Tuesday 12 November 2013

Best ways to create a websites screenshots

PhotoScape tool
Making a screenshot is a wonderful thing which let you to capture the Awesome moments while you were performing an operation on your local machine or in your laptop.You can also store the information in your device, which are hard to save or store using ordinary methods. By taking screen shots you can even also monitor the various activities of your device when anyone is using your device. You can easily check out the different activities of your local machine user by taking screen shots of your screen or your window. In this post you can learn the various ways through which you can easily take screenshots of the webpages which you were surfing in the Internet. You cannot easily save images by right clicking over it and click save Image in a right click protected websites. In such cases, you can take screenshots of the websites by using the screenshots and process it over image processing software. Here I have discussed two ways of taking screenshot of websites by very easy way. They are given as follows;

By using Print Screen Button

Print screen Button is a button which is an existing key in your keyboard. Your device might be a Personal computer or a laptop, the Print Screen Button is present in your keyboard. The actual work of the print screen keyboard will exactly captures what is going on your screen. This key is also used to take snaps of the website which you were surfing over the internet. Suppose if you were surfing the website which is currently protected by the right-click pressing, you can easily store the various elements which are present in the website. By pressing the print screen key, you can exactly captures what is going over the window screen and stores over the clipboard of your window. You can save the clipboard image by simply opening a photo editing tool in your operating system ( say Microsoft Paint for Windows Operating system and also you can use Adobe Photoshop to save the clipboard image) and open a new file and then paste the image over the document. That all! You have successfully taken a snapshot of the website. This is the simplest way to take a snapshot of a website.

By using PhotoScape Screen Shot Tool 

PhotoScape is a best photo editing tool which comes around only 16MB of size and can be downloaded very easily over the internet. You can install this application on your windows operating system and you can open the application for easy web snap shots. Once you open the application, you will get a list of menu in which you can easily found an option named as Screen Shot. When you select that tool, a tiny window appears over the screen and which let you take screen shot of any part of your window. You can easily capture various part of your window using that tool. When you snap a part of your window, it will automatically open that part of the screen in the PhotoScape. This is my favourite tool to snap everything on my window.

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