Monday 25 November 2013

Samsung makes quiet push for new mobile OS Tizen

So far, Samsung sold devices with Android. But with Tizen the Koreans have an operating system in hand, which is equally suitable for their products like cameras, televisions and refrigerators. Tizen 2.0 Magnolia; The Linux-based operating system is not only suitable for Smartphones and tablets, but also for cameras, televisions and refrigerators.

Samsung's success is currently to a large extent on Smartphones and tablets with Android. However, the operating system is open despite code under the control of Google. With Tizen the Korean company is now having a better alternate operating system, whose development is already well advanced and is even suitable for cameras, televisions and refrigerators.

In addition to the devices are still lacking, especially apps. Samsung is playing a leading role in the development of Tizen and the manufacturer who has already announced products with the software - but still working in the Tizen Association with other well-known companies. This includes manufacturers such as LG, Fujitsu, Huawei, Sharp and Panasonic, mobile companies like Vodafone, Orange, and SK Telecom. But also companies from other areas such as McAfee, Trend Micro or eBay are also take part. Overall, the association has a proud 46 members in 2013 end.

Beginning of November 2013 took advantage of the Samsung developer conference of Tizen to introduce the NX300M, the first system camera with Tizen OS. Apart from the operating system few differences to Samsung NX300 can be seen. For now, the Tizen camera appears but for around 600 Euros  in South Korea. A Smartphone from Samsung was expected in early 2013. 

Currently iOS and Android shares the major Smartphone and tablet pie among themselves. Microsoft manages resistant with Windows Phone. BlackBerry does not matter more and more systems such as Firefox OS, Ubuntu or Jolla have not yet found widespread use. Samsung is now well known enough and has enough power to establish and have financial resources to make it's own operating system on the market.

 The development of Tizen OS is already at an advanced stage without equipment for sale - for the beginning of 2014, the version 3.0 is already announced - and if the prospect is that Samsung sells millions of devices, then no developer will want his app withheld from the public, so that the Tizen App Store fills quickly.

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