Wednesday 20 November 2013

Microsoft files patent for automatically quieting Smartphone

Microsoft files patent
Ringing phones at the movies, in restaurants or at theater annoy other guests and also the forgetful owners. Microsoft wants to let it automatically silences there.

Microsoft has filed in the United States a patent application that describes a mechanism that will automatically mute the Smartphones and other mobile devices when the user is at places opportune where that appears - for example, in the cinema, the theater or in the hospital.

 Microsoft describes in his patent application, which was filed in August, 2013, but published only now, could be a mechanism by which this “peace service" work. The user can define it, where and especially how long the phone in certain places or at certain occasions is quiet.

It would be interesting, for example, the link to the schedule. Thus, the Smartphone would not spend more ringing and other notifications as long as the owner is in a meeting. A similar mode has been built into iOS and Mac OS X as Apple.

However, the user must actively adjust the idle mode there, but can determine the period free. A patent application does not mean that Microsoft's technology also actively developed and will be available in various Smartphones with Windows Phone soon.

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