Friday 22 November 2013

Service Pack 1 for Office 2013 will be released

Office 2013
The first service pack for Office 2013 will be released at the beginning of next year. Microsoft says it will be provided for better, enhanced performance and new features.

According to the blog post by Chris Schneider, Marketing manager in the Office team at Microsoft, that the Service Pack 1 for Office 2013 will be published in the early 2014, But there is no further more details about the SP1 or the new products.

Hence we could infer that with the Service Pack1 the Office 2013 will be more powerful and will have more features and tools with improved compatibility with Windows 8.1. In addition to the Office suite, will have the updated for the SharePoint 2013 and Exchange 2013. It is software that is mainly used in businesses to use. Users of Office 365 do not need to update their product. Since this runs in the cloud, it always works with the new version.

With Service Pack Microsoft is expected as usual to summarize all the updates and they will be published. Especially companies will appreciate this type of update, as a service pack can better test internally before it is installed on all computers. For Windows, Microsoft has abolished the SP strategy. The operating system would keep the software company by means of numerous small updates on the current status, which he always offers a timely manner.

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