Thursday 21 November 2013

Jawbone Up activity tracker

Jawbone Up
In the those days if you want to increase or decrease your shape or live healthier it takes long time but now all these can be taken care of a device such as a fitness bracelet. Yes the device is named Jawbone Up. It helps you to become faster, easier and more beautiful at the earliest. The Jawbone Up measures how many steps we have taken and how long we are active and how many hours we have slept

. Within its rubber housing more sensors work for you and they are connected with our Smartphones. With the apps provided for our Smartphone we can analyze the data. And we can share these details with our friends and relatives in the social media. It automatically records our entire activities. It don’t need a Bluetooth just your headphone jack of your Smartphone do all the wonder on behalf of you.

 Based on these available data, the device calculates the perfect wakeup time and wakes up. In this way we better and more relaxed start of the day. Even you can calculate your office nap with this device. The sensors register our every movement and show it in a nice graphic format every morning. Even we can monitor our eating habits and thereby check taking too much of processed food. Every dish has to be quantitatively recorded and compared with the up data base.

The battery long lost for ten days. If you are using additional gadgets such as vibrator and Alarm then it will eat more of your battery life and can be recharged with your USB charger. This electronic bracelet is a motivational tool that sometimes painfully reminds the wearer of how much actual and target values for physical activity, eating and sleeping habits.

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