Thursday 7 November 2013

Which Is Best OS: Android Or IOS7

Android Vs IOS7
The direct fight between Google and Apple has reached a new era with Android OS and IOS7. It is difficult to answer such direct subjective question, for which we have to consider various features like speed, hardware user friendliness etc. Let us analyze here which is best in terms of their features. Let us discuss more here:

Sharing features: 
 Apple has made some updates to the operating system iOS7 sharing functions , as it now includes AirDrop feature that allows you to quickly share content from your iPhone to OS X built-in Wi-Fi Direct coupled with Bluetooth connection. This is a necessary feature one should have in their IPhone as this feature help you to share a file a lot easier, especially for families with a lot of Apple products.

Android 4.3 does not necessarily need a Wi-Fi connection to share the data, as these devices can connect directly via Bluetooth or NFC connection. Samsung also offers the same function as the AirDrop but it works only on its terminals.

Multitasking part: 
 Multitasking has long been a weak point of Apple iOS. The recent iOS7 terminates the different functions because multitasking was revised extensively, so it is now easy to switch from one application to another. The true multitasking is now present, since applications can actually run in the background in the new IOS7. This option increases its experience Android was also using the same system since version 4.0 in 2011. The interface is perhaps not as extensive as iOS7, but we can say that Android was ahead of iOS7 always. However, iOS7 remembers the applications you usually open from certain times a day and automatically launches the application in the background.

It is no longer a secret Apple has greatly inspired to design the Android notification center iOS7. In fact, he simply classified notifications as "today" "all" and "failed". While the interface is better and clearer on iOS7, but the notification center of Android is more advanced and more dynamic and more interactive, with among others the ability to customize. Moreover, the quick settings are different on the two operating systems.

Apple has always given great importance to the camera from its terminals by introducing new features with each update of iOS . The iOS7 therefore provides recording in slow motion.IOS7 built-in photo management is more powerful and has a easy to navigate than Android cameras. You can take good shots on an Android but actually IPhone always takes the best shots than Android.

Everyone have agreed to that Android is s ahead of Apple's iOS7. However, Apple’s IOS7 has a major modification and features than its old versions and Android OS. As compared to IOS Android has a lot of free applications it provides an easy usage for a first time user.

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