to the cloud SkyDrive with their iPhone or iPad.

This feature already exists on the application of competing services but also now available for SkyDirve App for Windows Phone. The user can decide if he wants the transfer takes place only via Wifi or wish to transfer via the cellular network. But it also has the option to define whether the photos will uploaded to their original resolution or a lower resolution to save space up on SkyDrive.

But main disadvantage is that the downloading pictures and videos to servers cannot be done in the background. Microsoft has also announced a new feature for editing and viewing documents using Office Mobile and OneNote integration. It is now actually possible to directly edit documents stored on SkyDrive from both mobile applications. SkyDrive for iOS also has made some changes in the appearance with clean design.

Android VPN Connection

Android VPN Connection
Android phones have merged and produced a phenomenal changed in mobile technology. This popularity to Android phone was due to its calling, texting, media, browsing and lots more. If your owing an Android Smartphone then browsing tends be a major part. User usually use browsing through mobile data, Hotspots, Wi-Fi and many of those, but these are not the most secured way to surf the internet and due to increasing cybercrime security user have to opt for a secured browsing.

It’s a need to be secured in internet to avoid unnecessary site warning and dilemma. To overcome this scenario user can secured online via VPN connection. VPN become a must in Android phones to escape from cybercrimes as their snatch towards unsecured user have become a lot. If user need to be safe online then a secured and protected path to their desired information is a necessity and these are provided by VPN. To find the best solution to this is provided.

“ “VPN connection. This VPN site usually provides unrivaled security and unsurpassed protection.

With many new features added to android phones VPN has become a prominent in android operating system. VPN provides you safer technology along with android now user can play with much stuff on internet like business, entertainment and many others. Along with android VPN can be connected by the user to internet via cellular data or Wi-Fi or any other means. It supports many protocols such as PPTP, P2TP, L2TP over IPSec and SSL VPN, along with this Android provide the best security and safety measures. Not only security methods are provided in VPN but it allows gives additional features which may allow access blocked sites and their content with a VPN connection in the Android device. They will also help to support your business along with your needs, you can also have a link up to your company main office and can compress any stuff that you need to do while sitting in your office.

By providing these many features to user Android VPN has really given a stylish and reliable alternative to connect towards the internet. Virtual Private Network is the recent technology that produced a safe and reliable way to surf the net. So user need not worry about the loop holes in security and privacy of the network. Network might be attacked by intruders and an authorized personal people but this VPN will always provide you the best security measure.

VPN provides a speed and satisfactory to user. With more and new apps in Android phone but VPN had taken over lead about every about app and made the user to afford any app with ease. So in order to find the best security that will your support your device can be discovered @ VPN for your android mobile. This let the user to connect to a Wi-Fi for internet with ease and its impressive features and capable of remembering the previous connected networks. This lets you to connect to network in a smarter way. So now try out the VPN with Android and surf the internet in a secured way.

Transcend the Limits of a PDF Catalog by Creating through Online Catalog Software

Your clients get the first peek into your products in your catalog. So, it is imperative that this piece of document showcases your offerings in all their glory so that the beholder feels compelled to pick up the phone or click on the “Buy” button. There was once a time not too long ago when businesses used to put up catalogs in PDF format on their websites.
Some still do, but not the prudent ones. Those business owners and digital marketers who had realized the limitations of the PDF form of catalog have already made the switch to creating their catalogs using powerful online catalog software programs.
The following are the relative advantages of using a piece of online catalog software over PDF documents:
  • Doing away with downloading woes. A PDF catalog has to be downloaded before it can be viewed. On the other hand, a product catalog created using online catalog software does not require the audience to do anything except view it. Because they don’t need to download any document and wait while the process is underway, your audience is encouraged to take a look at the catalog.
  • Creating mobile-ready content. By doing away with the need to download any file, a product catalog created using online catalog software is more mobile friendly than its PDF counterpart. This lets businesses reach out to an ever-increasing segment of the target audience who use their hand-held mobile devices to access the Internet.
  • Creating multimedia-rich content. You want the best features of your products to be highlighted in the catalog. Transcend the limits imposed by the PDF document that can only support 2D images and instead use online catalog software to create interactive and compelling animations—3D views of a product or a walk-through of a furniture store.
  • Grabbing the social advantage. Unlike in PDF documents, social sharing buttons can be embedded within catalogs created using online catalog software. The presence of these buttons within the catalog encourages viewers to share the content and influence the opinions of their friends and followers on the social media.
  • Creating a rich shopping experience. A product catalog created using online catalog software lets you offer a superlative and simplified shopping experience to your customers. Items added to the shopping cart on any of your product sites will automatically be added to the basket on your e-commerce site. Your customers can thus make a single payment for all their buys on a single site.
  • Being able to track viewer analytics. A catalog created using online catalog software scores over a PDF format by dint of its superior analytics tracking abilities. A PDF catalog lets you measure only the number of downloads whereas the former gets into more specific details and keeps track of the exact products that the viewer may have clicked on to find out more about it.
The Ceros digital catalog software allows you to create such feature-rich product catalogs, much superior than PDF documents, which enhance your online marketing efforts and increase your ROI.
This was written by Anthony Lee Turner, a digital marketer and software enthusiast.

Motorola patented a tattoo that reveal your lies

Motorola  tattoo

Motorola patented a tattoo
In science fiction, we often see the future humans with electronic devices embedded in their bodies. Well, know that the future is near! In fact, Motorola has filed a patent for an electromagnetic "tattoo" connected to be placed on your throat.

It lets you communicate with your loved ones and will even act as a lie detector! DGS explains this futuristic patent. Motorola Company, now owned by Google, has recently filed a patent for a strange object; Yes a "tattoo" with electrical circuits that will capture your voice in the clearest way possible because the transmitter will be placed direct contact with your sounding board!

It applies as a sticker holding long on your skin and will be equipped with an antenna, a microphone, a power supply and even a small screen. In short, this device is a real communication device placed directly on your skin that can connect to a Smartphone, or even a Smart Wash Google Glasses. However, this tattoo hides another feature.

Indeed, it could serve as a lie detector as reported in the patent; "The tattoo may include a sensor skin reaction. It has been shown that a user might be nervous or tells lies show different when telling the truth skin reactions. " We love the idea of this new communication device!

However, the issue of polygraph remains unclear. Some journalists sees it already spying on the part of businesses and sounding the alarm bell about the privacy of the user. To take advantage of this technology, is that you would be willing to sacrifice your privacy?

Sunday 24 November 2013

Things that you failed to know about Gmail

Tricks to surf Gmail:

Gmail most used Mail site across the world. Don’t you feel it’s cheap than its available, doesn’t add ads to signature of your Gmail messages letting you use the best available space to your satisfaction.

Still not convinced with the Gmail features? Let you know more about Gmail to make the best use about it.

Tricks to use Gmail:

1.Offers Gmail offline with Google Gears:

On installing Google Gears you can use them in Web like you use it in desktop client. It provides interface at three modes, Online, Offline, and Flaky connection. Flaky connection one don’t have good signal strength. If you have sent message offline, your message will sent when you are connected to internet and you will receive messages that is already sent on availing the connection.

2.Get driving Directions from Gmail:

Have you ever tried sent an invitation with an address? Google by design detects address in the message and creates a link to right of the message and requesting you if liking to map it. It also offers to track the put together that they receive messages that contain them.

3.Turn on Experimental features with Gmail Labs:

Gmail Lab is a feature that is provided by Gmail to experiment with features that aren’t necessarily ready for worldwide release. This isn’t so popular, it so this will be incorporated to main Gmail interface.
Illustrates that inclusion of Mail Goggles attempts you to give headlines test prior to your post on the weekend, it may also include game and useful task.

4.Add Gmail Themes:

It would be boring to use the default theme provided by Gmail. So now it offers you to create your own theme and publish to your Chrome browser. Sometimes the interface created might make you little tough in reading other than that it’s a pure to workout with.

5.Task List:

This feature prolonged not available in Google but it has worth the wait. You are allowed to create your own to-do-items and give access to view it whenever you need to. It provides the notification on due dates and add details as you need. Task list can be hidden, stay above the page or can be viewed in iGoolgle or Google calendar.

6.Use Google App to send Gmail From Own Domain:

Nowadays people provide Gmail address as their professional contact, but still not satisfied with professional look. Then here is an idea to own your own domain, you can make free use of Google App to make it as personal Gmail account.

7.Video Chat From Google:

Gmail offers Google chat and allows you to send message in your contacts and also engage in voice and video chat, supported in both Windows and Mac OS. But at present is not supported in the version of Google Talk.

8.Check The Gmail Server Status:

Have you ever wondered that Gmail is down and have checked the status; you can check the status form Google Apps Status Dashboard.

9.Remember The Milk:

People who aren’t satisfied with Task List of Gmail more service are provided with Milk. Manufacturer is not Google but integrated with Gmail.

Things You Didn’t know you could Do with Google Maps

Google Maps
Think so Google maps help you a lot when you are in a new arena or at strange places, also used to get driving direction to unknown places. Do you know what you can deal with Google Map, let you what make up with it.Here are some tips to deal with Google Maps.

Get Walking Directions: 

User deal with only driving direction to and from a location. You could also possible get walking direction and if permitted get public transportation directions in selected areas. This is not possibly at every instance but try to, select car, walking or transportation and direction in a customized way.

Get Alternative Driving direction by Dragging: 

Sometimes the way direction provided by Maps may coincide with the construction area or toll area and needed to take a longer route by just dragging the path around. It isn’t hard, just with free hand go around find a better path.

Embed Maps on Your Website or Blog: 

On clicking the Link provided Upper right hand side of Google Map will provide URL to use them as your map and it gives you a code. This will help you to embed a map in any web page that supports these kind of embed tags. Many of you have embed an YouTube link, if that is possible then this is also possible to embed a map.


This allows programmers to catch o Google map and combine it with other data sources, so unexpected effects may appear. This states that some effects like what would happen if this place is at nuclear blast.

Create your Own Maps: 

Need not be a programmer to create your map. Just you can add Flags, objects and shapes. Publish and share it with your friends to establish.

Edit location in Google Maps: 

Have you ever noticed that entrance of a company at other side? Don’t save and try to edit it. You can edit every location you could and make things to their original location.

Get a Map of Traffic Condition

Viewing the traffic condition of your city at Google maps, combine this with the alternate route to get out from traffic location and it will navigate to best available route. And also keep a note of not doing these while driving.

Street View

Street view helps to show the image of certain street captured from a special camera, but unfortunately have caused troubles to Google, but indeed this is a way to find address and identifies how your destination will look like. Privacy was the problem with Street View and Google responded to it by Blur faces and license plate numbers from captured images.

Share Location with your Friends

Latitude a feature introduces by Google to share your location with friends. Update to this is provided and you can do it manually or automatically. This Latitude can be used in Phones or standard device that supports Google Map.It might be little hard to enable location sharing but it’s your wish to turn on or off them.

Top 5 Features That Makes Google+ Unique

Google +
Social media is becoming a part of our life and it makes us to spend our time with it. Social media website allows us to stay tuned with the event which is happening around us. We people use social media for many purposes and it acts a medium between you and your friends. Google Plus is a wonderful social media which is maintained by the Google Inc. Since it is from Google, you can get lots of stuff from the Google Plus. In this post you will get few things about the Google Plus;

1.Better Notification system: Google Plus has a better notification system which allows you to get notified when a message is received on your profile. Unlike other social media website, Google has a ultimate notification system which automatically sync the notification into your device. Not only with the device, you will receive the notifications automatically if you’re using any of the Google services such as YouTube, Gmail and so on. If you’re using the above things, you will get automatically get notified with these system. Suppose if you’re using the Gmail for the instance, you will be automatically get notified with the Google Plus notifications.

2.Google Hangouts: Google Plus allows its users to chat with their friends and relatives in their circle by using the Hangouts. Google hangouts are the best platform which brings you a cross interface which let you to perform instant messaging as well as the video chatting.Google Plus Hangout replaces the old Google Talk in your smartphones and you can easily chat with your friends via this application.

3.Integrated Photo Editing system:Google Plus has a built in photo editing system which allows you to edit the photos automatically. You can experience a better image processing in the Google Plus; Google Plus mechanism selects the best image and it rejects other list of images which are blurry and having bad exposures. No need to use Photoshop before uploading images in the Google Plus, Google Plus allows you an inbuilt photo editing system for uploaded image.

4.Hashtags: Google Plus allows you to use hashtags from which you can easily find out the related stuffs over the Google Plus.Hashtags made an easier waywhich allows us to discover new stuff and even you can go through all the post which is related to your hashtag. The implementation of hashtags in Google Plus has made Google Plus to step forward in the social media industries. By simply clicking the hashtag, you can access lots of information about it in a second.

5.Multi-Columns Designed Stream:Google Pluslatest design offers you a fantastic look which made the Google Plus a better choice for the young people.Google Plus makes your post to been seen in a prettier way and you can even post the content which will took more space. Multi-column stream design gives a better life to the Google Plus.

Friday 22 November 2013

Service Pack 1 for Office 2013 will be released

Office 2013
The first service pack for Office 2013 will be released at the beginning of next year. Microsoft says it will be provided for better, enhanced performance and new features.

According to the blog post by Chris Schneider, Marketing manager in the Office team at Microsoft, that the Service Pack 1 for Office 2013 will be published in the early 2014, But there is no further more details about the SP1 or the new products.

Hence we could infer that with the Service Pack1 the Office 2013 will be more powerful and will have more features and tools with improved compatibility with Windows 8.1. In addition to the Office suite, will have the updated for the SharePoint 2013 and Exchange 2013. It is software that is mainly used in businesses to use. Users of Office 365 do not need to update their product. Since this runs in the cloud, it always works with the new version.

With Service Pack Microsoft is expected as usual to summarize all the updates and they will be published. Especially companies will appreciate this type of update, as a service pack can better test internally before it is installed on all computers. For Windows, Microsoft has abolished the SP strategy. The operating system would keep the software company by means of numerous small updates on the current status, which he always offers a timely manner.

How to Create a realistic snapshots of your websites

snapshots websites
Branding is becoming an important factor in improving various kinds of business activities and you can make several changes in your branding by promoting your brand online. Suppose if you have a website or an online business, it is very necessary to brand your website and for that you need to work very hard. There are so many tools are available in the online which lets you to promote your band and you can easily create trends among the people using these tools. Some of these tools may be a free one and also some of them may be a premium one. The premium one ismore effective than the ordinary paid ones. But there are some tools are available online which works like a paid one even they are totally free.

In this post, you can get a detailed info of creating realistic images over a realistic environment Screenshot. By using this online tool, you can create very realistic images of your product. For example, a child holding a mobile in which the screen display the website of your product. This will create a huge mass in the mind of the teenagers in this globe. This tool lets you to choose lots of devices in which your product will be displayed over the screen. is a awesome website which enables you to create a snapshots as shown in the following figure.
By using this online tool you can create as many as screenshots you need to promote your website; you can easily improve your website popularity among the people heart by using such sort of promotions. This online tool easily captures your website image and you can grab the image to insert it over the various devices present in that website. The various steps for creating the screenshots are given as;

Step 1: Open the website ( and you will find some stages and backgrounds for the images. Now you can create awesome screenshots by two ways: 1. by directly uploading the images on the website and 2. Grab the Screenshot of your website by simply entering the URL in the

Step 2: Once selection of particular option has been over, you can download your image from the website very easily.

Suppose if you have selected the second option, then you can easily grab your website screenshot and you can insert then in your image.

This website allows you to create a personalized image of your website and this let you to create a screenshot of your online business. Hence you can easily create a mass promotion of your online business using this online tool.

Creating a brand is not very easier job but it requires a lot of hard work to improve the level of your brand and you need to perform lot of hard work to promote your website or your online business. Hope you liked this article and you can send your feedback through the comment box given below: D