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Saturday, 1 August 2015

How To Set Up Your Own Raspberry Pi Powered VPN


Virtual Private Network – Secure Internet Connection

Websites often tend to track where a user has come from and watch where they head off next.A Virtual Private Network tends to secure your internet connection from prying eyes and is dangerous for several users, especially those travelling or intends to use unsecured wireless network.

A VPN is a network of computers which are connected securely irrespective of the different locations and all utilising different connection methods. The advantage to a VPN is that allcomputers on one are securely connected to one another and their traffic encrypted, keeping it away from prying eyes.

Another benefit to a VPN is that all the computers on one are efficiently on the same network which means that they tend to communicate as though they are next to one another and plugged in to the same router. With the help of Raspberry Pi project, one could control the VPN. In other words, the Virtual private network or VPN helps in browsing the internet more secretly by routing the traffic through a server which is not the point of origin.

Internet Browsing Encrypted & Secure

There are several companies offering services with various degrees of security, cost and if interested in getting technical with some basic coding and a Raspberry Pi computer which comes at a cost of £30, one could build their very own VPN server at home.

A VPN extends one private network into a public places and if one is using Starbuck’s Wi-Fi connection; the internet browsing is encrypted and secure. There are several ways of setting up a VPN with paid services as well as free services though each solution are determined by the way the VPN provider tends to charge and operate as well as the types of VPN options they provide.

The cheapest and the easiest option in keeping the data secureis to refrain from public Wi-Fi. BBC has published a guide in creating your own personal virtual private network in order to browse the Web from a mobile device without the prying eyes of anyone intending to sell your data. They have offered step by step detailed instructions to set up a DIY VPN server with Raspberry Pi.

Download Open VPN Connect for iOS/Android

One would need a Raspberry Pi or Pi 2, an 8GB MicroSD card, a SD card reader a 5v mini USB power supply like a smartphone charger, an HDMI monitor, together with a USB keyboard, an Ethernet cable accompanied with good amount of free time, for the project. Remaining of the instructions would involve various other software which needs to be downloaded and installed, steps in setting up security passwords together with generating keys, configuring networks as well as keys with more coding related steps.

At the end of the project, the user can download Open VPN Connect for iOS or Android on the smartphone or the tablet which enables to input the new privacy configuration in the mobile device. The most important part would be in setting aside the time which would be essential in getting through all the installation as well as security setup, the process of which is quite a length one. Nonetheless, for the sake of more privacy on the Internet, it is worth the extra efforts put in.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Android VPN Connection

Android VPN Connection
Android phones have merged and produced a phenomenal changed in mobile technology. This popularity to Android phone was due to its calling, texting, media, browsing and lots more. If your owing an Android Smartphone then browsing tends be a major part. User usually use browsing through mobile data, Hotspots, Wi-Fi and many of those, but these are not the most secured way to surf the internet and due to increasing cybercrime security user have to opt for a secured browsing.

It’s a need to be secured in internet to avoid unnecessary site warning and dilemma. To overcome this scenario user can secured online via VPN connection. VPN become a must in Android phones to escape from cybercrimes as their snatch towards unsecured user have become a lot. If user need to be safe online then a secured and protected path to their desired information is a necessity and these are provided by VPN. To find the best solution to this is provided.

“ “VPN connection. This VPN site usually provides unrivaled security and unsurpassed protection.

With many new features added to android phones VPN has become a prominent in android operating system. VPN provides you safer technology along with android now user can play with much stuff on internet like business, entertainment and many others. Along with android VPN can be connected by the user to internet via cellular data or Wi-Fi or any other means. It supports many protocols such as PPTP, P2TP, L2TP over IPSec and SSL VPN, along with this Android provide the best security and safety measures. Not only security methods are provided in VPN but it allows gives additional features which may allow access blocked sites and their content with a VPN connection in the Android device. They will also help to support your business along with your needs, you can also have a link up to your company main office and can compress any stuff that you need to do while sitting in your office.

By providing these many features to user Android VPN has really given a stylish and reliable alternative to connect towards the internet. Virtual Private Network is the recent technology that produced a safe and reliable way to surf the net. So user need not worry about the loop holes in security and privacy of the network. Network might be attacked by intruders and an authorized personal people but this VPN will always provide you the best security measure.

VPN provides a speed and satisfactory to user. With more and new apps in Android phone but VPN had taken over lead about every about app and made the user to afford any app with ease. So in order to find the best security that will your support your device can be discovered @ VPN for your android mobile. This let the user to connect to a Wi-Fi for internet with ease and its impressive features and capable of remembering the previous connected networks. This lets you to connect to network in a smarter way. So now try out the VPN with Android and surf the internet in a secured way.